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General Meeting Minutes Wednesday, December 18, 2013 9:00 to 10:00 am Item


Welcome/ Introductions

Karen opened the meeting, welcomed everyone, and read the mission statement aloud. She then discussed the meeting agenda. Next, everyone in attendance had an opportunity to introduce themselves and recognize their organization.

Alliance Updates

The Alliance used some of it’s funding to develop a series of PSA’s. These are still in the editing stages, but are finished taping. Three were shown to members, and staff welcomed feedback. The PSA’s were well received by members, and ideas were tossed around about possible venues to view them throughout the city. Facebook, youtube, movie theaters, etc. Crystal, from MCAO, mentioned that they hold a video contest for youth to participate in. The PSA’s created by the youth must promote healthy, drug-free lifestyles. That idea is something that The Alliance could potentially duplicate in the future. The Alliance was invited into Mesa Public Schools’ Drivers Ed classes to give a presentation on substance and alcohol use. Staff created a Jeopardy-style game to make the class more interactive. Alex gave an overview, and some of the highlights, from this event and explained that we’ve been asked back to do the same in the Spring classes. This is a big success for the Alliance, and a way to access a large youth audience. Rob gave an recap of Party Patrol, the process, and the successes they’ve had over the past few months. Karen gave a brief overview of her meetings with City Council members, regarding the Social Host Ordinance. Most seem to be in strong support of the ordinance and the mission of the Alliance overall. January’s meeting will be held on the 22nd, at 9:00AM. Karen thanked everyone for coming and opened the floor for questions.

December Meeting/ Closing

12 2013 minutes  
12 2013 minutes