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Come and See … My Broken Life CBS brings hope to a life at risk On the ver y worst day of Wendy’s life, she placed 30 sleeping pills on the kitchen table, sat down and decided to end it all. Given the abuse Wendy had experienced, it’s no surprise she was looking for a way out. And it wasn’t long before she found release … but it had nothing to do with sleeping pills. Here is Wendy’s stor y. “Where do I begin? God has done so much in my life.” Wendy is a CBSI par ticipant in the United Kingdom (UK). Her story is a reminder that Christ’s call to Come and See is unconditional and His love is never-ending. “It star ted with my mother’s neighbor, who had prayed for me for 15 years. I come from a non-churchgoing family, but they sent me to Sunday school. I loved hearing stories about Jesus.” “My mother was worried that I would become a nun. I did just the opposite.” At 17, Wendy married and moved seventy miles away from home. Her first marriage was difficult from the start and soon ended, and she met her second husband in murky circumstances. “Having eventually married this man, I quickly became the mother of two small children and lived a life that can only be described as hell. I was afraid for my life constantly and sometimes had police protection. During the time we were married and afterwards, I was subjected to severe abuse. I often had to sleep with a knife under my pillow and a wardrobe in front of my bedroom door and my children in the room with me. On one of these particular nights, while I was shaking from head to foot in sheer terror, I prayed to God.” Wendy’s prayer was the first step toward a real relationship with God. After her prayer, she felt God’s presence in her room and, for the first time that evening, was able to sleep peacefully. The next day, she moved to a new community to escape the abuse and find a safe place for her children. “I tried to integrate with my new community,” Wendy says. “One day while on a bus, a lady invited me to a Bible study. I swore and said, ‘Not likely.’ In the end, she persuaded me when she told me the church had a nursery for the children.” She attended a Community Bible Study event and left with a positive impression of the class attendees: “The people I met at CBSI just accepted me as I was and loved me and cared about me.” Thanks to their

warm welcome, Wendy joined the weekly Bible study. While she was getting to know local CBSI par ticipants, Wendy also met someone else—another man—and thought this relationship might last. But, like the others before, the relationship failed. It was more than she could bear. “One day, I sat in the kitchen with 30 sleeping tablets, deciding to end it all.” Before she could take the pills, something happened that changed her life. Wendy felt God’s presence—much as she had the night she called out to God in terror. And, as before, God calmed her fears. “After that, all I wanted to do was have the lovely people from CBSI in my home, so I kept inviting them all for tea! They kept leaving something behind them that I wanted. It was the fragrance of Jesus.”

“There are so many people here who need to meet Jesus … I know that now is the time, and God is going to do wonderful things.” Thanks to God’s gentle grace and the CBSI group’s invitation to Come and See, Wendy made the choice to walk away from the pain of her past. “I invited Jesus into my life. I asked Him to forgive me for all the wrong things I had done and sor t me out. He has.” Not only that, but God also gave Wendy a new, healthy relationship. “I am now married to a man I met at CBSI—the son of the lady on the bus.” Wendy and her new husband, a minister, serve together in Devon, England. And Wendy is in the process of star ting a CBSI group in her community. “There are so many people here who need to meet Jesus … I know that now is the time, and God is going to do wonderful things in this area.”


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Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine  

Community Bible Study (CBS) - 2018 SHARING Magazine