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February 2019


Vol. 7, Issue 2

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February 2019

Vol. 7 Issue 2

STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS The official publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc.


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Annual Meeting March 7, 2019

Vote online in Board election if you can’t attend in person

February 2019


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Copyright Š 2019. All rights reserved. Published by Community Matters, Inc., this magazine is produced at no cost to the Association and is mailed monthly to all Stonebridge Ranch residences free of charge.



Cover Photo by Erica Lee

Reserve study and strategic thinking keep the SRCA financially sound

Join us next month for the SRCA Kite & Chalk Art Festival on Saturday, March 16. This annual event is one of our favorites! Kite-flying is a perfect activity for residents young and

old to enjoy together.

F ROM T HE P RESIDENT In this month’s issue, you will find information about our Annual meeting scheduled for 6:30 PM March 7, 2019 at Crossroads Church. We will be electing three Board members at this year’s annual meeting. Candidate bios and questionnaires will be in the March issue. This issue of our monthly magazine will include articles about our upcoming annual meeting and the reserve fund. Board Meeting The Board meeting of December 13, 2018 was called to order at 1:00 PM. All Board members were present. The meeting began with a Homeowners Open Forum. Two homeowners appeared. One discussed his concern about the traffic light scheduled to be installed at Ridge Road and Habersham. This is a city project and the HOA is not involved in this project. The other homeowner discussed his concern about parking on the streets. Except for gated communities, the streets are public streets and our HOA has no control over the parking. The next item of business was to ratify the minutes of the previous Board meeting and all decisions made since the last Board meeting. We also appointed Neelam Kacker, Phil Bowen, and Nicholas Pitts to the Modifications Committee. Thanks to those three for volunteering for this important Committee. Old Business We reviewed several proposals for the dredging of Winter Haven pond and requested more detailed information from the bidders on this project. In our continuing review and updating of Board Guidelines and Policies, we reviewed the guidelines for Usage of the Board room for events, inclement weather for social events, and Community Room usage and fees. We updated the Board on the latest information on the TxDOT 380 widening project. There is no new news to report.

to use them, as needed, for events. New homeowners and tenants with a 2019 Transfer of Privileges form will get one card per household, and homeowners or tenants with a current Transfer of Privileges can purchase additional cards for $10 each with no limit. We approved a policy for common area use by non-residents and organizations outlining the conditions for obtaining approval to use our common areas. This was as a result of the city decision that any Triathlons will only be permitted in certain areas, including Stonebridge Ranch. We also updated our design guidelines to add additional information about carports (not permitted) and placement of solar panels. Executive Session We reviewed and approved the monthly foreclosure report and the Appeals Committee report. We also reviewed and accepted reports from the Collections Committee, the Projects report, and the Violations report. We also reviewed the status of several legal issues. Association Reports Board Liaisons presented updates on committee activities reflected in Committee minutes available on our website, www.stonebridgeranch.com. The Director of Operations updated the Board regarding the new landscape company, Landscape Partners, starting January 1, 2019, the possibility of a new annexed property, candidate timelines, and website analytics. The meeting adjourned at 4:44 PM. Jon Dell’Antonia President, Board of Directors

New Business We reviewed the projected end of the year financial statements and approved moving any operating surplus to a Special Projects fund. We also reviewed the 2018 Reserve & Replacement fund report, and a draft of the 2019 Reserve & Replacement budget. We discussed what to do with the remaining 2019 savings cards and decided to allow the Social Committee STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS February 2019


February 2019

Vol. 7 Issue 2


Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ph: (214) 733-5800 Fax: (214) 778-0595 website: www.stonebridgeranch.com Courtesy Patrol: (214) 794-4945

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE Jon Dell’Antonia, Erica Lee, Cheryl Unnone, Dave Wiest

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Jon Dell’Antonia

Vice President Michael Yon Secretary Jim Norton

Treasurer Norm Counts

Director Donald Hanson

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Director Kristen Vartian

Director Sam Castleberry


Professional management by

RTI/Community Management Associates Inc. (CMA)

Director of Operations Greg Herbst

Maintenance Supervisor Michael Cawley

Landscape & Grounds Manager Brock Whetstone Lifestyle Director David Wiest

Executive Assistant Rony Peterson


Maintenance Assistant Jeff Torres

Compliance Supervisor Kelli Koehler

Compliance Coordinators Gwen Burns, Randy Cain, Pat Liles, Jarred Mercer

Administrative Assistant Melba Siebel

Community Services Coordinator Tamra Collins Communications Coordinator Erica Lee

Operations Support Representative Allison Bedgood


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Ph: (972) 370-1778

website: www.communitymattersinc.com

Stonebridge Ranch News is the only authorized publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc. It is published on behalf of residents for informational purposes only. The Association does not guarantee any work or claims made by advertisers herein and claims no responsibility or liability for statements made in the publication. The Association does not support or take responsibility for services, whether paid or volunteer, mentioned herein, nor for statements published in articles or letters herein which are not endorsed by group decision of the Board of Directors.

It’s Election Time: Vote for Board Members Next Month Have you ever read Article II of the Sixth Amended and Restated Bylaws of Stonebridge Ranch Community Association? This important section outlines the procedures the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) must follow in regards to membership, annual meetings, achieving a quorum, voting and proxies. If you’ve never reviewed the Bylaws, the lead-up to the Annual Meeting is the perfect time to view the PDF at www.stonebridgeranch.com. Article II runs less than 2 pages, so it’s a quick read! The Capstone Event Of all the events hosted by the association each year, the Annual Meeting is perhaps the most crucial. Not only is it a legal proceeding required by our own Bylaws, but aspects of the meeting, such as the

achieving of a quorum, are even guided by Texas State Law (see the Texas State Property Code, Title 11, Chapter 209). Further, this is the time when our membership votes for its Board members. To ensure an orderly turnover, annually the SRCA votes for either two or three of the seven volunteer Directors. This year, our property owners will be voting for three seats. An important reminder about the meeting: its success is determined by homeowner participation. The meeting isn’t “just for show.” In fact, it can commence only if a minimum number of homeowners—a quorum—actively participate, either in person or by voting in absentee. This requirement is outlined in Section 2:10 of the SRCA bylaws, which specifies a quorum as: “the presence in person or by proxy of members representing at least ten percent (10 %) of the total votes in the association.”



What If I Can’t Attend? This year, the Annual Meeting will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 7 at Crosspoint Church (2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.). If you can’t attend the meeting in person, not to worry: you can still participate by casting your vote in the election. Each year, we achieve the required quorum with the help of nonattendant voters who participate either by online, absentee or proxy ballot. To further aid those who can’t attend in person, we will post the Annual Meeting presentation online at www.stonebridgeranch.com following the event. This allows property owners in Stonebridge Ranch to review the meeting’s proceedings at their leisure. Why Is A Quorum So Important? This is a fact we report each year: if we don’t achieve a quorum, the Annual Meeting will need to be reconvened at a later date. Postponement causes an unnecessary waste of collected assessments. Why? The Board of Directors and management staff work very hard to ensure that the Annual Meeting goes off without a hitch every year. Like any large-scale event, it

requires planning, staffing, and funding, as well as the signing of contracts. Venue rental and vote tabulation software are part of the annual cost. If the members of the SRCA do not meet quorum requirements and must reconvene the annual meeting at a different time, the projected cost to homeowners would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. It is imperative that our members help us achieve a quorum on March 7 so that allocated 2019 funds will not go to waste. What Information Is Provided at the Meeting? Following the election of three new board members at the annual meeting, the Board will present a “state of the association� address. As a team, our Directors will discuss 2018 achievements in every area from landscape and grounds upkeep to communications. They will also look ahead to the opportunities and challenges facing the association in the future. You can expect to hear about progress we’ve made through the Strategic Plan, which the Board first developed and adopted in 2013, as well as how the Plan goals and objectives have evolved since last year’s meeting. (Again, if you can’t attend, you’ll find this info in the

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posted presentation following the meeting.) Thank You for Your Participation! The meeting provides a unique opportunity for you to cooperate with the association. But there are actually countless opportunities for residents of Stonebridge Ranch to contribute to the health of this community. Each time you respond to a resident survey, read an article in this magazine, attend a social event, or contact the SRCA staff with a question, you are contributing to our collective success. The annual meeting is simply a capstone event for participation, whether you vote online, by proxy or absentee ballot, or whether you can attend in person. While we truly hope to see you at the annual meeting, if you can’t attend, we do hope you’ll cast a vote in the election and then review the Board’s presentation via the website at your convenience! ◀



