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Building Blocks of HOPE Support our Campaign to Build a New Infant Nursery, Toddler Learning Center & Playground

Center for Hope for Women, Infants & Children

OUR VISION A new nursery for our babies After operating the program for seven years, we’ve learned we can do an even better job of providing services if we expand the physical facility. Right now, we can serve 24 women and 32 children (24 infants and eight toddlers) at any one time. We’re not planning to increase the numbers served. We just want to expand the space in which we serve them. The current nursery is very crowded. We only have a 360 square foot nursery in which the women and their children can learn, bond and grow. That’s just not enough space for all the babies to experience interactive play, take naps and get the cuddling they need. We want to build a new nursery with 1,000 square feet where our staff can provide classes in parenting skills for our mothers and age-appropriate activities for our babies.

Adding a toddler learning center and improved playground The expansion will allow us to transform the existing space into a Toddler Learning Center. In order to make room for the new nursery, we need to relocate the existing playground. This will give us the opportunity to also improve the playground. We plan to add shade structures and a splash pad. This will help cool the children on the hot spring, summer and fall days when temperatures reach 90 degrees and more.

The cost to accomplish all of these improvements is $425,000

THE CENTER FOR HOPE Coaching at-risk moms and nurturing their babies The Center for Hope opened its doors in January 2005. It is a long-term residential treatment program for pregnant and postpartum women experiencing challenges with substance abuse and mental health issues, and their children. The women are homeless, pregnant and 18 years or older when they come to us. The children in the program are under the age of six.

The objectives of the program are to: • get the mothers off of drugs and alcohol so their babies are born substance free; • treat their mental health disorders; • give them the skills they need to be successful parents; and • provide age-appropriate education & care for their children.

Since the program started, more than 250 women have received support in the Center’s residential setting. Over 160 babies have been born substance free to mothers residing at the Center. More than 100 families participate in our continuing care program, where they support each other, with the professional help of our staff.

The Center for Hope is operated by Community Bridges, Inc. (CBI). Community Bridges strongly believes that nurturing families produce children who arrive at adulthood prepared to contribute to society. We also believe that coaching at-risk mothers and giving them help to nurture their children in the earliest years produces greater success than remedial aid to children and families later.

Healthier mothers result in healthier, more successful children The women who come to the Center for Hope are pregnant, abusing alcohol and/or drugs and addressing one or more mental health issues. They may or may not already have other children. Our first challenge is to help them get off the drugs and alcohol so that their babies are born substance free. At the same time, we address their mental health issues and begin teaching them the skills that will make them successful parents. If they have children, those children receive age-appropriate care and education. Parenting an infant is challenging for anyone. It is especially difficult for a mother with mental health problems and substance abuse issues.

We help mothers learn how to make good decisions Women in the Center for Hope program get assistance adjusting to parenthood, including learning how to bond and interact with their infants. They learn infant care and how to prepare for infant/child development. They acquire skills that help them cope with isolation and memories of their own childhoods. We help the mothers make good decisions on when to seek help. We also work with them on the development of a respite plan that assures their children are well cared for if the mothers develop dysfunctional or disabling symptoms related to their substance abuse or mental illness. In addition, the children of the women at the Center have special needs that we address. As the children grow and the women move from the program into the community, we provide the families with follow-up care to ensure that the women are not isolated and disabling symptoms are minimized.

We have $1.2 million to expand programming in the new facilities The Center for Hope has already secured funding that will allow us to expand our programming in the new facilities. In 2011 we were awarded a $1.2 million, three-year grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This funding will allow us to hire additional staff. We will also develop programs that engage family members and signifcant others, who provide the support systems for the women and children at the Center. We will be starting a new program for our mothers known as Nurturing Parenting. This program will include family counseling, couples counseling and family service plans. It will also make it possible for us to expand the parenting skills training we provide for the women at the Center.

We’re making a difference in the lives of mothers and their children Success at the Center for Hope is measured by the numbers of women who complete the program, the improved parenting skills they acquire through the program and the degree to which they do not abuse drugs and alcohol. All participants are surveyed about their skills managing family relationships when they come into the program and when they leave the Center. The women rate their levels of difficulty performing behaviors specific to caring for their children. We query them about things such as finding time to interact with their children, establishing and maintaining routines, maintaining appropriate child care and keeping their children safe. We also focus on how well they are able to connect with their children by soothing, talking to, holding and playing with them.

Mothers leave the Center confident of their parenting skills When mothers first come into the program, they rate themselves very low on these skills and report having a difficult time performing these parental tasks. In 2011, which is the most recent year for which we have data, nearly 80% of the mothers reported having no difficulty with these tasks. Nearly 80% of the women who complete the program report staying clean and sober after leaving the Center for Hope. In recent years, the percentage of women completing the Center for Hope program ranged from 64 to 72 percent. We expect the new programming, along with our expanded facilities, will help us increase the completion rates.

Estimated Project Costs: $425,000

Building B l ocks of HOPE

Contingency $9,000 Toddler learning center $20,000

Indirect expenses $38,000 Relocate & expand playground $40,000 New infant nursery $318,000

HOW YOU CAN HELP To contribute

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Donations of any amount are welcome and will help us make this dream a reality. Learn more about different levels of giving and how your donation will be proudly displayed on our donor wall.

Learn more about our programs by visiting us online at

You can designate your donation online and select the Center for Hope Building Blocks Campaign. Visit

Please feel free to contact Kimberly Craig, VP of Women’s and Children’s Programs at 480.461.1711 or via email, kcraig@ We offer personal tours and an opportunity to meet our staff at the Center for Hope for those who are interested in supporting this important cause.

To refer a woman to the Center for Hope, our staff is available 24/7 by calling 480.461.1711

Building Blocks of Hope  

Support our Campaign to Build a New Infant Nursery, Toddler Learning Center & Playground

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