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TO THE 2017 EDITION OF SHARING MAGAZINE! Have you ever seen an aspen grove? The slim white trunks dot the mountains near the CBS Ministry Service Center in Colorado Springs. Each fall we anticipate the changing of the aspen leaves from pale green to bright yellow. There’s nothing quite like it. It wasn’t until my family and I moved to Colorado that we experienced the beauty of an aspen grove firsthand. At a distance, it seemed to be filled with uniform trees, but as we explored the grove, we noticed that no two trees were exactly alike. No matter the size of the tree or the number of the branches, each one belonged on the hillside. There was a place for all.

KIMM CARR Executive Director

In Community Bible Study, we believe there is a place for all. This invitation springs from our Lord’s openhearted welcome in Isaiah 55:1: “Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat!” We believe that Christ has ordained the diversity within CBS so that we can welcome all – “everyone” – to come and study God’s Word in their communities. In previous editions of Sharing magazine, we’ve talked about the unique CBS root system. In this edition, we encourage you to look up and see the full grove. Experience the beauty and purpose of the various expressions of CBS, which serve together to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and seek Him while He may be found. Come, explore the grove. Love, Kimm © Jack Brauer


“When y’all prayed over me, I was really humbled and encouraged. The fact that ever ybody there was willing to take time out of a late Sunday night to pray over me really touched me. It also prompted me to fully give my injur y, pain and frustration over to God completely, not just par tially, and to

heart, strength and mind.

trust Him with all of my

Thank you so much a thousand times over, and God bless you.” Anne, Teen CBS participant

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“When you get to your Core Group, you’re all strangers, usually. But then, by the end,

you don’t want to leave them.” CBS Adult participant

“Ever y week I walk away with

something new I didn’t know before.” Tennyson, CBS Children & Youth participant 3

The types of CBS classes are as varied as the individual trees that make up the aspen grove. CBS can be found around the globe in many countries, cultures and languages. Classes meet in churches, prisons, migrant camps and open fields. CBS has a place for everyone, from infants to adults. Anyone who thirsts can come to the waters of God’s Word. When we see each of these various expressions of CBS serving their communities together as one, we are again reminded of the aspens. Each hillside grove hides a secret: all of the trees grow out of one root system. Although each tree looks unique, they are all one. And like the aspens, the various expressions of CBS share a deeper connection – the CBS vision, mission and Five Essentials – all of which are firmly grounded in God’s Word.



ADULT CLASSES “You ’re al l s t u d yi ng God ’s Word and i t j us t bui l d s a bo nd.” CB S A dul t p ar t i c i p ant

It began with a single CBS class in Bethesda, Mar yland. And – like a single seed – that initial class has grown, multiplied and branched out around the world. But the core of our ministr y remains the same: people meeting together for in-depth study


of God’s Word. Adult CBS classes include women and men from different denominations, churches and backgrounds. All come together to study the Bible and create community. There is a place for you at CBS.

A memorial for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

Darkness came early on Friday, December 14, 2012. At 9:35 a.m., a lone shooter broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed twenty children and five adults. The town reeled from the tragedy. It was as if a dark cloud of grief and hopelessness had descended on Newtown, Connecticut. Jean Strachura is a Community Bible Study Core Leader in nearby Westpor t. Not long after the tragedy, she felt prompted to begin a prayer group seeking the Lord’s provision to star t a CBS class in Newtown. Three years later, the class had become a reality.

The Newtown class continues to grow. Diane hopes it can bring hope and healing to the community. “I believe we serve a big God and He can do big things. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if Newtown became known as the place where revival for the Lord broke out? Maybe, just maybe, we have been called for such a time as this. By God’s grace, let there be light.”

Shutterstock: Gina Jacobs

Teaching Director Diane Paz shared why she was involved in star ting a new class: “Newtown … was formed with the belief that where there is darkness, God desires to bring light. I believe these few words from Genesis really sum up the hear t behind the class: ‘Let there be light.’ Our hope and prayer has been, and continues to be, that the Lord would use our class to bring the light of Christ to our area.”

“The minute you sit down and open your Bible and open your lesson book, you just feel the Holy Spirit.” Jacquie Parker, CBS Adult participant


“It’s all about relationships, that’s what we take with us when we go – our relationship with God, and our relationship with others.” CBS Adult participant

SONSHINE Her parents spelled her name wrong – on purpose. They didn’t care who knew. In fact, they hoped that people would ask about it. But it would be several years before the girl named Sonshine embraced the true meaning of her name.

Six years after coming to faith in Christ, Sonshine learned about CBS. It seemed like an oppor tunity to grow spiritually. There was just one problem: she was worried that the class would turn her away. “My tattoos were showing … and I was sitting in the parking lot of this big, beautiful church building in the suburbs and was ready to bolt because I didn’t think I would be accepted.” Despite her doubts, Sonshine determined to go inside. “I thought, ‘God, you brought me here.’ ” She walked into the class and was surprised by the love she encountered there. The class members welcomed her into their fellowship and taught her how to study God’s Word. Today, she is still attending CBS classes and sharing her story. “God keeps showing me that I’m forgiven. He has saved me so I can use my story to make an impact on the people He puts in my path.” Sonshine (right) with her husband and daughter

Sonshine was born soon after her parents came to Christ. They gave their daughter a name that reflected their newfound faith. Unfor tunately, their love for God and for each other quickly faded. By the time she was five years old, her parents had separated and walked away from the faith. Sonshine grew up in spiritual darkness. “I was far from Jesus,” she said. “Into drugs and cocaine. I smoked marijuana. I made bad decisions with men.” It was the only life she knew. And then a friend – a coworker at a hair salon – invited her to church. The woman shared a similar background and had recently come to Christ. “I felt a connection with her. She never judged me.” Sonshine accepted the invitation and wound up sitting on the front row of the church. “I remember sitting there and I cried while listening to the music and I told God, ‘I’ve been doing it my way and it’s not working … so here I am.’ ” That was the day Sonshine embraced the Light of the World. Sonshine’s coworker star ted a nonprofit organization that specialized in giving haircuts to those in need. Sonshine volunteered. “I gave haircuts to people in bad situations – homeless, victims of sex trafficking, refugees … anyone who let me cut their hair and love on them.” She also used the oppor tunity to share God’s love.


ETHNOS CORE GROUPS Participation in CBS is available to all. We seek to bring God’s Word to everyone, regardless of language or nationality. For those who live in the United States but speak English as their second language, CBS has planted Ethnos Core Groups within Adult classes. Many communities are multicultural, and it’s our desire to bring the lifetransforming benefits of an in-depth Bible study to people whose first language is not English. Ethnos Core Groups meet within existing CBS Adult classes and include all the same aspects as a regular CBS class except that Core Group discussions and material are provided in participants’ heart languages.

“After many years of ser ving in my church and studying the Bible in Chinese, God led me to this new oppor tunity of reaching out to people and ser ving them in this new place.” Esther, CBS Ethnos participant from Taiwan

THE BIBLE IN MY LANGUAGE “I keep hearing the ladies express their gratitude and excitement for this oppor tunity to study the Bible in Spanish,” says Mariella, an Ethnos Spanish Core Leader. “A new woman from Ecuador said that she was always told at school and church NOT to read the Bible. That it wasn’t necessary. She is discovering AWESOME life-giving and transforming truths.” Because of the Ethnos ministry, Core Leaders and class par ticipants across the country are experiencing a new dimension in their classes. Deeper intercultural relationships are forming around the study of God’s Word, and the movement is growing.


WHAT ETHNOS CORE GROUP PARTICIPANTS ARE SAYING… “Our Mandarin group started the second week of the CBS class. One woman in the group invited four of her Mandarin friends. Since then, the women have invited other friends, and now there are eight women. One of the women went home to visit her mother and father, and both parents prayed to make Jesus Lord of their lives.” CBS Ethnos participant

“I joined CBS two years ago. At first, I was very nervous and couldn’t understand the Bible well, but I wanted to know about God. I tried to do my homework on my own and par ticipated in the class as much as I could. Then I star ted to change slowly. Homework time got shor ter. Studying the Bible was fun. My shyness slowly disappeared. I know now that everything is made by God … even my timid personality. And His timing is always perfect. That’s what CBS has taught me this year.” Gina, CBS Ethnos participant from South Korea

“I am starving with the desire of speaking the language of my childhood and I must be par t of this group because there are other women who do not speak English. They need to be able to study the Bible too.” Maria, CBS Ethnos participant from Mexico and 97 years young (photo right)

YOUNG ADULT OUTREACH GROUPS Ethnos Core Groups within Adult CBS classes make up part of the CBS “grove.” But CBS is also planting the seeds of God’s Word in the lives of young adults. Like Ethnos Core Groups, Young Adult outreach Core Groups meet within existing CBS Adult classes. These Core Groups seek to foster meaningful connection as participants explore the Bible and learn to apply it to their everyday lives. With genuine personal relationships as our priority, we partner with the Holy Spirit to bring about the sort of transformation that results in a deeper understanding of God’s grace and truth. As we grow in that understanding, God changes us and the world around us as well.