Stay Informed: Your Annual Meeting Document Checklist Our 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 7 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Crosspoint Church (2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.) To help our members prepare for this important gathering, the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) makes a number of documents available to property owners. Please review this checklist so you can be on the lookout for the necessary info. General Info o Annual Meeting Notice. The notice provides the crucial meeting details and is the only Annual Meeting document provided via mail rather than online.* Your unique registration code to vote online in the Board election is included in this mailed notice. Please remember: online voters help us achieve a quorum each year, so this notice



is especially important o Board Candidate Bios. Along with the rest of the documents listed below, the bios will be made available at www.stonebridgeranch.com as of February 1 on the webpage titled “2019 Board Election”. (You can quickly access this page by typing the title in the Search bar at the top of any page at www.stonebridgeranch.com.) Please read the bios to learn more about each candidate’s philosophy and qualifications. We will also print all candidate bios in next month’s March issue of Stonebridge Ranch News. o Board Roles. This document provides a description of each of the board positions. At their first Board meeting after the annual election, the Directors will vote amongst themselves to determine which member will fill

each role, dependent on their qualifications and desire. Voting Forms o Proxy Form. Use this form to assign your vote in the Board election to another homeowner who plans to attend the Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 7 in person. o Absentee Ballot. If you can’t attend the meeting but you don’t want to vote online or via a proxy, use this form to cast your vote before the Annual Meeting. (See p. 12 in this issue for mailing instructions.) o Online Vote. Visit the website www.stonebridgeranch.com to vote online between Monday, February 4 and Monday, March 4 at 5 p.m. CST. Board of Directors Q & A o Questions and Answers Form. Do you have a question for the members of the Board of Directors? If so, use this form to submit your query. Please Update your Association Account! Informing homeowners about the upcoming Annual Meeting reminds us of the vital role homeowners play in the communication process. If you have not done so already, please go to www.stonebridgeranch.com and click on “Homeowner Account Login”. This link is available at the top of each webpage; it redirects you to the website for our professional management company, CMA. On CMA’s site, you can create your own private SRCA online account.

Within your online profile, you can update your mailing address and email address so that you are sure to receive all appropriate SRCA notices related to your property.† Note: if you do not provide us with a different mailing address, we mail your Annual Meeting Notice to the address of your property in Stonebridge Ranch. If you do not live at the property, this can obviously cause delays in your receipt of the Notice. (If you have questions about your online account or how to register for one, please call CMA’s Customer Care line at 972.943.2828.) Importantly, please note: the email list related to residents’ private online accounts is kept separate from our general, bi-weekly association email list and is used no more than a few times a year for sending the most important association updates. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep your email address updated in your online account. Our general, bi-weekly emails contain info related to association business as well as public interest: we use them to keep residents informed about upcoming events and important community updates. To opt in to the general, bi-weekly list—which is sent through Constant Contact, not via your private online account—sign up using the “Stay Connected” form which is located at the bottom right of every page at www.stonebridgeranch.com.‡ ◀ *In previous years, the association included candidate

bios and all voting form types in each mailed Annual

Meeting Notice. Since each member uses only one type

of voting format (and many members are now using the

online voting option), this practice led to paper waste and

the unnecessary use of association funds. This is the

second that year the SRCA is providing all documents

(except the mailed Annual Meeting Notice) via the website

at www.stonebridgeranch.com. Please call the office at

214.733.5800 if you have any questions about the online

documents. Operating hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


†We follow best practices and do not use your mailing

or email address for any purpose other than association

business. We do not provide this information to third


‡As with the mailing and email address info in your private

account, we do not use the Constant Contact list for any

other purpose than sharing up-to-date association-related

info. We do not share the list with any third parties. You can

opt out at any time by clicking the “Safe Unsubscribe” link

which is provided at the bottom of every blast.



A Quorum Made Easy: Voting Questions Answered In order to conduct the 2019 election of members to the Board of Directors, we need a quorum of 10% of members in the Association. Each lot is permitted one vote in the election. You can help us meet the quorum requirement by voting in person at the Annual Meeting (see p. 7 in this issue), or by voting in one of three absentee ways. Read on for answers to the most common voting questions.

How do I find out more about the candidates running for the Board?

To establish their candidacy to the Board of Directors, interested homeowners submitted the 2019 Candidate for Board of Directors Questionaire.* This form allows each applicant to share his or her qualifications for serving as a SCRA Director. The candidates’ questionnaires are made available to their fellow homeowners in the March issue of the Stonebridge Ranch News and on the association website, www.stonebridgeranch.com, beginning on February 1.

How do I cast my vote if I cannot attend the meeting on March 7?

Choose from online, absentee ballot, or proxy form options. Online voting is super easy and allows you to participate without leaving the comfort of your home! It will be available on www.stonebridgranch.com from Monday, February 4 until Monday, March 4 at 5 p.m. CST. If you choose this option, you’ll simply visit our website and click the “Vote Online Now” link on the homepage. From there, you’ll fill in a short form



and cast your vote. Importantly, note that you’ll need to enter your unique registration code, which will be provided in the Annual Meeting Notice you receive in the mail. Once you’ve cast your vote, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Alternatively, owners may cast their ballot via absentee ballot. This ballot is available via download from the association website. The absentee ballot includes the names of each candidate running for the Board. Voters should select three candidates in the 2019 election. A third option is to assign your vote by compleing the proxy form, which is also provided on the association website. Owners need to choose if they want to assign their vote to the Board or to another owner attending the meeting. Alternatively, owners may choose to assign the “quorum only” option by which they do not vote in the Board election but do put their proxy ballot towards the Annual Meeting’s 10% quorum requirement.

When Is My Ballot Due?

Online votes, absentee ballots and proxy forms are all due by Monday, March 4 at 5 p.m. CST. Absentee and proxy forms can be mailed or delivered in person to the association office (6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071) or emailed to srca@cmamanagement.com. Forms which are incomplete or turned in after the vote is called for in the meeting do not count in the election. Because of this, if you choose to mail your ballot, please do so with plenty of time to spare to

ensure its arrival. For your convenience, you can drop your ballot off at the office any time—not just during business hours—via the mail slot to the left of the main office door.

candidates elected to the Board will be posted via link on the website homepage by 3 p.m.

If I’m attending the meeting, do I need to complete a proxy or absentee ballot beforehand?

No. Owners attending the meeting will be given an election ballot when they check in. During the portion of the meeting when the election is conducted, each owner will cast his or her vote for a maximum of three candidates. The ballots will then be collected and tabulated along with the submitted absentee ballots, proxies and online votes to determine which three candidates have been elected to the SRCA Board.

How do I find out which candidates were elected to the board of directors?

Due to the large volume of votes cast in the election, the ballots and proxies are tabulated the day following the election. Once the vote tabulations have been verified that day (Friday, March 8), the names of the

We sincerely thank all owners who choose to participate in the vote for Directors and in the Annual Meeting. If you have questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to call the association staff at 214-733-5800 or email srca@cmamanagement.com. ◀ *The 2019 Candidate Questionnaire was made available

in the January issue of the Stonebridge Ranch News and

beginning January 1 on the website at

www.stonebridgeranch.com. It was due to the association

on January 18.

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Cartoon Ranch

Residents age 18+, please join us for the Adult Big Bass Tournament Saturday, February 16 at Stonebridge Lake. See p. 27 for details.











Saving for a Rainy Day: An In-depth Look at Reserve Funding In the January issue of Stonebridge Ranch News, we published the association’s 2019 Budget Summary.* One of the line items, ‘Repair and Replacement Reserves’, is budgeted for just over $1.2 million dollars and is noted as the “annual funding plan for repairs and replacement of association assets held in reserve per Reserve Study.” You may wonder: what is the Reserve Study, and how was this amount determined? Stonebridge Ranch News sat down with Board Treasurer Norm Counts to look more closely at this important line item. Norm begins by explaining the reserve amount with an analogy. “As a homeowner,” he says, “I have things break in my home and I have to replace them. Some are minor, like light bulbs and batteries. But occasionally expensive things break. Maybe I have to replace my water heater or my roof. So I have a choice

to make. Either I can save money ahead of time so I have it in the bank when I need it, or I can finance repairs by taking out a loan.” Norm notes that the same is true for the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA): we share physical assets which will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. In fact, we share a lot of assets! The list of common resources owned by the homeowner’s association includes almost 500 line items and equals to about 5,000 individual assets. For example, in the category of hardscaping, we have over 120 separate entrance monuments throughout our 76 villages, plus related retaining walls, columns, and the like. For the pool line item, we count two very expensive assets: the Beach Club lagoon and the Aquatic Center. With so many amenities to protect, says Norm, the challenge for the Board of Directors is to decide: “Should we save money

