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Come and See … My Catastrophe CBS par ticipants help a family recover from Hurricane Har vey “We followed the weather on the television for days.” Kathleen Hulse and her husband planned to ride out the rough weather. But no one expected the amount of rain that Har vey would dump on Houston, Texas, in August 2017. Nor did Kathleen suspect that the rain and floods would forever change her world. Like an uninvited houseguest who overstays his welcome, Hurricane Harvey lingered over Houston. Finally, four days after landfall, the storm moved far ther inland, leaving America’s four th-largest city with a $125 billion cleaning bill and years’ wor th of repairs. Kathleen’s home was among those damaged. Although it withstood the initial storm, an even greater catastrophe threatened homes in Hulse’s neighborhood: flooding. Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 27 trillion gallons of water—more than 50 inches of rain—in the Houston area. “The city of Houston said that Heavy flooding from Hurricane Harvey displaced 30,000 people.

if worse came to worst, two of the reservoirs would have to be released, one on Sunday and then the other on Monday. On Sunday morning, I star ted seeing people from the back of the neighborhood walking down our flooded street carrying whatever belongings they could. I continued to go to the door every hour or so to check on the rising water.” As the day went on, Kathleen and her husband, Kerry, noticed the flood waters growing deeper. They were faced with the very real possibility that they would have to abandon their home. Kathleen and her husband started to hike out of the neighborhood to seek shelter. They were just about to give up hope of finding a warm, dry place to stay when Kathleen thought about her CBS class. “I called one of my CBS sisters, Lisa, and told her about our situation.” Class participants immediately stepped in to help. “Lorie showed up at the car rental place to sit with me during the many hours of waiting for a rental, and then a few days later took me shopping because I had only a ratty nightshirt, three shorts and four T-shirts. Lorie says she doesn’t know how to serve people and that she is much better at organizing and being the behindthe-scenes person. But she certainly knew exactly how to serve me!” Other class par ticipants brought meals, provided a listening ear and picked up prescriptions for the homeless couple. And when Gina, who loaned Kathleen and Kerry her home, returned to Houston, the couple was invited to stay with another CBS par ticipant. “Peggy, who originally introduced me to CBS, offered us her guest home. Once again, God provided His best for us. We had everything we could want: warm beds, television, sofa, microwave … showers, and best of all, a place where the dogs could run and play. Our respite there was a time of healing, grieving and rejoicing with the continued care of my ‘sisters.’ ”


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Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine  

Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine