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Come and See … My Anxiety CBS invites an overwhelmed mom to find fellowship God uses CBS participants in unexpected ways. Of course, there’s the Bible study aspect … and there’s the communitybuilding connection. But there are times when God uses us to bring hope and healing to individuals. And sometimes, it all starts with a personal invitation to Come and See. Beth battled anxiety and often struggled to keep it under control … until a woman named Joy invited her to a CBS group. Here’s Beth’s story:

A simple invitation made a world of difference in Beth’s life.

“We were playing when a little boy came in with his family. The little boy was so sweet, and his family was too! As the boys were playing, a woman with the family began talking to me. She spoke so sweetly and softly, then she began asking a little about us. As they got up to leave, the lady mentioned a women’s Bible study group that she helped with. She took my email address and said that she would send me the information. That’s the day I signed up for CBS. “As CBS went on, my husband first began to notice the change in me … in the way I dealt with situations, how my anxiety had become manageable, and how I’d stopped responding to him with resentment and animosity. This led him to begin asking questions about God and His Word. Eventually, my husband asked for his own Bible to take with him on the road so he could study right along with me. “And from my first day here, I knew that the sweet woman—whom I’d come to know as Joy—had helped me change the history of our little family. I was so nervous to come in on our first day, but the minute I walked in, everyone was so wonderful and welcoming … I could not have asked for a better experience. “Today, we have both given our hear ts to the Lord and have found a precious little home church that has taken us in as family. We feel so 8

“And from my first day here , I knew that the sweet woman—whom I’d come to know as Joy—had helped me change the histor y of our little family.”

blessed that God has made such a change in our hear ts and minds. And we feel even more blessed that Joy listened when God called to her to speak to me about CBS that day. She may have thought at the time that I just looked like a good, sweet mother playing with her son … but she couldn’t see how much I was struggling on the inside. She couldn’t see how lost I was, and how much I needed to hear what was being shared at CBS. CBS was a lifeline for me and my family.”

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“One morning, I woke up and could already feel the anxiety building. So I gathered my son and our things so the two of us could have a relaxing morning out.” Beth drove her son to a nearby nature center.

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Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine  

Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine