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November 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 11





November 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 11

STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS The official publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) This monthly magazine is published at no cost to the SRCA and is mailed free of charge to all Stonebridge Ranch residences.


Wine Tasting Photo Gallery


Curb Appeal Corner



Do You Know?


Let’s Get Ready Together

Communications volunteers serve to keep their neighbors well-informed and connected


Prompt Attention Required


We Love Holiday Cheer

New Priority Violations category aims to keep our community looking top-notch

Community Calendar


Cartoon Ranch


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Save the Date December 2020 Events


Volunteers, staff and homeowners prepare in case disaster strikes

Tips for residents who wish to decorate their homes and village entrances

Cover Photo by Erica Lee Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved. Published by Community Matters, Inc.


Even before the wine flowed at the September Wine Tasting event, our residents were ready to raise their glasses and say “Cheers!” to their neighbors. You can see more images from the event on p.15 in this issue.

The Coronavirus continues. I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy. Scheduling events is a challenge due to the changing nature of governmental restrictions. However, we continue to schedule some community events if they meet governmental guidelines. Watch for E-blasts and check the association’s website,, and its Facebook page, Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA), for regular updates and current information. In this month’s issue, there is an update on Priority Violations, a disaster plan article, an article on holiday decorations, and a feature about the work of our Communications Committee.

processes. We will F ROM review the draft at our November BOD meeting.

Board Meeting, September 24, 2020 The Board meeting of September 24, 2020 was called to order at 12:30 PM. This Board meeting was held in our HOA office Board room. All Board members were present (Amanda Batson and Joe Closs via Zoom) along with our Director of Operations, CMA’s Vice President of Operations, and CMA’s CFO and President via Zoom. The meeting began with a Homeowners Open Forum. No homeowners appeared. Two joined the meeting to observe via Zoom. The next item of business was to ratify the minutes of the previous Board meeting and all decisions made since the last Board meeting. We also approved Matt Miller to join the Communications Committee and David Morgan to the Amenities committee as a full-time member (previously an alternate member).

Association Reports We reviewed and approved the Financial Reports including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Variance Report, Accounts Receivable Report, and the Investment Portfolio report. We approved some minor revision to the Polycarbonate roofing panels section of the guideline for these types of panels. We also discussed reviewing accounts with older open violations and working to get those closed, along with discussing violations and their impact on property values. We discussed a pending annexation into Stonebridge from a new development and determining a fee for renting of the Veranda. Board Liaisons presented updates on committee activities reflected in Committee minutes and updates to our Strategic plan.

Old Business We discussed the Covid-19 virus to decide what actions to take during the next several weeks. > The office is open. Appointments are still required for meetings with a specific individual. You can “walk in” for an ID. > Facemasks are required to enter the office. > The Community Room is reopened at 50% capacity for rental and use. Check our web site regularly and watch for E-blasts for the latest information from the Association. These decisions are subject to changing conditions and are updated to comply with any new governmental orders issued. In our continuing review of operational guidelines, we reviewed and updated guidelines for The Applications Policy, Payment Plan Policy, Supplier Insurance guidelines, Time Saving guidelines, and the Collections Policy. New Business We formed a committee to provide a draft governance process to better define and document many of our


Executive Session The Board reviewed and approved the Foreclosure Report. We approved the recommendations of the Appeals Committee. We also reviewed and accepted the Collections Committee Report, the Violations Report, and the Project Expenditures Report. Treasurer Counts updated the Board on our current financial condition and water usage so far this year. We also discussed the possibility of restriping one of our tennis courts with Pickleball Court lines to provide additional Pickleball courts. We are doing more research on the viability of this approach. The Director of Operations updated us on pending legal issues.

The meeting adjourned at 5:36 PM. Jon Dell’Antonia President, Board of Directors





| November 2020


November 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 11

STONEBRIDGE RANCH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC. 6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071 Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ph: (214) 733-5800 Fax: (214) 778-0595 website: Courtesy Patrol: (214) 794-4945

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE Jon Dell’Antonia, Erica Lee, Dave Wiest

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Jon Dell’Antonia

Vice President & Treasurer Norm Counts Secretary Jim Norton

Director Kristen Vartian

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Director Joe Closs

Director Amanda Batson Director Jim Buerkle

STAFF Professional management by RTI/Community Management Associates Inc. (CMA) Director of Operations Greg Herbst

Maintenance Supervisor Michael Cawley

Landscape & Grounds Manager Brock Whetstone Lifestyle Director David Wiest

Executive Assistant Rony Peterson


Maintenance Assistants Eric Ortega, Daniel Vine Compliance Supervisor Kara Robinson

Compliance Coordinators Gwen Burns, Pat Liles, Jarred Mercer, Joshua Merritt

Administrative Assistant Melba Siebel

Community Services Coordinator Tamra Collins Communications Specialist Erica Lee

Operations Coordinator Katreena Fairris

PUBLISHER To place an advertisement, please contact: Community Matters, Inc., PO Box 5900, Frisco, TX 75035

3001 S. Hardin Blvd., Suite 106 McKinney, TX 75070 (in the Tom Thumb shopping center next to Hallmark) (972) 472-2022 6

Ph: (972) 370-1778 website:

Stonebridge Ranch News is the only authorized publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc. It is published on behalf of residents for informational purposes only. The Association does not guarantee any work or claims made by advertisers herein and claims no responsibility or liability for statements made in the publication. The Association does not support or take responsibility for services, whether paid or volunteer, mentioned herein, nor for statements published in articles or letters herein which are not endorsed by group decision of the Board of Directors.

Communications Volunteers Seek to Inspire Community Pride As reported in the September issue of Stonebridge Ranch News, one of the Top 10 Reasons to Live in Stonebridge Ranch is the sense of the community pride. Numerous homeowners have reported they love to invite friends and family to visit them here. Others have shared that the human connection they feel is unparalleled—different from other communities they have lived in. When joining the official SRCA Facebook group, one resident recently noted: “Everyone is genuinely friendly and cares greatly for the community.” This sentiment is shared by the volunteer homeowners of the Communications Committee. This small group of neighbors wants to see our association succeed, and they do their part by working to keep everyone informed about “all things Stonebridge Ranch.” Their goal is to help you get the most benefit out of your membership in the Stonebridge Ranch Community

Association (SRCA), whether you consider your home a quiet sanctuary where you can retreat, or you prefer to plug in and take advantage of as many events and amenities as possible. They also want to help you understand the responsibilities of being a Stonebridge Ranch homeowner or resident, where we all must do our part to protect a premier way of living. To this end, the committee oversees the content of our official communication channels. (See the list on p. 20 in this issue for a description of each channel and how you can access it.) Thanks to their dedication, the number of channels has grown in the past year, ensuring that you can stay informed in the ways that suit you. The only thing these volunteers ask in return is your time and attention. Here, in their own words, the volunteers share what their committee work means to them—and their hopes for how it serves you.


| November 2020


If I could give my fellow homeowners one tip to get the most out of our SRCA communications channels, I’d say, “Relax and take a few minutes to read your Stonebridge Ranch News magazine when it comes in.” It’s a great way to get caught up on what is happening in our wonderful community!

Community pride flows from many sources, including human connection and the celebration of our shared story. Here, the live band from Stonebridge Ranch Day 2018 was happy to join in our community fun. They performed in t-shirts celebrating our milestone 30th anniversary.

AMANDA BATSON Amanda moved to Stonebridge Ranch in January 2015, joined the committee in November 2018, and now serves as the Board Liaison and interim Chair of the Committee. Connections among homeowners and residents provide the foundation for a vibrant, healthy community. With the five official SRCA channels, our homeowners have multiple options for connecting. During 2020, the Board approved the addition of broadcast text messages and a Facebook group. When added to our long-standing news magazine, recently updated website, and informative e-news blasts, our residents can connect via the channel(s) of their choice. I invite all Stonebridge Ranch homeowners and residents to connect, learn about all things Stonebridge, and extend the 32 year legacy of our premier planned community. CHUCK COLLINS Chuck moved to Stonebridge Ranch in March 2000 and joined the committee in January 2020. I enjoy serving on the committee because I believe our residents expect and deserve to be informed. We want everyone to be aware of the association’s operations to enhance our community, to keep property values strong, and to keep Stonebridge the beautiful, safe neighborhood they love living in. With the size and scope of Stonebridge Ranch, it’s essential that all residents have a chance to learn about key events taking place in our community. And while they are always important, the SRCA communications going out to our residents have been especially significant during the pandemic. The need for up-to-date information on the status of amenities and events has never been more critical.


MAUREEN DUDLEY Maureen moved to Stonebridge Ranch in March 2019 and joined the committee in April 2019. When I moved to Stonebridge Ranch, I knew immediately that I wanted to serve in some way. As a marketing consultant with a degree in communications, the Communications Committee was a natural fit. I’m a big proponent of tailoring our communications to you, our Stonebridge Ranch community. Along with the rest of the committee, I try to keep in mind the following questions: What do readers need to know? Why would they care? How would they like to find out? If I could give fellow homeowners one tip, I’d encourage them to learn more about all that goes on behind the scenes to make Stonebridge Ranch the premier community it is. Until recently, I never knew about the thousands of committee/ board volunteer hours, understood the work behind the scenes to provide 200+ annual events, or realized what a value our HOA dues are compared to surrounding communities. COURTNEY HUGGHINS Courtney moved to Stonebridge Ranch in May 2007 and joined the committee in 2012. She serves as Committee Secretary. There are a lot of things I like about volunteering for the SRCA. I like working with the Board of Directors and cooperating with other committees to help them share important news and updates with homeowners. In my work as a Realtor, I sometimes hear clients—who have never lived in an HOA—talk about HOAs in an


| November 2020


unsure or negative way. But through my volunteer work, I’ve seen that the oversight provided by an HOA helps create the positive reasons to live here. Here in Stonebridge Ranch, the property values are higher and it’s a very beautiful place to live because so many volunteers put in so much effort. If I could give one tip to my fellow homeowners, I’d encourage them to subscribe to more than one of our communication channels. This will help ensure they don’t miss important information. I’d also encourage them to try things and get involved. That’s how it started for me. When I moved here, I worked locally; I wanted to volunteer locally; and I wanted to know more about the HOA. So I joined the Communications Committee. I was surprised by all the work that goes on behind the scenes to create the lifestyle we take advantage of every day. MATT MILLER Matt moved to Stonebridge Ranch in July of this year and joined the committee in September. I’ve volunteered for other organizations before. Every other group has offered limited communication channels. They’ve said, “We are using this one way to communicate with you, and you have to use it if you want to stay informed.” In those groups, we missed huge chunks of our audience. When I joined the SRCA Communications Committee, I was


impressed by the commitment to provide information through multiple streams so we can reach a wider audience. I volunteered for a different HOA before I moved here, where it was still under developer control. I love that we are a mature community under homeowner control. For the volunteers I’ve met here, it’s a passion project—not a job— because we actually live here. We have way more ownership. When I moved here, I really wanted to get involved at a local level and make a positive impact on my community. Maybe it’s because of everything that has happened in 2020. Wherever I can help, I’m happy to do that. ALLISON PITTS Allison moved to Stonebridge Ranch in September 2018 and joined the committee in January 2019. 2020 has been a big year for communications in Stonebridge Ranch. We added two new communication channels: broadcast texts and the new Facebook group. I love that we can provide these channels to benefit homeowners— especially because the cost is very low to our association. I think it’s important that people can choose how they want to stay informed. Even the signs we place at medians before events are important. Because of my committee work, I’m well aware of what’s going on here. But, we all get busy.

Even I forgot about Stonebridge Ranch Day in September! I saw one of our signs on a corner, and that reminded me. We all have to do our part to stay informed, whether it’s reading a sign while we’re stopped at the corner, or visiting the website, or signing up for E-News blasts. 2020 was also a big year for us because of COVID-19. Homeowners may not realize how quickly we pivoted and started to conduct committee work via Zoom meetings. We did not stop work in a single month, and none of our communications stopped. This is true of all the committees. Regardless of what was going on, we kept serving. I’ve lived in a smaller HOA before, and it just couldn’t compete in terms of resources for communications. I’ve never lived where there was a magazine to provide personal stories to connect neighbors and build a sense of community. But we work to be very smart with our money. Even the magazine is cost-efficient. We publish and mail it at no cost thanks to advertising. ARE YOU INTERESTED? If you are a homeowner and are looking for a way to serve your community, joining an SRCA committee could be the perfect fit. And if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to serve on our elected Board of Directors, we encourage you to start with committee work first.

Volunteering with your fellow homeowners provides an insider’s view into the daily operations of the SRCA and the scope of volunteer responsibilities. We currently have room for two more volunteers on the Communications Committee and one volunteer on the Modifications Committee. To learn more about each committee and to download the Volunteer Application, visit and head to the webpages linked under the top dropdown menu “Who We Are > Committees”. ◀

Over the years, countless residents have formed lasting family memories at our annual Stonebridge Ranch Day celebrations. Keeping residents informed about our social calendar is just one of the many valuable services provided by our Communications volunteers.

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CURBSIDE PICKUP MCKINNEY: 6091 W. university Dr., Ste. 106 PROSPER: 2111 E. University Dr., Ste. 40 ALLEN: 975 Highway 121, ste. 175 STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| November 2020


Board Approves Updates to Enforcement Policy & Mod Design Guidelines Paying attention to detail and creating positive visual impact are two of the most important community values of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). Our aim is to keep your property values high. The potential asking price for every home goes up when we keep our surroundings neat and tidy. Many of us—staff and homeowners alike—work diligently to keep our common areas and yards wellmaintained. Because the residential lots in Stonebridge Ranch are in close proximity, the choices we all make can impact our neighbors. When even one yard features an eyesore, non-standard home improvement, or unkempt area, an entire street can be affected, whether by bringing property values down or causing frustration among neighbors. Our professional compliance staff inspect every village in Stonebridge Ranch on a rotating schedule, approximately every two weeks, to identify such issues. When they do, they communicate privately with each homeowner. This process helps educate residents regarding the exterior upkeep requirements outlined in our governing documents. As a last resort, if a homeowner does not respond to SRCA communications and/or does not rectify an issue, the

All our homeowners share the task of keeping Stonebridge Ranch looking beautiful and tidy. We thank every resident who prioritizes exterior maintenance.


SRCA may assess fines to a homeowner’s account. As an association, in support of fairness and professionalism, we follow a standard communication and fining process for all homeowners. This process is outlined in our Covenant Enforcement & Fining (CEF) Policy, which is written in accordance with state law, approved by the SRCA Board of Directors, recorded with Collin County, and publicized via our website at Recently the Board voted to update this policy to include a new category: Priority Violations. With their in-depth knowledge of SRCA design standards—as well as the types of neighbor complaints staff receive at the office—the Board has determined that this type of violation warrants prompt attention. Under the previous version of the policy, these types of issues could take months to rectify. The timeline depends on how quickly a homeowner chooses to respond to communications before the fining process begins. For many neighbors and volunteers working so hard to keep our community looking beautiful, the longer the timeline, the greater potential for frustration. In some cases, we have even received complaints from homeowners in the process of selling their homes, who have identified neighboring issues impacting the sale for which there is no prompt fix. In the updated version of the CEF Policy, Priority Violations include (but are not limited to): inoperable vehicles; portable toilets not screened from view; piles of trash debris; deviations from approved construction plans; etc. You can read the entire list and updated policy at (Go to the dropdown tab “Who We Are > Governing Documents > Association Policies.” Alternatively, you can use the search function in the top right corner of every webpage to locate the policy by name.) Importantly, please note: > Priority Violations must be cured within 40 days of first communication or daily fining will begin.


| November 2020


> > > >

For any Priority Violation, the SRCA will mail a postcard to the mailing address we have on file. This postcard will ask the homeowner to rectify the issue within ten (10) days. If the violation is not corrected, the SRCA will mail a Letter to Cure, informing the homeowner they have 30 days to correct the issue. If the issue is not corrected in that time, the SRCA will begin to assess a daily fine to the account until it is corrected. The daily fine amount will be $10—$200 depending on the specific issue. The communication and fining process for all other types of violations will remain the same as outlined in the policy.

RESPONSE Upon learning of this update, several homeowners have expressed their wholehearted support. Said one: “YES!! YES!! YES!! We’ve been Stonebridge homeowners since 1991. [We] love it here and want to stay here longer. Please keep it fabulous!” Another noted, “Dear SRCA: You have my complete support.

Thank you for doing this. It’s unfortunate in my neighborhood when I can spot a number of violations.” If you have questions related to this policy change, please contact the staff at the onsite office. They are available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may contact them via phone at 214.733.5800, email at, or via the “Submit a Question” form linked under the top dropdown menu “Contact Us” at the website. YOUR PRIVATE ONLINE ACCOUNT The SRCA communication process is not limited to mailing notices. Before sending a postcard or letter, staff note violations to a homeowner’s private online account. Our professional management company, CMA, provides the website for these accounts at (All other public info related to our association is posted to www. Registering for a private account and providing the correct mailing address, phone number, and email address are important steps for every homeowner to take. This ensures the SRCA can communicate with you in a timely manner. It also provides a way for homeowners to monitor their own accounts in real time, 24-7, if they so wish. If you have not already, please register for an account today. We have posted instructions at www. If you need help, please call CMA’s corporate Customer Care team. They are available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may contact them at 972.943.2828 or POLYCARBONATE ROOFING Please note that the Board of Directors has also approved an update to the SRCA Modif ication Design Guidelines. This document provides design standards for exterior home improvements and now includes guidance regarding polycarbonate roofing materials for detached accessory structures such as patios and arbors. To locate this update, head to the “Modification Design Guidelines” webpage under the top dropdown tab “Home Improvements” and click on the red button to see the PDF. The Accessory Structures guideline begins on page 10. You can find specifics related to polycarbonate materials on page 12. ◀


Sept. 28, 2020 Due to the shutdowns related to COVID-19, we rescheduled a July wine tasting event to September. We offered the limited slots to the original registrants. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We thank the attendees for following health protocols so we could host a delicious and safe gathering!

Curb Appeal Corner

When we notify a homeowner regarding a curb appeal issue on their property, our compliance staff follow a standard process of communication using mailed notices. Following a standard process is required by Texas state law, and it ensures that we treat each situation fairly and professionally. With a community of our size, following a single process also helps us communicate in a way that is economical and efficient. When individuals purchase a residential property here, they automatically become homeowners and members of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). As such, they are ultimately responsible for upholding the design guidelines and maintenance standards outlined in our governing documents. We employ professional staff to support every homeowner who has questions or needs clarification in this area. Please—if you ever receive a compliance notice and feel confusion about its meaning or the timeline required for rectifying the issue—contact our staff as soon as possible!

Action is required.

It’s not personal.

If you receive a postcard or letter from the SRCA, please do not ignore it. Ignoring an issue does not make it go away. Depending on the situation, your best course of action may be to contact our staff first, so you fully understand what is required, how to correct it, and how to make sure the violation is cleared off your account.

Our compliance staff follow designated routes when they make inspections. They do not live in Stonebridge Ranch or know our homeowners personally. They do not author the guidelines our homeowners are required to follow. Instead, we employ them to help us all keep our community looking top-notch. They are a resource; please communicate with them!


Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM


| November 2020





| November 2020


We’ve Got a Plan - We Hope You Do, Too In 2015, the Board of Directors of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) authored the first draft of a guideline to direct our association’s operational response in the event of a disaster or emergency. The Board and committee volunteers annually review the plan to update it as needed. The events of 2020 have taught us that natural events such as hailstorms or tornadoes aren’t the only major disturbances we might face. Public health crises can impact us, too! Read ahead for key take-aways from our plan. If we all prepare for disasters together, we have a much better chance of recovering quickly and efficiently. COMMUNICATION IS KEY When outside forces impact our residents, our most important ally is communication. We maintain multiple communication channels so that we have a better chance of alerting homeowners when the need is urgent. In the event of a crisis, we’ll use whichever channels are available and appropriate. Please note that many of these channels require voluntary subscription or opt-in; others simply require your attention. We hope you’ll familiarize yourself with these channels now, before disaster strikes! View the list on page 20 of this issue for complete details. We also ask all SRCA homeowners to: > Register for a private online account with our man agement company at > Provide a current mailing address, phone number, and email address in that account.

These include: > Alerting homeowners as soon as possible via official SRCA channels that a Declaration has been issued. > Providing an expedited response time for all storm-related Modification Applications. Because our association’s aim is to protect our shared property values, the expedited service provided by the volunteers of the Modifications Committee is crucial. We cannot thank them enough for their unpaid time in service to their community. Once the Board President issues a Declaration, the volunteers kick their review times into high gear to ensure major expenditures by their neighbors (such as new roof installations or construction on large fencing sections) meet our current Modif ication Design Guidelines. The aftermath of the major storms in 2017 provide a great example of their dedication. In 2016, the committee reviewed 1,684 Modification Applications. Within 38 days in 2017, the task force had reviewed 854 storm-related applications—51% of the number for the entire previous year—with more to follow! These processes will be in place should we face a similar situation in the future. SRCA COMMON PROPERTY In the aftermath of a disaster, the SRCA focus will be the maintenance of our shared assets, such as our landscaping, amenities, and mature tree canopy. One of the most important aspects of our emergency planning is that we have designated three SRCA Emergency Response Teams (SERTs). These teams will review common SRCA assets and make recommendations for recovery. With standardized reporting, we will be able to recover more efficiently by identifying high, medium, and low priority repairs in our common areas.

For account registration instructions, please visit


DISASTER DECLARATIONS In 2017, severe thunderstorms caused property damage across Stonebridge Ranch. Within 24 hours, the Board of Directors had assessed the situation, and the Board President had issued a Disaster Declaration. Such a declaration puts into motion a series of processes to aid homeowners as they work to return their property to safe and premier standards.

Are you ready for the 2021 hail season? If not, now is a good time to make preparations. In Texas, we can expect two to three hail days per year. They typically occur between the months of March and May.


| November 2020



ARE YOU PREPARED? To help residents prepare their own households, the Communications Committee has authored a brochure with helpful tips. See p. 19 of this issue. The brochure is printed front-to-back on a single page so you can cut it out and keep it for reference. Read ahead for tips regarding specific issues which could impact our community. ELECTRICAL OUTAGES Prep for power outages by placing flashlights and extra batteries in designated locations throughout your home. Be sure each household member is aware of these locations. The American Red Cross (ARC) recommends using only flashlights during outages, not candles. During an outage, take extra care when traveling by car, as widespread events affect traffic lights and can cause unsafe driving conditions. If you use a generator, be sure you understand carbon dioxide risks and know how to use the generator properly. Turn off and disconnect appliances and sensitive electronics. When power comes back on, surges can damage equipment. (Leave a single light “on” so you’ll know when power is restored.) After the outage is over, the ARC recommends: “Throw away any food (particularly meat, poultry, fish, eggs and leftovers) that has been exposed to temperatures higher than 40° F (4° C) for 2 hours or more, or that has an unusual odor, color or texture. When in doubt, throw it out!” WIND DAMAGE TO TREES Do what you can to ensure your safety before high winds cause damage to trees in your yard. To maintain their strength and resist breakage, trees need routine care, including watering, fertilizing, mulching, and pruning.

Program Snapshot Belts • Pathways Pace • iSports

Consider consulting a certified arborist to assess your trees and help you avoid hazardous tree damage. If you do experience tree damage during a severe storm, your safety and that of your neighbors is key. Please take great care when removing debris. For anything other than minor clean-up, you may need to rely on professional help for pruning and/or tree removal. Please note that each village in Stonebridge Ranch has minimum requirements regarding landscaping. If you must remove a damaged tree and have questions about these requirements, please contact the association as soon as possible. We’ll connect you to a staff member who can answer your questions and direct you to the approved tree list. HAIL OR WIND DAMAGE TO ROOFS OR FENCING Well-maintained roofing and fencing are less susceptible to damage from minor hail and wind than roofing or fencing which is falling into disrepair. The upkeep of your property not only contributes to the premier look and feel of our community, but it can help prevent unnecessary damage. If a severe storm damages your roofing or fencing, protecting the health of your family and the rest of your property is certainly the first priority. In some cases, you may need to erect temporary fencing, etc. to ensure such protection. If your roof or fence is damaged by hail or high winds, stay tuned to SRCA communication channels to ensure you are aware of any Disaster Declarations issued. Our staff can help explain the process if you need to submit a Modification Application. They can also make notes on your account regarding upcoming construction, help you understand requirements, and direct you to any forms or documents you may need. SRCA staff are trained and ready to offer you the support you need—please reach out to them! ◀


We Host Game Night Field Trips Discovery Days Birthday Parties

Campus Located in Stonebridge Ranch

iCode McKinney | 469.712.7500 |

Shipping • Packaging • Mailbox Rental • Banners Notary • Passport Renewals • Printing • Faxing

214-592-0855 6710 Virginia Pkwy., Suite 215 • McKinney, TX 75071 STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| November 2020


Cartoon Ranch

Full Service Package

ONLY $695! $895 for 2 Story Homes This pricing includes:




Color choices include: Warm White or Red Additional fee applies for multi-color or other colors

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us: Tips for Decorating

As the winter holiday season approaches, the staff of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) decorate the area around the office at 6201 Virginia Parkway. The decorations include the giant tree we light at a community-wide celebration the first Thursday of each December. For maximum visual impact, the staff also festoon the community entrances with the most traffic flow. These include 6201 Virginia Parkway, Virginia Parkway & Ridge Road, Stonebridge Drive & Custer Road, Stonebridge Drive and Highway 380, and several along El Dorado Parkway. As you drive through Stonebridge Ranch in the coming days, you may notice decorations at the entrances to many different villages. Such adornments are displayed and stored throughout the year by homeowners in those villages. They serve as a reminder of the good-will cheer and volunteer spirit that exist in our community.

Did you know? Each holiday season, our staff decorate our main entrances and key meeting areas such as the Beach & Tennis Club. The other decorations you see at village entrances are maintained by individual homeowners.


| November 2020


Dear Friends and Neighbors, Twenty years ago JR & I started Ben Franklin Plumbing. We want to celebrate our 20th Anniversary by giving back to the friends that have supported us over the years. We know YOU are the HEROES in our community. You work hard to provide for your families, help with homework, drive the carpool, coach the sports teams & support the many charities in McKinney. When plumbing problems appear you just want someone you can trust to get in quick, fix the problem and restore your family back to normal. A company that will protect your family and your investment.

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CALL (940) 468-1776 and ask for the STONEBRIDGE BSA!* *Offer for current Stonebridge Ranch Residents only.


