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January 2013

Springfield Lakes Community Centre

Volume 1, Issue 1

YMCA is in the house! In August 2012, YMCA Brisbane started as the new managers of Springfield Lakes Community Centre. With strong history of community involvement the YMCA is keen to promote the facility as a place for the Greater Springfield community to meet, celebrate, learn, and connect.

Centre Coordinator Kristin Granger brings with her a wealth of experience working in communities as a volunteer for over 20 years, as coordinator of community based programs, as a community development worker in a hinterland community house and as artist in residence of a textile studio .

Official Opening The new Springfield Lakes Community Centre celebrated its official launch on November 7th 2012. It was opened by Communities Minister Tracy Davis MP, and attended by representatives from Department of Communities, Department of Education and Training, YMCA, Ipswich Council, State Government and various community groups.

Following on from the original management of the Springfield lakes State School, YMCA Centre coordinator Kristin Granger is keen to encourage services, business and people from the community to utilize this amazing facility. The Centre is centrally situated on the site of Springfield lakes State School on Springfield Lakes Boulevard, opposite the tennis courts. Everyone from the Greater Springfield area and beyond is welcome to pop in and check out the facility and have a chat to Kristin. Office hours are Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8.30am and 2pm. Ms Davis acknowledged growing diversity of the area and the benefits of having a safe hub to easily access information, services, activities and events. The venue is regularly booked for recreation, church activities, parties, meetings and playgroups. The Springfield Lakes Community Centre is co-located with the Springfield Lakes State School multi purpose sports hall. It was a collaborative effort between the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the Department of Education, Training and Employment.

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What's on…. We have an exciting start to the year with new activities and a growing interest in what the community centre has to offer Springfield Lakes and surrounding areas. Activities include Dru Yoga, Tans Taekwondo The Crunch Tutoring, Butterfly Wings, Cheeky Monkeys playgroup, YMCA Family Day Care playgroup, Baby health checks, Church activities, a series of pre-loved markets, Lions Club ‘Youth of the year’ awards, a community cards group and much more.

Dru Yoga Classes Wednesdays (during school terms) 9.30 - 11.00am & 6.30 - 8.30pm Sylvia Campbell-Morton 0407138488 Dru Yoga is a synthesis of ancient methods presented to the modern world in a different way to other styles of Yoga. It includes a powerful series of sequences, postures and visualizations which are capable of transforming health and wellbeing by balancing the energies of the body, heart and mind. Dru leads us to stillness through movement, whilst at the same time calming the mind.

The community bookshelf Those of you new to the community centre may like to know we have a bookshelf in the front foyer that you are free to browse, take home a book or three, donate, swap & return any books you no longer need at home. Keep the bookshelf full!! All donations gratefully received at the reception office.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Playgroups anyone…?! The community centre has generated significant interest from the general community in family friendly and child focussed activities. With the start of Department of Health Ipswich Baby Clinics each Thursday morning there have been growing numbers of mums and bubs looking for different things to do during the week. Cheeky Monkeys is a playgroup that has been running each Tuesday (babies) and Wednesday (toddlers) throughout the school term for the past 15 months. YMCA Family Day care are launching their Friday community playgroup from 9am to 12 noon each week. Baby Wearing Brisbane is an interest group that enjoys the benefits of slings and baby carriers and meets each 3rd Thursday of the month Australian Breastfeeding Association mothers group meets the 1st Thursday of the month for nursing mothers and their children. Community is… for and about people. It is the lifeblood of society and the landscape for human interaction and nurturance. It provides for stability, safety and security. Community is characterized by connectedness., interdependence, belonging, mutual support, respect, sharing, acceptance of others and a

Taekwondo is the go…. Taekwondo as a martial art is popular with people of both genders and many age groups. Physically Taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility and stamina. We teach: 

self development

self confidence

self defence

improve physical fitness

invitations sparring to full contact.

Contact Kevin Donaldson on 0429609180 Email: Mondays 6.00—7.00pm Community Centre room. FB tanstaekwondoipswich

sense of pride and identity. It involves cooperation, collaboration, shared responsibility and common purpose.



Butterfly Wings (W) 9.00 – 11.00


Cheeky Mon- Cheeky keys PlayMonkeys group (W) Playgroup (W) 10.00am –

Mums n 12pm bubs Hatha Yoga 10-11

Springfield Christian Family (W) 9.45-10.45am

Church on the Lake 1.00am-12pm

West Moreton Health Women Group (F)




YMCA Family


Springfield Lei-

Child Health Day Care Play- sure group (M) Clinic (W) 9am group – 3pm



9.00 – 11 am

1st Sat of month

Mums n bubs Hatha Yoga 10-11am

Dru Yoga (W)

Baby Wearers Brisbane (M)

3rd Thursday of 9:30-11:30am month The Crunch— Music and rhythm

9.30am12.30pm 2nd & 4th Monday

Aust Breastfeeding Assoc (M) 1st Thursday of month

Frances Card group cards and games for fun (W) 1pm5pm

Breakthrough Church (F) 1.00-4.00pm

Breakthrough Church (W) 4.45-6.30pm

Vinyasa Yoga Dru Yoga Oasis Church Tans (W) TaeKwonDo 6-7.30pm (W) (W) 5.00 – 7.00pm 6.30-8.30pm 6.00-7.00pm Breakthrough Church (W) 7-9pm

Vinyasa Yoga 6-7.30pm

Contacts for activities Cheeky Monkeys Playgroup—Tuesday and Wednesday mornings Zoe Milford: 0451055058 Butterfly Wings—Monday mornings. Mums n bubs rhythm, song and story Luise Manning: 33819652 Australian Breastfeeding Assoc mothers group—1st Thursday of month Sue McKerlie: 0406746653 Baby Wearing Brisbane mothers group—3rd Thursday of month Belinda Davies: 0404109226 Breakthrough Church—Saturdays fortnightly & Sunday afternoon Hildred Haworth: 0413786281 Church on the Lake—Sunday afternoons Andrew Veve: 0425339261 Dru Yoga—Wednesday mornings and evenings Sylvia Campbell-Morton: 0407138488 Frances Card Group—Sunday afternoons to play social cards Phyllis Hibbert: 0419719153 Newlife Presbyterian ‘Newbies” Youth group—Friday fortnightly Marjorie Davison: 33810629 Oasis Church—Sunday evenings Rod Whitehead: 0407642397 Springfield Christian Family—Sunday mornings Craig Tunney: 0417720240 Springfield Leisure group—1st Saturday of the month Caroline Szoke: 32882760 Tans Taekwondo—Monday evenings Kevin Donaldson: 0429609180 West Moreton Women's Health group—2nd and 4th Mondays Sara Ellis: 0407131522 YMCA playgroup—Friday mornings. Open all ages Amanda Doyle: 32770990 West Moreton Baby Health clinic—Every Thursday 8.30—2.30pm Appointments after 12pm. Ring Goodna Community Health 38184800 Mums n Bubs Hatha Yoga—Monday and Friday mornings 10-11am Amanda Preece: 0414220733 Vinyasa Yoga—Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-7.30pm Amanda Preece: 0414220733 The Crunch tutoring—music for littlies Elizabeth Chadkirk: 0459555010

Springfield Lakes Community Centre

The Springfield Lakes Community Centre is the result of a partnership between the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Communities. Funding was obtained through the Federal governments ‘Building the Education Revolution’ (BER) program and the Department of communities provided additional funding through the ‘Best Start-Supporting Families in the Early years Initiative’. The target was to develop a new community centre within the multi-purpose sports hall of Springfield Lakes State School. The Community Centre has its own access from the Springfield Lakes Boulevard, with meeting rooms, office space, safe children’s play area, computer hub, and kitchen – meeting the needs of the local community for permanent community space. Situated on the site of the Springfield Lakes State School, the facility is a perfect example of what can be achieved when partnerships are formed to meet the needs of the community

Volunteering?? The community centre is seeking expressions of interest from members of the community to volunteer through the week at the centre. If you are interested in giving a little bit back, whether its for an hour a week or an hour a month, feel free to contact the coordinator to have a chat about our opportunities.

Phone: 07 32882292 E-mail: 63 Springfield Lakes Boulevard, Springfield Lakes PO Box 4386, Springfield 4300

The Lakes Connect  

Monthly newsletter bringing news, updates and information about the Springfield Lakes Community Centre.

The Lakes Connect  

Monthly newsletter bringing news, updates and information about the Springfield Lakes Community Centre.