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Live the life you choose Annual Report 2018–2019

Chairman’s Report “On behalf of the Board, I report on our successful development of the 2020–2023 Strategic Plan and the excitement that it brings. I invite you to take a close look at this Plan as featured in this document.”

I am delighted to once again provide my Chair’s report about an organisation I am passionate about and committed to, Community Based Support (CBS). The past twelve months have been extremely successful in so many ways and I hope you enjoy reading about some of them. This Annual Report coincides with the end of one Strategic Plan and the beginning of another. On behalf of the Board, I report on our successful development of the 2020–2023 Strategic Plan and the excitement that it brings. I invite you to take a close look at this Plan as featured in this document. The Strategic Plan was developed in collaboration with our clients, staff, stakeholders, and suppliers and within our frame of industry, market position and state and federal policy direction. We focussed on four pillars critical to our work, otherwise known as our ‘four Ps’; our Participants (clients), our People, our Processes, and our Potential. Along with this strategic development, in the last twelve months the Board has changed the company structure from an incorporated company to a company limited by guarantee. This change will enable CBS to be more responsive to market demands and more flexible and nimble in our organisational decision making. Our financial results for the year were positive and position CBS for future change that will impact cash flow. Our result will also allow us to value add with some client activities in the coming years. I would especially like to recognise and thank my fellow Board members who provide wonderful vision, counsel and governance; to the staff who with dedication, skill and passion ensure we meet the needs of our clients and to our clients who really are the reason for our being.


It is with hesitation that the Board accepted Murray Coates’ resignation but we celebrate and acknowledge his leadership and the many successes achieved during the last four years. Murray came to CBS when the organisation was working in an industry that was experiencing uncertainty and constant change. Along with the Board, Murray has navigated the organisation through this period, consolidated our strengths and implemented our strategic vision through his management and leadership. Murray’s commitment to this work ensures that the future of CBS is bright and we thank him most sincerely for this.

Ross Doddridge Chairman


Dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic people were employed by CBS in the 2018–2019 financial year.

Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

CEO’s Report “This Annual Report features just some of our stories, but I encourage you to speak with our clients, service providers and staff to fully appreciate how valued our organisation is across the state.”

It is with much pride I look back on the last year and all that we have achieved at CBS. This Annual Report features just some of our stories, but I encourage you to speak with our clients, service providers and staff to fully appreciate how valued our organisation is across the state. In 2018–2019, CBS has continued to be an industry leader, offering quality services that enable our clients to live the life they choose. We have done this by building on our past success and hard work while remaining focussed on our future, embracing opportunities and remaining flexible in responding to change. We have focussed particularly on more staff training, encouraging our staff to grow into roles of responsibility and decision making. This less bureaucratic approach has enabled more capable and expedient decision making that ultimately better supports our clients. CBS is now being used by more clients than ever and we have grown the services we offer in northern Tasmania. Over the last few years we have realigned our work with people in Aged Care and Disabilities so that they are now distinct and can be focussed on individually. Amongst many things, this will allow us to train staff in their particular areas of work and recognise and respond to growing needs, such as services specific to our clients with dementia. One of the exciting projects CBS has committed significant resource to is AlayaCare, a cloud‑based home care software platform. This industry specific system will improve our client/service relationship by better management of information, communication, rostering and administration. Our clients will experience a more efficient and effective provision of services and our office and field staff will benefit from improved capacity and AlayaCare will be live in late January 2020.

Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

After almost four years with CBS, the time has come for me to move on. I have enjoyed my time as CEO working with the Board and staff, and have embraced the challenges that our industry faced. We have successfully navigated the implementation of the NDIS and the changes in My Aged Care. I proudly leave an organisation that is strong and sustainable, and positioned to grow and offer specific services to specific market segments. The CBS Board is united in its governance and the organisation is staffed by committed and competent people. The organisation’s culture has been transformed during my tenure and I’m delighted to leave the new CEO with an exciting vision for CBS’ future as articulated in the 2020–2023 Strategic Plan. It has been my privilege to lead such a dynamic, well regarded and essential social service organisation and I wish the CBS family every success.

Murray Coates Chief Executive Officer


Clients provided formal compliments about the support they received from CBS this year.


I’ve been perfectly happy with CBS “They went a long way at CBS to help me. Their care is genuine and it’s made a big difference to my life.”


Cath Garvie, 73

Support package:

Home Care Package – Level 2

Services provided:

Social Support; Personal Care; Domestic Assistance; Assistive Technologies

Most of us dream of running off to join the circus, but Cath Garvie actually did it! At age twenty Cath travelled with the circus looking after the horses, riding elephants and performing as a clown. Today Cath sits in her much loved home overlooking the mountains, reminiscing about her life. “I used to get in my car and visit dog and horse shows but due to health issues, I don’t drive anymore. Nowadays I am much less active.” Cath says. At age 73 Cath has been a CBS client for 17 years, starting with the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and then with the assistance of her CBS Coordinator, transitioned to a Home Care Package (HCP). CBS became part of Cath’s life at a very dark time and she says most emphatically “As far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t be here without CBS, especially in an emotional sense. My third marriage had broken up and I was very lonely and questioned what the point of living was. I was in the Royal Hobart mental ward and they put me in touch with CBS so they could help me at home. And I think that, and the medication, made all the difference, so I really think CBS saved my life”. “At first CBS came once a week to bathe me,” Cath continues. “Then I had a bad panic attack so they helped me to get two hours of shopping and social support weekly, which then became fortnightly. I didn’t realise how important the social support was, but I couldn’t get it back until I transitioned over to my new Home Care package.”


Cath was assessed by My Aged Care about eighteen months ago. She explains, “I have had long term health problems and the assessor told me to look around at agencies, but I had no need to – I’ve been perfectly happy with CBS and don’t want anyone else”. Cath is appreciative of all the services she receives, especially the three hours of social support every fortnight. “It’s wonderful” Cath says. “I can do whatever I want in that time and get things done that I’ve wanted to for months.” Cath doesn’t use all of her package at once, preferring to save some in case of an emergency or if her needs increase. Cath is glowing in her opinion of CBS and grateful for their care. “They went a long way at CBS to help me. Their care is genuine and it’s made a big difference to my life. If I ever have reason to complain, they don’t mind, they just fix it. Nikole is now my coordinator and she’s lovely; one of those people I clicked with straight away. I can always count on her to help.”

Cath joined the circus at the age of 20

Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

CBS is absolutely marvellous “I don’t have any trouble at all, and when I went with CBS things seemed to settle for me.”


Dorothy Lafer, 68

Support program:

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

Services provided:

Social Support; Personal Care; Domestic Assistance

“It’s been traumatic and I can go down in a heap, but I’ve been lucky too,” says 68 year old Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Lafer. Softly spoken Dottie started with CBS earlier this year and couldn’t be happier with the help and support she has been receiving. “I don’t have any trouble at all, and when I went with CBS things seemed to settle for me,” she says. Dottie has experienced a lot of loss in her life, starting with her father when she was just three. Seven years ago she lost the love of her life, husband Jacob, who she still feels very close to, saying “I really, really do miss him every day”. Dottie always loved children; however, despite many pregnancies she and Jacob were not able to have any. She found work helping raise children and today has a special place in those families, who now care for her. In 2019, on her way to a birthday lunch, Dottie’s legs gave way and she fell over. Convinced it was a one‑off, her day progressed as planned. When the same thing happened later that night and she couldn’t get up, she was taken to hospital to be checked out. Dottie stayed in hospital, and later a rehabilitation centre for three months, all the while fearing she would never walk again. When she did come home she wasn’t quite back to her old self, walking with the aid of a cane. Dottie had a new relationship with CBS too, and knew with confidence they would help her remain living comfortably and safely in her own home. Liz and Meagan from CBS have been “absolutely marvellous” from Dottie’s perspective. They helped her navigate her way through My Aged Care and she now

Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

receives personal care services three times a week, transportation to her weekly doctor’s appointment, two hours of social support, and a fortnightly house clean. “Everyone that has come to me has been very good,” Dottie says. Dottie is very happy with her level of care and secure in the knowledge that if she needs any extra help she just has to ask. “If I need anything I just have to pick up the phone and call Liz or Meagan and they’ll help. If they’re not available they’ll always call straight back,” Dottie says. “Liz promised me she’ll make sure I’m cared for and looked after. I feel confident in that. I rely on them to fix things up and they’ve been really good.”

Dottie and Jacob on their wedding day


Strategy Map 2020–2023

a at e w cre p o We e m and

WHY (Vision) Our clients in Tasmania are valued individuals who live at home and participate in the community regardless of age and ability.

h n at e t h na e i r b le live s s.

Enhance what we do, Build for the future

t s nt i e r a fe , e l s p e pos it H O W ( M i s s i o n ) iron m t r o i n v v op l e t e and supportive en a l c o e o ha ve choice and r si . m Ou d rld pl n r o a y c pe om ople IT WORKS BECAUSE: pathic the w a pel m led re caring, versatile, e nce in e to m a k e a po s i t i v e d i f f e r


Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

Customer Drivers

Values and Behaviours

• Predictable and consistent service

The way we behave around here

• Offering something extra




 lways comes first A We look after each other

Customer Focussed

We do what we say we will do We are flexible and solution focussed


We walk the talk We are up front


We try new things We learn from mistakes


We own our own decisions We work together


We break down barriers to inclusion We appreciate each other’s differences

• Quality over quantity • Caring about why and how we work with our clients • Offering information on other services available • Great communication • Respectful and maintaining dignity

Our Participants/Clients

Our People

• Maintain a solutions focus for all participants

• Staff are our most valuable asset

• Support people with dementia to live at home for longer

• Define the culture we aspire to and live it

• Ensure technology supports client independence

• Ensure our workforce employment model is contemporary

• Maintain an active advocacy role with Government • Provide consistency of workers to all clients • Develop credible research that feeds into cutting edge service provision

• Support our staff to be the best service and solutions providers Tasmania has to offer

Our Processes

Our Potential

• Deeply understand our client groups

• Develop new service models that support the CBS vision of independence for all Tasmanians regardless of age or ability

• Drive efficiencies that don’t negatively impact client services • All core internal systems are well documented and all staff are trained in their usage • Ensure all participants and staff know about and understand the service solutions CBS provides

Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

• Continue to provide, grow and develop quality services across Tasmania in: – Disability Services, predominantly NDIS; and – Aged Care Services, predominantly HCP


My Roger and Geoffrey “I’m so lucky to be with CBS and I appreciate everything they do for us.”


Geoffrey Lawless, 49

Support package:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Services provided:

Assistance with self care; Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities; Assistance with short‑term accommodation; Coordination of Supports.


Roger Lawless, 72

Support package:

Home Care Package – Level 3

Services provided:

Personal Care; Domestic Assistance; Social Support; Flexible Respite; Spring Cleaning; CBS Social Hubs.

Three year old Geoffrey Lawless was a happy energetic child until that fateful day when he was hit by a car. Having suffered brain damage, he spent 3 months in hospital. Unfortunately the damage was permanent. Geoffrey’s injuries affected both his physical and cognitive ability which resulted in him needing constant care. Coupled with managing Geoffrey’s permanent disability, his parents, Dianne and Roger, still had to tend to the needs of their oldest daughter Cindy and younger son, Shannon. It was a challenge getting used to their new way of life. Dianne was Geoffrey’s primary carer, which meant that the family only had one income. Money was tight. Dianne would have to take public transport to Geoffrey’s occupational therapy sessions. These were difficult times for the whole family. Through the efforts of Geoffrey’s parents and the love of his siblings Geoffrey grew into a healthy and happy adult and he will celebrate his 50th birthday next January. Geoffrey remains fully dependent, requiring 24‑hour support. He is happy though, understanding close people around him and communicating through limited verbal skills. Cindy and Shannon have stayed close. They have their own families and between them have four young adult children. 8

Their children grew up around their uncle Geoffrey and are “really good with him” Dianne says. “Being with Geoffrey helps them understand other people and their differences. They’ve always included him in their lives. “I just love them” she says, referring proudly to her grandchildren. Twenty four years ago, Dianne’s caring skills were stretched to their limits, when Roger also acquired a brain injury. He suffered a small stroke and a fungus was found growing on his brain. A biopsy resulted in brain bleeding, which caused the damage. He also spent three months in hospital, of which six weeks were for speech and movement rehabilitation. “He’s a lot like Geoffrey, with his right side affected” Dianne says. “He uses a walking stick and can’t be left alone, wanting me with him all the time.” When asked how she felt at that time, Dianne referring to her physical and emotional states, “That’s simple. Tired, very tired”. Since that dark period, things have improved substantially for Dianne, Roger and Geoffrey. CBS supports Dianne as a carer for both her son and husband. She is really grateful for this support saying “CBS has been great to work with. It’s hard for me to get out so Vicki (from the CBS Disability Care Team) came to the house to help me understand the NDIS and how it would help Geoffrey. I feel very good about the NDIS now. Donna (from the CBS Aged Care Team) did the same with My Aged Care for Roger. I wouldn’t have had a clue otherwise!” Dianne has had trouble with her shoulders and neck, made worse after years of caring for both men. “CBS arranged personal care for Geoffrey so I don’t have to do it and Roger gets personal care four days a week. In just a few months I have noticed a difference to the pain in my back and neck” Dianne shares. “I’m so lucky to be with CBS and I appreciate everything they do for us.”

