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Come and See … My War-Torn World CBS brings God’s Word to children in Syria “Ever y time I’ve prayed about the Middle East, I hear God saying ‘Youth, youth, youth,” says CBS’s Middle East North Africa [MENA] Regional Director. “God is doing something—just put the dots together.” More than 400,000 people have been killed in the Syrian Civil War. Many of the victims are children. Those who have survived the bloody conflict face a lifetime of brokenness and pain. But God is at work among the survivors.

The whole country is in struggle, but these believers shine brightly. The difficulties cause them to stay very close to Christ.”

As bombing intensified around the home of a Syrian CBSI leader’s family, everyone in the area was trapped. Schools closed, and all the children in the neighborhood were home for days at a time. The leader’s wife saw an oppor tunity—newly translated Arabic CBS studies had just arrived a few weeks earlier. She invited the neighborhood kids to join her own children at their home, and they par ticipated in CBS there together. The parents were delighted that their children had something to do. When the conflict subsided enough that children could return to school, this leader began a CBSI Children & Youth group with kids who had attended those first studies in her home. She holds class even as violence continues in the surrounding area. Her husband pastors a church in the city, and an adult CBSI class is active there. They also serve two classes for the deaf community. In the words of the MENA Regional Director, “I love how the Lord does this—changing a bombing situation and no school to C&Y and Bible study.

A CBS Global lesson in Arabic

A PRAYER FOR ALL TO COME AND SEE If you’ve heard anything about the country of Myanmar recently, it might be related to the Rohingya crisis. Recent conflict in Myanmar drove more than 700,000 Rohingya into nearby Bangladesh. But that’s not the only thing going on in this East Asian country. CBSI par ticipants in Myanmar have hosted prayer walks in the cities of Naypitaw and Mandalay. Class members are asking God to bring revival to their nation so that others in their country can Come and See Jesus.


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Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine  

Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine