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Center for Hope Staff

Kimberly Craig Vice President of Woman’s & Children’s Programs Kimberly oversees all program and clinical operations at the Center for Hope. She supervises the Program’s Directors and ensures that the Center for Hope operates and provides services that are consistent with the program model and design.

Operations and Support Staff

Maria Whaley Director of Residential Operations Maria Whaley is the Director of Residential and Outpatient Operations. Maria ensures that operations run smoothly at both our residential and outpatient locations. Maria supervises operational staff to include, administrative supports, transporters, food service, housekeeping and maintenance. Maria is the one at Center for Hope that makes sure the day to day operations are smooth and that residents and children have everything they need.

Joy Meiner Director of Community Programming Joy oversees all aspects of our Women’s Outpatient program at ASPIRE. She acts as liaison between Women’s and Children’s’ Program and community collaborators. Joy additionally provides training to staff on crisis intervention, CPR, and trauma informed peer services.

Program Managers

Maria Ward Residential Clinical Program Manager

Sharla Keenan Family Program Manager

The Program Managers at the Center for Hope oversee 2 key program elements. Maria oversees all areas of the clinical service delivery in the residential program to include the services for children. Maria additionally provides one to one counseling with specialist in trauma and post- partum mood disturbance . Sharla oversees our family programming and the Family Peer Supports who will be providing outreach to your supportive others. Sharla provides individual, family and couples counseling.

Clinical Team

Kristen Miller Clinical Team Lead Cottage 1

Anne Paulon Clinical Team Lead Cottage 2

Tara Chandler Clinical Team Lead Cottage 3

Each resident is assigned a Clinical Team Lead when they enter the Center for Hope Program. The Clinical Team Lead is the individual responsible to oversee all programming and services for the family. Residents meet with assigned Clinical Team Leads once a week for one to one sessions. Clinical Team Leads coordinate your service delivery with Individual counselors , outside agencies and also provide group counseling

Clinical Team Continued

Angela Phillips Primary Counselor Angela works at as a Primary Counselor with the Center for Hope Program. She provides one to one counseling and facilitates some of the group sessions held on the campus. Angela has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Residential Peer Support

Sharon Guerard Cottage 1

Mia Fischer Cottage 2

Shawnelle Cooper Cottage 3

Each Cottage has a Residential Peer Support. This person is the “go-to� person. The Residential Peer Supports at the Center for Hope facilitate life skills groups and assist residents in reaching treatment and recovery goals. Residential Peer Supports perform a variety of tasks to include overall program monitoring, transporting, attending important court hearings or appointments with residents , self-administration of medications, assisting residents to develop recovery goals and writing required reports for involved agencies. Residential Peer Supports are skilled in conflict resolution and problem solving and serve as a support to residents primary counselor or clinical team lead is not available.

Recovery Support Specialists

Picture Coming Soon

Melanie Wolf Recovery Support Specialist

Tara Slater Recovery Support Specialist

Recovery Support Specialists are individuals with personal experience in recovery and in some cases are Alumni of the Center for Hope. Recovery Support Specialists are a tremendous support to residents and children at the Center for Hope. Recovery Support Specialist can offer their personal experience and help residents through difficult times. They can also provide a insight into the joys of recovery. Recovery Support Specialists transport, facilitate life skills groups.

Case Managers

Suzanne Ludeman Case Manager

Linda Rodriguez Case Manager

Alia Jordan Case Manager

Penny Sollars Case Manager

Case managers are also a part of the clinical team at Center for Hope. Case Mangers will assist in completing service plans, filling out relapse prevention plans and will also assist in many ways to include caring for infants and children, developing routines for bed-time and ensuring residents receive medical attention if needed during the night time hours. Center for Hope’s Case managers are highly skilled in conflict resolution and problem solving and are able to address any behavioral health issue that may arise.


Brandy Paceley Care Coordinator

Suzette Burnett LPN

Brandy is the person at Center for Hope responsible to schedule all “outside appointments� and arrange for your transportation to and from appointments. Any appointment placed on the Center for Hope calendar is coordinated by Brandy. She also makes sure that things like benefits (AHCCCS) remain in place so that residents you can receive the medical attention needed.

Suzette is the Center for Hope LPN. Suzette oversees the Self Administration of medications and makes sure prescriptions remained filled. From time to time, Suzette will assist residents in contacting doctor to discuss any concerns they may have . Suzette also offers her assistance to determine when residents or their children should seek medical attention.