Left to right, Geoffrey, Dianne and Roger

People and Culture We feel proud of our commitment to our clients and privileged to help empower them to live the life they choose. They’re the reason we do what we do, so we invest time, energy and resources to make sure their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. We have worked hard to evaluate, challenge, redefine and then live a workplace culture that builds on past successes while remaining open to an evolving industry. We have focussed on our organisational values and cemented them into practice, ensuring they are what all our stakeholders experience of CBS. We pride ourselves on being customer focussed and authentic in our relationships, listening and acting on the feedback of clients and staff. As an organisation we encourage our staff to be inquisitive in the way we operate, learning from our experiences and challenging the norm. We have moved away from working in operational silos and have become less bureaucratic in our approach. At CBS, we respect diversity, celebrating our differences and understanding the strength of our individual capabilities. Regardless of their area of work, our staff know they belong and are supported by a team. Safety always comes first in our workplace and we ensure that best practice is adhered to at all times. We would not be able to deliver the exceptional service our clients have come to expect without our staff so we invest in our people. Beginning with recruitment, we walk with our employees on every step of their journey. Particularly this last year, we made a conscientious decision to recruit staff who had more than just the right qualifications, we looked for those who were the ‘right fit’. We employed people who were passionate about high quality service delivery and had a deep desire to assist our clients to live as independently as possible. They understood the need for individual choice and control, and were open to developing their skill set to meet that need. All new staff attended an induction day where they were formally welcomed and further aligned with the CBS vision. While we communicate with our staff regularly, we also formally measure our staff engagement through an annual survey which assists in providing guidance for the year ahead. Our 2018 survey highlighted some areas where improvements were required and the results of the 2019 survey showed a marked improvement in these areas. Staff recognised our commitment to ongoing professional development, increased formal and informal communication, and a significant improvement in our consultative approach. Overall, our 2019 staff engagement survey reflects an organisation that is effectively supporting its staff, so they can successfully support our clients. We will continue to build a winning team that will support CBS’ vision and mission, both now and well into the future.

Community Based Support Annual Report 2018-2019

374,211 Hours CBS staff spent supporting…



clients to live the life they choose. That’s…

years of commitment, all delivered in the space of…

52 weeks!


Treasurer’s Report Summary CBS continued along a positive upward trajectory this financial year with revenues increasing by $3 million to $18.4 million. A surplus of $0.82 million providing funding for service and corporate development for future sustainability. Commercial services income increased significantly to $8.5 million, reflecting the transfer of government block grants to Home Care Packages (HCP) and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services. A marked increase in clients choosing to purchase services privately through CBS was also a contributing factor.

Finally, I welcome Mark Wild to his position as General Manager Corporate Services. His experience and inputs will be important to CBS as we transition to a more commercial framework to meet client needs.

David Asten Treasurer

Members funds are now $5.3 million, represented by ownership of properties at Sunderland Street, Risdon Road, and Charles Eaton Court, as well as some other accumulated surpluses. Our current liquidity ratio is positive, indicating a healthy trading position.

Operational Performance

Major Assets






Total Revenue ($ millions)







In Northern Tasmania, CBS continues to grow with both staff and client numbers regularly increasing in the NDIS space and slowly but surely taking hold in the HCP area. Day Centre operations continue to operate successfully, helping CBS to build momentum and strengthen its reputation in the area.


Changes in Government funding structures, namely HCP and NDIS produced considerable increases in income again this year. These changes continue to challenge the status quo of operational performance across the Aged Care and Disability sectors. As individual choice and control becomes more prevalent, more emphasis is placed on individual service stream budgets and demand for consistency in rostering and quality service delivery increases. CBS has proactively sought to meet these challenges in all facets of its operations, including investing in a new client management and rostering system, due for completion in early 2020. This new system will allow CBS to meet the needs and demands of both its current client base as well as those in its future.

Surplus/Deficit ($ thousands)

Land and Buildings were revalued in mid‑2019 showing an asset value increase of $0.8 million. CBS owns 14 vehicles and replacements were made in accordance with current policy.

Audit CBS auditors BDO, commented positively on the progress being made to processes required to maintain accountability and strengthen checks and balances, and issued an unqualified audit report. While CBS sees this as a very positive affirmation of the direction it is undertaking, it will continue to review, enhance and improve its systems and processes. 10

All financial details pertaining to Community Based Support are publicly available at www.acnc.gov.au or by contacting the General Manager Corporate Service at Community Based Support on 1300 227 827


Community Based Support Hobart 24 Sunderland Street Moonah, Tasmania 7009 Tel: 03 6208 6600 Fax: 03 6208 6699 Launceston 42 Canning Street Launceston, Tasmania 7250 Tel: 03 6338 1889 PO Box 823 Moonah, Tasmania 7009 Email: admin@cbsaust.org.au Web: www.cbsaust.org.au ABN: 91 874 273 928

Profile for Community Based Support

CBS Annual Report 2018-19  

CBS Annual Report 2018-19  

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