If you’d like to decorate your own village entrance, a few tips: > You might have fun and meet new people by inviting your neighbors to share lights or help your decoration efforts. > December holiday items may be displayed at village entrances no earlier than November 1st. > We ask that you remove these items at your earliest convenience within the month following the holiday. > When you remove the decorations and lights, please also remove the hardware so it does not weather and impact the masonry. > Use only rust-resistant hardware. > Our maintenance crews regularly survey all entrances to ensure the existing electrical outlets are working and can support holiday lights. Please contact staff at the onsite office if you find a broken connection. Staff are available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may contact them via phone at 214.733.5800, email at srca@cmamanagement. com, or via the “Report an Issue” web form. (The web form is linked at under the top dropdown menu “Contact Us.”) Decorating Your Own Home Do you love to decorate your own property for the fall/ winter holidays? Here are a few reminders regarding SRCA guidelines for your home. > Seasonal/holiday lighting or decorations may be displayed one month prior to the holiday. > Decorations must be removed no later than one month after the date of the holiday being celebrated. > We have one exception to the one-month before rule: December holiday lighting may be displayed commencing November 1st of each year. > Holiday lighting and decorations must be appropriate for the holiday being celebrated. These guidelines are noted in the Stonebridge Ranch Design Guidelines & Review Procedures for Residential Modif ications (commonly referred to as our “Modification Design Guidelines”). This document can be found at under the top dropdown tab “Home Improvements.” We wish you and your families many happy holiday celebrations in the coming months! ◀

Caring for your little one like our own!

We are open on Saturdays Same-day Appointments Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm Sat: 8:00am - 12:00pm Sun: Closed


(972) 215-7320

1860 S. Independence Pkwy., Ste. 100 | McKinney, TX 75070

Dr. Prasanthy Chinnareddy, M.D. STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| November 2020


November 2020

Social Scene

Helping North Texans Age With Dignity Since 1934 VNA Hospice Care • Focus is on quality of life and comfort • Symptom management experts • Patient and family-centered care approach • A comprehensive clinical team dedicated to meeting the goals of the patient and family VNA Care Choices • Comprehensive palliative care program dedicated to patient-centered goals • Symptom management expertise with compassionate in-home nursing visits • Patients can continue to consult with physicians and seek treatment • Assistance navigating the medical system

To schedule your free in-home informational visit, please call Sarah at (214) 535-2615 or email

DISCLAIMER: Due to print lead times, all the events listed in this issue are subject to change or cancellation. Prior to attending any event hosted by the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA), please check the online calendar at https:// to confirm event times and read complete event details. Event attendees assume all risks related to COVID-19. The SRCA does not insure attendees’ safety or offer any warranty in relation to COVID-19. On the date of each event listed on our calendar, if face mask coverings and social distancing of six feet (6’) are recommended by state and health authorities, we will recommend (but not require) such measures for the safety of all. Please bring a face mask to wear when you cannot socially distance at least 6’ feet or if you want to enter an indoor space (including to use the restroom). We also ask residents to make decisions in the best interest of your household members as well as neighbors. Please do not attend an SRCA event if you feel unwell or have a fever, if you have an underlying health condition which puts you at risk, or if you have been in known contact with someone who has an active case of COVID-19.


Saturday, Nov. 7 10 a.m. to Noon, Beach & Tennis Club 6201 Virginia Parkway Kids love big trucks! We hope you’ll bring your whole family to the tennis court parking lot to see a variety of cool vehicles, such as a fire truck, bucket truck, dump truck, and more. You’ll get to meet the people who drive them, too. Children will be given a sticker to “tag” the bumper of their favorite vehicle. In 2019, the Fire Academy’s rehab truck received the most tags and took home the winning trophy, but the police car was a close second by only a few tags. Who will win this year?




Residents can also participate in a free raffle drawing for remote-control car prizes! A D.J. will play family-friendly music. Even though this is an outdoor event, we encourage attendees to wear face masks and socially distance at least 6’ feet between household groups. Children will not be permitted to climb on the vehicles. Cones will be used to keep the children a safe distance from the volunteers.

Book Club

Monday, Nov. 9 7 to 8 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway

QUALITY OF LIFE - Injections and Nerve Blocks - Advanced Spine and Joint Interventions - Integrated Approaches With Physical Therapy - Regenerative Medicine - Most Insurance Plans Accepted CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!


Douglas Maxey, MD

Board Certified Anesthesiologist Board Certified Pain Management Specialist

3725 S. Lake Forest Dr. #114 | McKinney, TX 75070


At this month’s meeting, we’ll casually discuss The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin. This charming story—set in a neighborhood book store with a curmudgeonly proprietor—offers surprising twists and turns as characters in this sleepy town navigate life filled with humor, romance and a touch of suspense. Sit-ins are always welcome to Book Club, even if you haven’t read our selection. This event will be hosted at the Community Room + online via Zoom. If you wish to join via Zoom, please email Dave Wiest at dwiest@ We recommend wearing face masks when entering and moving about the building. However, we do not require you to wear them while you are socially distanced at least 6’ apart while seated.

Travel Club

Monday, Nov. 10 9 to 10 a.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| November 2020


Travel Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This is the perfect group for residents who are curious and enjoy experiencing new things. The members explore together, dine together, and even cruise together. They usually take a monthly field trip to a location nearby in the DFW area. Non-resident guests are welcome to attend. We recommend wearing face masks when entering and moving about the Community Room. However, we do not require you to wear them while you are socially distanced at least 6’ apart while seated.

Evening & Morning Bingo Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway

Adult Stonebridge Ranch residents (age 21+) are welcome to join us for a free session of Bingo! Players compete for $5 gift cards while snacking


on prepackaged refreshments. Due to limited room capacity, we do not permit non-resident guests to join, and residents may attend only one bingo session per month. We recommend wearing face masks when entering and moving about the building. However, we do not require you to wear them while you are seated at your table playing Bingo. To maintain social distancing, a max of 15 residents may sign up for each session. We also require a 12-person minimum. If we do not receive at least 12 registrations 48 hours before each session, we will cancel it and notify the registrants.

Evening Bingo

Tuesday, Nov. 10 & Wednesday, Nov. 18 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

For Tuesday evening, RSVP online at For Wednesday evening, RSVP online at

Morning Bingo Thursday, Nov. 19 10 a.m. to Noon

For Thursday morning, RSVP online at

Adult Big Bass Tournament

Saturday, Nov. 21 8:30 a.m. to Noon, Stonebridge Lake 6201 Virginia Parkway

Fishing is the perfect social distancing activity! Adult Stonebridge Ranch residents (age 18+) are welcome to enter this tournament. To join, you must show a valid form of Stonebridge Ranch ID ( stonebridge-ranch-ids/). The entry fee is $10 per person and must be paid in cash the morning of the event. The first-place winner will walk away with 100% of the entry fees. (In the case of a tie, prize money will be equally split.)

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Beach & Tennis Club. Casting begins at 9 a.m. Spectators of all ages are welcome, but only residents age 18+ may fish. After check-in, registrants may proceed to any part of Stonebridge Lake, but they may not pass through the Beach Club gates or cross private property. RULES: Participants may fish from the bank only; wading, tubes and boats are not permitted. Participants may carry several rods, but they may fish with only one at a time. We permit only artificial bait. The biggest bass will be determined by length, not weight. The fish will be measured with the jaw closed and the tail pinched to obtain maximum overall length. Final judging will be held at noon. Fish may be brought to the judges’ table to be measured at any time during tournament hours. Fish must be brought in alive and breathing. They will be returned to the lake after weigh-in. Participants will be given a stringer and weigh-in bag and should bring their ONE biggest fish to the weigh-in. All contestants who are not in line by noon to weigh their entries will be disqualified. The tournament judge will give all participants the official time the morning of the event.


| November 2020


Coffee, Cars & Cycles Saturday, Nov. 21 8:30 to 10 a.m., Circle Drive 6201 Virginia Parkway

Residents are welcome to park their classic or fancy cars in the circle drive. We love to see motorcycles and choppers, too. You are welcome regardless of the vehicle you drive! Feel free to stop by while on your morning walk or bike ride. This is a relaxed come-and-go event for residents only. We encourage you to bring a face mask to wear when you cannot socially distance at least 6’ feet or if you want to enter the Community Room to pick up a snack or use the restroom. We will provide coffee and individually wrapped burritos and sweet treats until supplies run out. We will not be hosting the Book, CD & DVD Exchange. NEW TO STONEBRIDGE? If you are new to Stonebridge Ranch or are looking for ways to get involved in our association, this event is for you! Look for our Social Committee volunteers. They will be wearing name tags and would love to answer any questions you have about our community.

Tree Lighting Ceremony Thursday, December 3 5 to 8 p.m., Circle Drive 6201 Virginia Parkway

We hope to host our beloved annual Tree Lighting Ceremony this year. Our plans include safe photos with Santa—social distancing protocols will be in place. Stay tuned to our digital communication channels for more details. These include the online event calendar at, broadcast texts for homeowners, our public SRCA E-News blasts, and the new official SRCA Facebook group. You can find more information about each channel (including subscription/opt-in instructions) at


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Stonebridge Ranch News November 2020  

Stonebridge Ranch News November 2020  

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