CHILDREN & YOUTH “I l i ke h ow t h ey t each us how t o l ear n about God , b ut they a lso do it in a rea lly f u n w ay … i t ’s n o t bor i ng…i t m akes m e real ly happy.” Gi gi , CB S Chi l dre n & Yo ut h p ar t i c i p ant Community Bible Study invites the entire family to grow together as they study God’s Word. That’s why we offer Children & Youth Ministry, which exists within Adult CBS classes. From tots to teens, God’s Word is taught through stories, songs, crafts, prayer and

MILLENNIAL MOM “I don’t have time.” She was a young mom who had just left her career to stay home and was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of growing a family and managing a home. And then, a friend invited her to join a Community Bible Study group. The prospect of cramming another event into an already full calendar – and adding weekly homework – sounded like more than she could handle. But CBS leader Stefanie Kelley says that God changed this young mom’s hear t. “She realized that doing an in-depth Bible study like CBS isn’t about whether or not you have ‘enough time.’ It’s about how the Holy Spirit leads you to make time.” Her decision to get involved came with an additional blessing: her children also benefit from CBS lessons and learn the truth of God’s Word, even at an early age.

“I like doing it with friends a lot, I like hearing their answers and I just think it’s a great way to go deeper into the Bible.” Spencer, CBS Children & Youth participant


memory verse activities and Wrap-Up Teaching. Since Youth Ministry students study the same course as the adults, families can study together and grow together in God’s Word. For children … for families … there is a place for you at CBS.

CLICK THE VIDEO to learn more about Student CBS.

STUDENT CBS Student CBS covers all ages – from elementary to middle school, high school and beyond. Bible lessons are carefully crafted to teach students how to discover God’s truth for themselves and incorporate those truths into their daily lives.

“Teen CBS was the f irst time I remember ‘owning’ my faith. I remember delivering my testimony there for the f irst time. Thank you for investing in kids for the Lord. They’re now adults living for Him.” Caitlyn, former Teen CBS member

IN-DEPTH: ETEEN, AUSTIN, TEXAS Student CBS classes are dedicated to studying God’s Word. They’re also about building community. But what’s a community without food? Especially when it comes to teens! Just ask the CBS Student Group leaders in Austin, Texas. “In eight years of ministry, the Austin eTeen CBS class has served over 30,000 chocolate chip cookies to hungry sixth, seventh and eighth graders, their leaders and families.” Kristin Rinn coordinates food service for the CBS classes. “I learned quickly that ‘if you feed them, they will come.’ ” Today, the Austin eTeen Kitchen Crew now has eight to ten class members cooking, baking, serving and cleaning each week. It’s not just students who are blessed by the weekly fellowship and meals. Kristin Rinn says the Kitchen Crew has become a place for close-knit relationships and spiritual growth. “We talked about life and bonded as we cooked and cleaned up. It hardly seemed like work. And I loved the times when we were able to go over the Bible study together. It is not my natural bent to lead a Bible study, so God definitely grew me in that area.”


INTERNATIONAL CLASSES “The Epistle of Ephesians taught me about family life. My wife, Christiana, and I are not from a Christian background. We did not know how to lead a Christian family. We had a lot of differences, opinions and bickering. Now, we are a happy family transformed by the Word of God.” C BS I nt ernat ional c lass par ti cipant One small seed planted 40 years ago – the original CBS class in Bethesda, Mar yland – has today grown and spread around the world. Now CBS classes meet in about 100 countries. God’s Word goes beyond borders and speaks in every language. When CBS classes gather, truth is shared.


