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Come and See … My Home Away from Home C  BS provides common ground for immigrants in the Netherlands

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“All we have in common is speaking English and loving Jesus,” Becky Castlemiller describes the CBSI group she attends in Maastricht, the Netherlands. have recently moved from the Middle East and North Africa to begin a new life in Europe. And no matter their country of origin or social status, all are invited to Come and See the story of Jesus. Many of them stay, thanks to the warm welcome. “We all become a family to each other as we’re all far away from home.” Others stay in the city for a short time and then return to their home countries. They take with them the lessons learned from the Bible study. And that, Jessica says, is the goal of CBSI Maastricht—to invite family and friends to Come and See Jesus Christ. “We have a vision that our area will be like Acts chapter 2, when the good news of God’s Kingdom went out in many different languages.” Maastricht

“It was a fascinating group. It was different from anything I’d been involved in before, because there were women from at least 10 different countries who all spoke different languages at home.” The group is, indeed, a kaleidoscope of cultures, languages and nations. Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, France and the United States come together for weekly Bible study. Even the group leadership is diverse: Jessica Markink lived in Texas, married a Dutchman and moved to the Netherlands. Anna Kristina hails from Brazil, but has spent the last 12 years overseas. Together, they bring CBSI to their fellow world travelers. “Maastricht is an international crossroads,” Jessica says. “People from all around the globe flock to the Netherlands. There are several universities that draw students from all over the world and multi-national corporations that bring employees from many different countries.” Others in the CBSI group 16

photography by Laura Piovan - ArCharis Photography

The Dutch CBS group together in Jessica’s backyard

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Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine  

Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine