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It's 420 - Do You Know What that Means? Submitted by shellyM on 04/20/2012 420 has come to be known as the national day to smoke pot believe it or not. There are a number of theories about how this name came about. One of them is that a group of students used to gather after class everyday at 4:20 to smoke pot. Another mention in an online blog calls 420 the Fourth of July of Pot Smoking. In the past, nearly 10,000 students showed up on the University of Colorado Campus in Boulder to light up. This year though, the hazy air is clearing out. A group of students in Boulder is hosting an anti 420 rally to show that the campus is classy and not just “baked”. (Their words, not mine) They have about 600 signed up so far. In California, a community coalition took their anti marijuana message to the capitol. Here in Mesa today, the Mesa Prevention Alliance is hosting an anti 420 event for youth. So what’s changed? It’s great to see that people who aren’t in favor of marijuana legalization are having their voices heard too. In Maricopa County and across Arizona, the average age of first marijuana use is just 13 years old. There’s a lot a parent can do to prevent marijuana use and underage drinking. You can start by visiting our conversations at any age page. Afraid your child is going to ask you if you ever smoked pot? Don't worry, we have you covered there too. Watch one of our best TV spots on how one dad handles the question or read our Answering the Did You Ever Do Drugs article on our website. Whatever you need as a parent to help you raise a healthy, drug-free teen we are here for you.

It's 420 - Do You Know What that Means?