Hearts are strengthened. Relationships are built. Classes meet in huts and villages – wherever they can find space – even if it means meeting under a bridge in Nicaragua. The Word of God is changing lives, and the work of CBS is growing. No matter where you call home, you are invited to study God’s Word. There is a place for you at CBS.

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PASTOR AGNES The killings star ted on April 7, 1994. One hundred days later, nearly one million Rwandans lay dead – victims of the most ruthless, most efficient genocide since World War II. It seemed as if the entire world was caught off guard by the speed and scope of the violence. The African nation was moving toward a peace accord that would allow the nation’s two major tribes – Tutsi and Hutu – to share equal power in the government. But any hopes for unity came crashing down when the plane carrying Rwandan president General Juvanal Habyarimana was destroyed by a missile. Within an hour of the crash, a cabal of Hutu leaders seized control of the government and set in motion a sinister plan that would forever change the nation of Rwanda. While President Habyarimana was working toward peace and stability, Hutu leaders were planning violence. Months before Habyarimana’s assassination, Hutu leaders shipped boxes of machetes to Hutu tribes. Although tribesmen had been told to use the bladed tools for farm work, Hutu leaders had far darker plans. They were arming the populace. Habyarimana’s death was the catalyst that set the Hutu leaders’ plans in motion. Checkpoints were set up to capture and kill members of the Tutsi tribe. And the morning after the assassination, the genocide began in earnest. Announcers at government-run radio stations were told to broadcast the names and addresses of those on the Hutu kill list. Neighbors were urged to turn against neighbors. Hutu husbands were told to kill their Tutsi wives. Those who protested were butchered. Death squads – armed with machetes – traveled from village to village, killing anyone identified as a Tutsi tribe member.

Agnes Kamshare was just eighteen years old when the Rwandan genocide began. She remembers hiding from the death squads. She also remembers the day she thought her luck had run out. Agnes had run inside an abandoned building to find shelter. But she was discovered. “I hear soldiers coming. One of them shouted, ‘Everybody come out of there.’ ” In that moment, she realized there was little chance she would make it out alive. Faced with death, she called out to God. “When they star ted kicking at the door, a voice came into my head and said, ‘God can do miracles.’ But I knew that I wouldn’t go to heaven because I wasn’t a friend of God. I said, ‘God, if You really are there … if You are loving and good, save me from this house. I will serve You the rest of my life. But if this is my hour of death, take me to heaven. Forgive me.’ ” Though the prayer quieted Agnes’ hear t, it did nothing to quiet the soldiers. The sounds of death drew ever closer. But above the shouts, gunfire and death cries, another voice rang out. “You men over there!” a woman called to the soldiers. “Your chief has made a mistake!” At the woman’s urging, the soldiers backed away and left the building. Agnes’ life was spared.


The daily killings stopped in July, 1994. Those who lived were left with the tasks of burying the dead and rebuilding homes and businesses. The survivors also had to begin the long road to personal recovery. Agnes remembers that her path to healing began with a dream. “I saw many dead bodies floating down the river,” she describes her dream. “A voice spoke and said, ‘Pray for those bodies and they will come alive.’” She obeyed and watched as one by one, people came to life and walked out of the river. When she woke from the dream, she prayed, “God, what are you telling me?” Sometime later, Agnes told her spiritual mentor about the dream. “My mentor said, ‘God has given you the gift of taking the Word of God to people so that they will come out of their sins.’ ” Agnes took her mentor at her word and began studying for the ministry. In 2001, Agnes was ordained. She followed her dream of speaking the words of life to those who are dead in their sins. Shor tly after her ordination, Agnes’ mentor visited the United States to talk to churches and Bible study groups about the recovery work in Rwanda. While in the U.S., Agnes’ mentor was introduced to Community Bible Study. The connection began a long-term par tnership. “The Bible study group helped us,” Agnes says. The group provided study guides and materials to Rwandan Christians. “We were trained and star ted implementing the studies with our women. Our groups of students grew.” Today, more than 22,000 Rwandans are involved in CBS groups. People of all ages meet to study God’s Word. “We have disciples even among the children,” Agnes says. “They grow up in the Word of God. They are the Church of today … and tomorrow.” The CBS groups are also mending relationships and restoring decades of hatred and pain. “Rwanda is struggling to bring reconciliation among those who killed and those who survived the killings,” Agnes explains. “In some parts of Rwanda where CBS ministries have reached, things have changed. There is improvement because people are being encouraged to study the Word of God.” And this is only the beginning. Pastor Agnes sees even more oppor tunities to share God’s Word. “We need to pray that this ministry remains and grows to all corners of Rwanda and to the whole world.” It’s a message of hope and life, she says, that many more need to hear. “Real forgiveness and reconciliation come from the power of God.” (Left) One of the 22,000 Rwandans studying in a CBS class


INPRISON & BEYOND CLASSES “I’ve been in CBS almost three years and this program has helped me a lot in my spiritual growth. What I have learned and applied to my life has helped me here in prison. I am now an instructor and the inmates look at me as a go-to person for prayer, advice and understanding. I’ve come a long way. Thank you for helping us out.” B e ni t o , I nP r i so n & B e y o nd c l ass p ar t i c i p ant InPrison & Beyond offers in-depth Bible study and community for men and women in correctional facilities. CBS class leaders bring the Word of God behind prison walls and share the transforming power of the Gospel. Classes meet for praise, worship and study. The outreach continues even after prisoners

NEW LIFE BEHIND BARS Kirk and Wendy Farquhar bring CBS classes to 90 inmates at a prison in For t Stockton, Texas. The couple has been teaching in the Lynaugh Unit since 2014. Kirk and Wendy drive to the facility every Wednesday evening and spend nearly 90 minutes teaching and worshiping with brothers behind bars. Thanks to the Farquhars’ faithful service, people once thought hopeless have committed their lives to Christ and are growing in grace. “During the time I have been attending the CBS classes,” writes Carlo (an inmate at the Lynaugh Unit), God has helped me open my hear t more to others. I have been in prison for ten years, and … I have learned that only God can change those who He has called and those that want to change. The darkness I was in is passing away daily.” Another inmate shares his story about how the in-depth teaching helps him understand and apply God’s Word. “There are times in your life you can hear God speak and feel His presence. You know His work is being done and He is glad. CBS at Lynaugh Unit is definitely one of those times. Of all the faith-based classes and Bible studies I have done, I have learned a lot

ser ve their sentences. Ex-inmates are invited to join InPrison & Beyond groups and continue to grow in their faith. Lives are transformed as God’s Word takes root in the hearts of those who seek forgiveness and redemption. No matter your past … no matter your future … at CBS, there is a place for you. more about the Bible and have a deeper understanding of the world because of CBS. God bless those who make this program possible.” The Bible study, prayer and community the inmates experience help them not only during incarceration, but is also instrumental to star ting a new life when inmates’ terms have been served. “I’m so grateful for CBS. It keeps me focused throughout my week on what is impor tant,” Corey writes. “I’m seeking the Lord on a daily basis through study and prayer to prepare me to stay free upon my release.”


AGAPE CORE GROUPS “T h i s p rogra m i s an answer t o pr ayer for us . For s evera l yea rs, we have s p e c i f i c a l ly as ke d t he Lord t o br i ng ever y t r i be , t ong ue a nd na tio n to o ur c la ss. Wit h AG A P E , God h a s gi ve n u s an answer and a new t r i be . In d oi ng so, o ur c la ss ha s been imm e n s e ly b l e s s e d by o u r n ew m em ber s .” Caro l Br i dger s , Teac hing Dire ctor, CB S Tusc al o o sa AGAPE groups provide a place for adults with intellectual disabilities to study God’s Word. Designed with these readers in mind, the curriculum is intentionally crafted to teach the Bible’s truths in an accessible, easyto-understand way.

a group and was willing to open its doors to the center. Carol Bridgers is the Teaching Director for CBS in Tuscaloosa. She wanted to offer a Bible study program that was designed specifically for special-needs adults. So she reached out to Kelly Lynn Graf, Program Director for Community Bible Study’s AGAPE program.

“Do you have a Bible study class that’s open to the community?” The director of a special-needs adult center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, had opened a phone book and star ted calling nearby churches. One church had such

“We received the call,” Kelly Lynn remembers. “The coordinator told us that they welcomed the busload of people into their class and treated them like any other first timers. What a praise! The class could have said, ‘No, we don’t have anything for intellectually disabled adults.’ Instead, they said yes. It sounds like the director of the special needs center had tried many different avenues for the group to study the Bible. The CBS class welcomed the group into their community and within six weeks, a regular AGAPE group was meeting in the church.” The group now has two Core Leaders and is a regular par t of weekly studies at the church. CLICK THE VIDEO to learn more about AGAPE groups.


LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Dawn Griffin, Director of Leadership Development, has a passion for encouraging and equipping CBS leaders. Her stor y of investing in others began when a CBS leader took the time to invest in her. In the aspen grove of CBS, Leadership Development (LD) serves as a growth agent for the root system beneath. This ministry team draws its inspiration from a threefold mission – to educate, encourage and equip every CBS leader, preparing them to serve with excellence and confidence in their classes. For Dawn Griffin, Director of Leadership Development, this mission takes on a deeply personal dimension. Her story of investing in CBS leaders began when a CBS leader took the time to invest in her. “I was a shy young woman,” Dawn describes the first time she visited a CBS class. “My husband and I lived on the East Bay of San Francisco. I had a young baby. I had just lost my mom – I needed a spiritual mom.” She was looking for a place to connect, and she found more than she was expecting. “I fell in love the first week I walked into CBS. They knew that I was hur ting, and I knew that they cared.”

tools and ideas and helping them navigate copyright and CCLI issues with integrity. And for those already trained in their roles, LD offers Leadership Conferences to connect, encourage and energize leaders for their roles. Since 2003, 82 Leadership Conferences have taken place across the United States, with nine more scheduled in the coming months. CBS LD has recently begun to collaborate with the international regional leaders more actively as well, in recognition of the growing global nature of CBS. The first international CBS conference with suppor t from the LD staff at the Ministry Service Center took place in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016 – and the LD Team is collaborating on a second conference for the Americas Region. Dawn hopes that others find encouragement in the story of one person’s investment in her. “I want leaders to have the same burden to invest in someone else so the Kingdom grows.” CBS leaders gather at the 2017 Teaching Directors’ Conference

Class members built relationships with Dawn, helping her deal with the loss of her mother and encouraging her as she raised her young son. As life got busier, Dawn tried to quit class, but her Core Leader lovingly urged her not to quit. Dawn stayed with the group and began taking on leadership roles. Her Core Leader mentored her and invested in Dawn’s spiritual growth. Today, Dawn, along with the entire LD team, shares the same dedication to invest in CBS leaders. They are excited that for many who become leaders, it is within the context of a CBS class that the discovery of their God-given leadership potential happens for the first time. Twice a year, LD brings new Servants Team leaders together for a four-day event, training them in CBS’s values and mission. The team also provides training for Class Worship Leaders and musicians – giving them new 17

“Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters…” – Isaiah 55 At first glance, the trees in an aspen grove all look the same – slender white trunks that grow straight and tall. But as you explore, you’ll discover that no two are alike. While each is a part of one larger organism, each has a beauty of its own. So it is with CBS. We are bound together by our desire to study God’s Word. But studies take place in a variety of settings: church auditoriums, colleges, high school events … and even prisons. Each study is part of something bigger, and yet each has a beauty of its own. There is a place for each one, yet we all seek to share God’s great invitation to those who live, work and play in our worlds: “Come. Seek the Lord while He may be found.” CBS is available to all – from long-time students of God’s Word to those who’ve never opened a Bible. Help us welcome others into our growing, thriving family by sharing a simple invitation:

“There’s a place for you.”


2017 CBS Finances: Your gift, God’s work.







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Cu rr icu lu m D ev elopme n t & Fu lfillmen t

Leader s hi p Trai ni ng & Dev el o pment

Tec hno l ogy

N ext Gen era ti o n o f C h i l d ren & Yo u n g Peo p l e

Ho s t C h u rc h Su p p o r t

In tern a ti o n a l M i n i s tr y

L o c al Class O p e rat io ns & S he p he rding

F ie ld S up p o r t

FISCAL YEAR 2018 ANNUAL BUDGET: $12,000,000 GO TO to learn more about CBS finances.

V I S I ON S TAT E M E N T Tr a n s f o r m e d L i v e s T h r o u g h t h e Wo r d o f G o d

M I S S I ON S TAT E M E N T To m a ke d i s c i p l e s o f t h e L o r d J e s u s C h r i s t i n o u r c o m m u n i t i e s t h r o u g h c a r i n g , i n - d e p t h B i b l e s t u d y, a v a i l a b l e t o a l l .



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