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ahead of time, or finance repairs as they come up? And if we do save money, how much should we save?” Financing vs. Special Assessments vs. Saving For association leaders, the choice to save money before it is needed is an easy one. If we do not put aside funds in the bank, the SRCA would need to raise funds quickly if many of our assets needed to be repaired or replaced in any given year (or if the most costly repairs—such as the dredging of multiple lakes, which could cost millions of dollars—became necessary). One option would be to apply for a loan, but as part of their fiduciary duty, the Board does not want to put debt on the association’s books. Another option would be to apply a special assessment in a given year to homeowners to raise the needed funds. In many smaller homeowner’s associations, special assessments are the norm.† To avoid these undesirable options while being fiscally responsible, Norm says the Board has a goal of “not being in a position where we need to raise assessments in order to pay for current-year repairs.” This is why building a reserve fund ahead of time for repairs and replacements is necessary. The Board must then answer the question: how much should we save? First, we need to determine the total value of those 5,000 individual assets and how much would it cost us to repair or replace them. To do this, every three years the Board works with a reserve engineer to value these assets and estimate the cost of repair and replacement. The resulting document is called the Reserve Study, and it helps us determine how much money the association needs to save to be considered in a healthy financial position.

2017 Reserve Study The most recent Reserve Study, which was completed in 2017, estimated the value of all shared SRCA assets at roughly $14 million dollars. Since it’s unlikely we will have to replace all those assets today, the study applies inflation based on a future replacement schedule. The 2017 study estimates the future replacement cost for all SRCA assets at $16 million dollars. Notes Norm: “Currently, our association has the capacity in its financial structure to pay for normal repairs on an annual cycle out of annual assessments. But we also have some big repairs on the horizon that we must take into account, such as replacing miles of common area fencing and dredging our lakes and ponds.” With the $16 million figure in mind, the Board must then decide what percentage we should keep in the association’s Reserve Fund. Maintaining 100% of replacement costs isn’t necessary since all assets would not need to be replaced in a single year. By using industry standards suggested by our auditors, the Board determined that the $6.2 million currently in our Reserve Fund is a safe level, sufficient to meet our estimated needs in coming years. Taking the Reserve Study to the Next Level Knowing the value of our assets is the first step; the next is determining the timing of replacement and repair. In 2018, the Board of Directors identified an important new endeavor in their Strategic Plan: to “ensure the ongoing financial health of the association by testing funding against current needs.” In the past, the SRCA Board has relied on the Reserve Study to STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS February 2019


determine financial reserve goals, but in 2018, the association staff and volunteers began compiling detailed data regarding the actual timing and costs of hundreds of projects into a single report. Says Norm, “We began asking ourselves: do the predictions in the most recent Reserve Study match the pricing and timing of actual repairs? Did we repair items earlier or later than we anticipated? Did we have to repair items that weren’t even on our radar? Are there projects that we are able to delay longer than we thought? It’s been a major initiative to begin compiling all this raw data in 2018.”

Now in 2019, the Finance Committee and management staff will be able to start analyzing the findings to understand major trends over time. Importantly, says Norm, “We have a re-run capability with this report. We don’t have to rely solely on the reserve engineer to look at the data for us, which means we can more easily stress test our assumptions.” Over the next several years, Norm anticipates the continued analysis of findings will aid the Board in making sound decisions regarding our shared assets. One initiative that has emerged from all this work is a phased plan to maintain and dredge the 20 lakes and ponds that the association owns. Some of them are quite large, such as Stonebridge Lake and Lake La Cima, and dredging will be a major project. In 2019 we will update a study of the largest water retention areas to review the amount of silt and determine when and how much dredging is required. This initiative is just one example of what it means to be part of a forward-thinking Stonebridge Ranch community, working to preserve homeowner values over time for all our members.



Sound Fiscal Management Norm notes that, given the size of the Reserve Fund, it’s important that we have that money working for us through investments. How do we do this? First, our investments are managed by a third-party independent fiduciary team under the oversight of a group of volunteer homeowners, the Investment Committee. Norm explains, “This committee includes bankers, investment fiduciaries, and people who manage pension funds. We are lucky to have a wealth of talent among our committee volunteers.” Secondly, the investors working on behalf of the association follow a conservative plan which is prescribed by our short-term and long-term investment policies.‡ Ultimately, says Norm, without the level of planning and oversight that goes into the Reserve Study, our savings plan, and our conservative investment strategy, “We could make a multi-million dollar mistake that it would be hard to recover from. But we have a good plan and our reserve has been judged healthy by both auditors and the reserve engineer. This is a direct result of the Board’s efforts to make sure the association continues to be financially sound.” ◀ *If you missed seeing the summary in the magazine,

type “Budget Summary” or “Financial Considerations”

in the Search bar at the top of any page at

www.stonebridgeranch.com to locate the PDF.

†Did you know? According to our CC&Rs, the SRCA

Board may raise the annual assessments up to 5% over

the previous year. However, because of sound financial

management and project oversight, over the last 7 years

we have had only two annual increases, each around 2%.

Twelve years ago in 2007, the annual flat rate amount was

$695. With the 2019 flat rate assessments set at $765,

this amounts to only a 10% increase in the SRCA flat rate

over the past twelve years, or less than 1% per year.

‡You can find both of these investment policies, along

with the other policies which guide our Board and help

safeguard the community, at www.stonebridgeranch.com.

Just use the Search bar at the top of any of our webpages

to locate the page titled “Association Policies”.




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Thursday, Feb. 7 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 9 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Community Room, 6201 Virginia Pkwy We are hosting two sessions for residents interested in learning certified CPR. The cost of each session is $30 and includes AED training. Participants will receive a 2-year certification card with access to a student book. The curriculum meets the current guidelines set forth by the State and OSHA. You will leave our class with the skills necessary to effectively administer CPR and First Aid. The course covers: the legal aspects of CPR & first aid; how to observe universal precautions; the recovery position; scenarios including seizures and EPI Pen; CPR & choking (adult, child & infant); and more. To register, visit www.corecprsolutions.com, call 214.295.6263, or email info@corecprsolutions.com.

Book Club

Buying local makes a lot of cents.

Every time you shop and dine in McKinney, sales tax revenue stays in our community to support quality of life projects like local parks, recreational facilities and annual events. It’s money well spent.

Monday, February 11 7 to 8 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway Sit-ins are always welcome to Book Club, even if you haven’t read our selection. Book suggestions are also welcome; email dwiest@cmamanagement.com. At this month’s meeting, we’ll casually discuss Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. This entertaining novel brings Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to the twenty-first century, tackling gender, class, courtship and family drama in a tender yet hilariously playful manner.


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Attention, readers! Did you know there is a bring-one, take-one Book, DVD & CD Exchange during the monthly Coffee, Cars and Cycles event? The next exchange will take place on Saturday, February 16 from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the Community Room.

Bingo Night

Tuesday, February 12 7 to 9 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway It’s a great time to make new friends! Please join us for an evening of BINGO and PRIZES in the Community Room located at the Stonebridge Ranch Beach & Tennis Club. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Seating is limited to the first 40 who sign up online at http://whoozin.com/Q7G-Q67-GAAJ. This event is for adults only. Stonebridge Ranch residents get in free and may bring up to one non-resident guest. Guests pay a $5 entry fee.

Marshmallow & Hot Dog Roast

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Friday, February 15 6 to 8 p.m., Beach & Tennis Club 6201 Virginia Parkway Bring your family and neighbors and join us for our 4th Annual Marshmallow Roast. Kids love this event! We’ll provide the fire pits, marshmallows, hot dogs and roasting sticks. For Stonebridge Ranch residents only, the event also includes a train ride, DJ and hot chocolate! (We are looking for volunteers for this event. If you are a resident middle school or high school student who needs community service hours, please contact David Wiest at dwiest@cmamanagement.com.)

Adult Big Bass Tournament

Saturday, February 16 9 a.m. to Noon, Stonebridge Lake 6201 Virginia Parkway Residents age 18+ are invited to compete in the Adult Big Bass Tournament at Stonebridge Lake. The entry fee is $10 per person and must be paid in cash on the day of the tournament. Only residents of Stonebridge Ranch (ages 18+) will be allowed to enter; a valid Stonebridge Ranch ID or driver’s license is required. First place will win 100% of the entry fees. In the case of a tie, prize money will be equally split. Fish caught from any other body of water other than Stonebridge Lake will not be considered. Only paid contestants are allowed to fish in the lake during this event. (Spectators, including children, are not allowed to do so.) Registration will be from 8:30 to 9 a.m. After check-in, fishermen can proceed to any part of Stonebridge Lake to fish but may not pass through the Beach Club gates or across private property. The tournament will be held from 9 a.m. to noon with no casting permitted before 9 a.m. The rules are as follows. You may fish from the bank only; wading, tubes and boats are NOT permitted. Fisherman may carry several rods but fish with only one at a time. Only artificial bait is allowed; no live bait permitted. The big bass will be determined by length, not weight. The fish will be measured with the jaw closed and the tail pinched to obtain maximum overall length. Final weigh-in will be held at noon,

Limited space is available in the April 2019 issue!

