2013 Community Benefit Report: The University of Chicago Medicine

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Donna Christian-Harris, RN, FNP, participates in a cycling fitness class during the African Festival of the Arts.

9.3% OF AMERICANS HAVE DIABETES (more than 29.1 million people)

“The important thing is to have fun and keep moving.” –Zumba Instructor, Donna Christian-Harris, RN, FNP

28,000 AFRICAN-AMERICANS 18 years and older have diabetes in the area served by the South Side Diabetes Project.

Community Fitness Program Marks 25 Years For the past 25 years, determined fitness walkers have arrived at the Museum of Science and Industry three mornings a week with a single goal: stay in shape. The Community Fitness Program began in 1989 as part of the University of Chicago Medicine’s outreach to older adults. Today it involves a daily crowd of as many as 100 walkers who range in age from 45 to 90. Some use canes or walkers to lap around the museum’s 1/4-mile balcony. The walkers often supplement their workouts with aerobics classes twice a week.

Zumba Keeps the South Side Moving The sound of rhythmic, percussive dance music increasingly means a popular aerobic workout called Zumba. Donna Christian-Harris, RN, FNP, an advanced practice nurse at UChicago Medicine, teaches Zumba at locations on the South Side. In each hour-long workout, she demonstrates dance moves that can be performed by anyone, regardless of their fitness level. “Everyone has their own style,” Christian-Harris says.

Fitness walker Hazel Colar smiles as she walks the 1/4mile loop at the Museum of Science and Industry.

“I am completely in awe and inspired by what I see.” –Community Relations Coordinator Walidah Tureaud

Left: Fitness walker Yvonne Gregwor carries trekking poles as she walks at the Museum of Science and Industry. Right: Arshiya Baig, MD, MPH, right, greets community members at a Picture Good Health/Imaginate una Buena Salud event in the Little Village neighborhood.