Child Care Specialists

Rosemary Chagolla Child Care Specialist

Alanna Keyes Child Care Specialist

Child Care Specialists will assist residents with caring for children. Child Care Specialists implement daily activities for infants and children in the Child Development Center and also facilitate parent and child interactions. While residents attend groups and programming infants and toddlers are in the care of Child Care Specialists who are dedicated to providing your children with a safe and nurturing environment.

Child Development Specialist

Tessa Allen Child Development Specialist

Jennelle Delareto Child Development Specialist

The Child Development Specialist will work closely with residents and family members to complete parenting assessments and the assessment of children’s needs. Our Child Development Specialist are a part of our program expansion to extend services to your children both on campus and off.

Family Peer Support Specialists

Lisa Zaran Family Support Specialist

Jenny Cunningham Family Support Specialist

Our Family Peer Support Specialists are new members of our team, and bring their experience strength and hope to our program as they represent individuals who have loved ones with substance abuse and mental health disorders. The Family Peer Support Specialists will be providing outreach and service to family members and anyone identified as being supportive of a resident’s recovery.


Stacie Cassaro Operations Coordinator

Cindy Wells Quality Management Specialist/Admin Support

Patricia Gile Facilities Support

Stacie has a number of responsibilities to include answering and routing all incoming calls, tracking donations made to the Center for Hope and making sure the campus remains secure. Stacie also assists administratively with the ordering of supplies and general program monitoring. Stacie is a great resource and is the one person who usually knows where everyone is all of the time!

Cindy meets with residents when they first enter the program and numerous times throughout their stay at Center for Hope to complete some paperwork. Cindy assists the clinical team to complete paperwork that helps residents and counselors track progress. In addition to this Cindy also assists administration with report writing and other duties that keep the Center for Hope operating.

Patricia’s position involves a blended role of housekeeping, general maintenance & repair, and food preparation as needed to support facility operations on the CFH campus. Patricia keeps the center safe and clean at all times while providing life skills t. She is a one busy lady, juggling many hats.

Food Service

Minnie Bradford Prep Cook

Diane Hermosillo Cook

Donna Casillas Cook

The cooks at CFH are fabulous. Some residents have called CFH the “Center for Food�. Always something good cooking and the occasional surprise of homemade pizza or cinnamon rolls, homemade soups, and a salad bar that is always exceptional. The meals are also nutritious and special diets can be accommodated.

ASPIRE Women’s Outpatient Program/Continuing Care Services

Karin Banks Transition Counselor Karin works as a Transition Counselors with a primary responsibility to assist residents as they begin to “transition” out of the Center for Hope Residential Program. Residents begin to meet with Karin one to one towards the end of their stay to establish a plan of how you will make that transition smoothly Once residents have discharged from the Center for Hope Residential program , Karin will continue to provide counseling on an Out-patient basis in the form of one to one and group sessions.

Marli Reardon Outpatient Counselor Substance Abuse Counselor / UMOM Marli works with one of our community partners, UMOM Day Center in Phoenix..Marli provides assessment , individual and group counseling services to women and men enrolled in transitional housing and emergency shelter services at UMOM .

Jamie Fuller Housing Specialist Jamie oversees all aspects of our Supportive Housing programs. Our housing program offers several options for women transitioning from the Center for Hope as well as those receiving services through the ASPIRE outpatient program.

Outpatient Recovery Peer Supports

Melissa Johnson Peer Support Services Coordinator Melissa supervises the Recovery Supports Specialist at Center for Hope and oversees daily program activities in Residential and Continuing Care. Melissa has personal experience in recovery and shares her experience, strength and hope.

Christina Rhoades Recovery Peer Support

Amy Harper Recovery Peer Support/ UMOM

Damaris Rogers Recovery Peer Support

Christina, Amy and Damaris work as Recovery Support Specialists and offer experience, strength and hope based on their own recovery experience. These ladies provide recovery support, co-facilitate groups and provide a multitude of services to include transportation, in- home visits and case- management. Amy works with one of community partners, UMOM Day Center providing peer support services to families enrolled in their Transition in Place Program.

Amy Rubin Outpatient Counselor Amy is currently working in our ASPIRE Women’s Outpatient Program which provides outpatient counseling and group therapy to women with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Center for Hope Staff Directory