Call TODAY for ad rates and more information!

972-370-1778 STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS February 2019


though fish may be brought to the judges’ table to be measured at any time during tournament hours. Fish must be brought in alive and breathing at weigh-in. They will be returned to the lake after weigh-in. Participants will be given a stringer, weigh-in bag and should bring their ONE biggest fish to the weigh-in. All contestants who are not in line by noon to weigh their entries will be disqualified. The Tournament Judge will give all participants the official time the morning of the event.

Coffee, Cars & Cycles

Saturday, February 16 8:30 to 10 a.m., Beach & Tennis Club 6201 Virginia Parkway Can’t make it to our weekday Coffee Talk (Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Room)? Then join us for coffee, breakfast burritos and donuts at our upcoming Coffee, Cars & Cycles



(with Conversation). Feel free to bring your classic/ fancy car or chopper/motorcycle to park in the circular drive. We’ll also host our monthly Book, CD & DVD exchange (bring one, take one) in the nearby Community Room. “A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”

Craft Time

Tuesday, February 19 1 to 3 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway

“I love the friends I have made here & the staff! They are so helpful & friendly. They have so many activities, I never get bored. It truly feels like home. Overall – I just love living here, it is the place to be!”

Some people love to escape into their hobbies alone. But if you enjoy crafting with other like-minded creatives, bring your favorite craft to enjoy alongside your neighbors. Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a particular craft or try a new technique for your favorite hobby? We can learn from each other. Bring your own projects and supplies (i.e. quilt blocks, beadwork, knitting, crocheting, darning, mending, etc.). The coffee pot will be on, and residents get in free. RSVP at http://whoozin.com/W9Q-NTH-GY9R. If you would like to bring a non-resident, email David Wiest at dwiest@cmamanagement.com. We will have a guest waiting list if space is available. Guests pay $5 each.

AARP Smart DriverTEK Classes

Wednesday, Feb. 20 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Community Room, 6201 Virginia Pkwy Technology is changing the driving experience. The AARP Smart DriverTEK course is a new, interactive 90-minute workshop designed to teach you the latest in car safety tech. You’ll learn all about blind-spot detection systems, front-collision warning systems, and more. This course is free to Stonebridge Ranch residents and their guests. It’s perfect for anyone who has recently purchased a new vehicle (within 3-5 years) or plans to purchase one in the near future. To register, call the instructor, Dr. Judy Converso, at 850-264-7727. STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS February 2019


Spring Landscaping Presentation

Wednesday, February 27 11 to 11:30 a.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway Join us to hear a presentation by Joel Barton from Precision Landscaping regarding spring landscaping tips. This will be a 30-minute presentation with a Q & A period following. All Stonebridge Residents are welcome, and no advanced sign-up is needed.

McKinney & Texas information and maps

Cool local & state souvenirs, gifts and more

Morning Bingo

Thursday, February 28 10 a.m. to Noon, Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway

In the MCVB Visitors Center

200 W. Virginia - Downtown McKinney



Start your day off right with a morning of Bingo fun and prizes! Winners of each round earn $5 gift cards, and we provide light snacks and beverages. This is an adult-only, alcohol-free event. Stonebridge Ranch residents play for free and may bring up to one non-resident guest. Guests pay a $5 fee. Seating is limited to the first 40 who sign up, so hurry to RSVP at http://whoozin.com/VGC-94Y-KCWH.

3 Siblings. Only 1 Dinner.

All over North Texas, hardworking families are coming up short on food and having to make tough choices. In fact, one in every four kids is at risk of going hungry. Thankfully, you can help. This holiday season, every dollar donated to the North Texas Food Bank will be doubled to provide six nutritious meals to hungry kids, families, and seniors. Help add a happy ending to this story.

$1 feeds 3 hungry kids. Donate at ntfb.org/give





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Stonebridge Ranch News - February 2019  

Stonebridge Ranch News - February 2019