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January 2017 | Local News Serving Bearsden & Milngavie 20 Years

Martial Arts for fitness


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At the recent Adult National Course, the club had eight successful gradings, with new 1st Dan black belts (Emma Armstrong, 34, Scott Burgess, 43, David Craig, 61 and Ashleigh Trainer, 18), two junior black belts (Carla, 14, and Robbie 16), a blue belt (Diana, 49) and an orange belt (Iain, "closer to 55 than 50").

If you are looking for a new way to get fit and improve your health and well-being in 2017, why not give Bearsden Martial Arts Club a try? The club provides training sessions for adults and children in a martial art that has its roots in Shotokai Karate and, reflecting the interests of the senior instructors, has evolved to incorporate elements of many martial arts, such as judo, jiujitsu and aikido. The list of benefits of martial arts practice includes better fitness, balance and flexibility.

MY HOME IS WHERE IS... Takeart is a play on words which conveys the feelings of artist Ron Wilson after the last twenty years, when a quadruple heart bypass caused a break in continuity of his watercolour and oil paintings and the giving up of the highly successful Wilson Wilson Gallery in Croftamie. The trauma of that and consequent drama was aggravated by the sad death of his wife Nora. Nevertheless, Ron continued to be busy with the paintbrush and had considerable successful outlets and commissions which helped his sanity. So much so he has accumulated quite a portfolio and did nothing to place them around other galleries as previously.

Therefore he is now, in his late years, presenting a show in Buchlyvie to help ‘clear the decks’ while he can. There is much to see and a five percent of sales will go to British Heart Foundation. Whether he can continue ad infinitum will depend on his ability to locate ‘Gallery Minders’ on a twenty percent basis.

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Scott Burgess from the club adds: “As well as the more obvious fitness aspects, martial arts helps people to gain confidence and ability when it comes to selfdefence. “And many people find that a session of hitting pads is also a wonderful way to relieve stress after a particularly busy day.” Bearsden Martial Arts Club has been running classes for more

than 30 years and has training two nights each week. Tuesdays is at Bearsden Academy and Wednesdays at St Joseph’s PS in Milngavie, 7-8pm for juniors and 8-9.30pm for adults. The chief instructor, Hugh Russell, has 40 years of experience in various martial arts and is a 9th Dan Black Belt. He is assisted by Eric Walton (3rd Dan Black Belt), Ross Walton (2nd Dan Black Belt) and John Marley (1st Dan Black Belt). The over-arching principle is one of self-defence and the emphasis is on self-development and continual improvement rather than competitive fighting. Scott says: “We can cater for newcomers, male and female, children as young as five and for adults of all ages. For example, one member Ross started with us aged six and is now 23 and a 2nd Dan Black Belt, while another member started in his 50s and loves the fitness element of the sport.” More information at www. bearsdenmartialarts.org, on Facebook at facebook.com/ BearsdenMartialArts/ and on Twitter @BearsdenMAC.

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Bearsden & Milngavie January 2017 Community Magazine  

Bearsden & Milngavie January 2017 Community Magazine

Bearsden & Milngavie January 2017 Community Magazine  

Bearsden & Milngavie January 2017 Community Magazine


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