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December 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 12


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December 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 12

STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS The official publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) This monthly magazine is published at no cost to the SRCA and is mailed free of charge to all Stonebridge Ranch residences.

Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) REVENUE


2021 Budget Summary


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What Are Your Favorite Things?



2021 Budget Approved

Factors behind the annual assessment fee


2021 Budget Summary


The Importance of Financial Security

See the line items approved by the Board

Community Calendar


Cartoon Ranch


Curb Appeal Corner


Social Scene




Annual Assessment Payment Options

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Save the Date January 2021 Events

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Budget oversight and annual assessments improve property values

Cover Photo by Erica Lee Like this Stonebridge Ranch father and son pictured at last year’s magical Tree Lighting Ceremony, we wish you and your family health and happiness during the 2020 holiday season!

The Coronavirus continues. I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy. In this month’s issue, our 2021 budget summary is presented. Our Tree Lighting Ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 6:30 PM on the circle at the Beach Club. This year’s celebration will be a bit different due to the Covid-19 virus. There will be extra health protocols in place. Board Meeting, October 15, 2020 The Board meeting of October 15, 2020 was called to order at 12:30 PM. This Board meeting was held in our HOA office Board room. All Board members were present (Amanda Batson and Joe Closs via Zoom), along with our Director of Operations and CMA’s Vice President of Operations and CFO. CMA’s Executive Vice President and President attended via Zoom. The meeting began with a Homeowners Open Forum. No homeowners appeared. Two joined the meeting to observe via Zoom. The next item of business was to ratify the minutes of the previous Board meeting and all decisions made since the last Board meeting. We also approved the Emergency Preparedness Brochure. Old Business We discussed the Covid-19 virus to decide what actions to take during the next several weeks. > The office is open. Appointments are still required for meetings with a specific individual. You can “walk in” for an ID. > Facemasks are required to enter the office. > The Community Room is open at 50% capacity for rental and use. Check our web site regularly and watch for E-blasts for the latest information from the Association. These decisions are subject to changing conditions and will be updated to comply with any new governmental orders issued. In our continuing review of operational guidelines, we reviewed and updated guidelines for use of Pickleball Courts, use of Common Area facilities, and Tennis Court usage. We approved restriping one tennis court and adding two removable nets for Pickleball usage. This will create two additional Pickleball courts. We approved the Board election/Annual meeting timelines for the 2021 election following the same timelines we used for the 2020 election. The 2021 annual meeting date will be set to allow the maximum attendance. New Business The October 15 Board meeting was all about reviewing and approving the 2021 budget. The Board reviewed the proposed 2021 operating budget, the Repair and Replacement Reserve budget, and the Capital Improvements budget. It was a lengthy discussion of all accounts to determine what we would need to do. After reviewing and discussing the proposed 2021 budget,

the Board voted F ROM T HE P RESIDENT an annual increase of $40 (5% or $3.33/month) in the annual assessment rate for all property owners as recommended by the Finance Committee. The new rate will be $840 annually. The increase was necessitated primarily by increased requirements for maintenance and replacement on our properties as we age. We are also faced with dredging some of our lakes which is very expensive. This rate increase will also apply to the tax value lots (we still have a few remaining from the beginnings of Stonebridge Ranch) as your assessment is tied to the assessed value of your property so it may increase but not to more than the annual fixed assessment. Also, if you have a sub-association in your village, it determines the additional rate you will pay to the subassociation and it may or may not increase. We set our annual Strategic Planning meeting for Nov. 20, 2020. Executive Session The Board reviewed and approved the Foreclosure Report. We approved the recommendations of the Appeals Committee. We also reviewed and accepted the Collections Committee Report, the Violations Report, and the Project Expenditures Report. Treasurer Counts updated the Board on our current financial condition and water usage so far this year. We discussed a change CMA made to working conditions of some employees due to the Coronavirus and the potential impact on our operation and our response to that decision. The Director of Operations updated us on pending legal issues, expanding flower beds in all areas, the Glendevon tree removal project and Wynn Ridge drainage system repairs. Association Reports We reviewed and approved the Financial Reports including the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Board Liaisons presented updates on committee activities reflected in Committee minutes and updates to our Strategic plan. The meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM. Jon Dell’Antonia President, Board of Directors

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| December 2020


December 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 12

STONEBRIDGE RANCH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC. 6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071 Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ph: (214) 733-5800 Fax: (214) 778-0595 website: www.stonebridgeranch.com Courtesy Patrol: (214) 794-4945

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE Jon Dell’Antonia, Erica Lee, Dave Wiest

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Jon Dell’Antonia

Vice President & Treasurer Norm Counts Secretary Jim Norton

Director Kristen Vartian Director Joe Closs

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Director Amanda Batson Director Jim Buerkle

STAFF Professional management by RTI/Community Management Associates Inc. (CMA) Director of Operations Greg Herbst

Maintenance Supervisor Michael Cawley

Landscape & Grounds Manager Brock Whetstone Lifestyle Director David Wiest

Executive Assistant Rony Peterson


Maintenance Assistants Eric Ortega, Daniel Vine Compliance Supervisor Kara Robinson

Compliance Coordinators Gwen Burns, Pat Liles, Jarred Mercer, Joshua Merritt

Administrative Assistant Melba Siebel

Community Services Coordinator Tamra Collins Communications Specialist Erica Lee

Operations Coordinator Katreena Fairris

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2021 Budget Approved by Board of Directors At their October meeting, the Board of Directors of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) approved the 2021 operating budget and the homeowner assessment fee for the coming year. The flat rate fee, due on January 1, is $840. This is an increase of $40 over the 2020 annual assessment fee. (For the small number of original homeowners who pay a tax-value rate, the fee will be calculated by multiplying $0.308576515 per $100 of appraised value, not to exceed $840.)* The Board’s vote was the result of a detailed process. CMA, our professional management company, prepared a draft budget with documentation by ledger account. The volunteer homeowners of the Finance Committee (which includes include bankers, CPAs, and portfolio managers) reviewed the draft to validate assumptions and prepare a multi-year cash flow projection using a professional analysis tool. Finally, the Board reviewed the draft budget and cash flow models, and they made choices regarding specific

discretionary and non-discretionary items. You can see the resulting budget summary on page 11 of this issue. Stonebridge Ranch News sat down with Norm Counts (NC), Board Vice President and Treasurer, and Greg Herbst (GH), Director of Operations, to learn more about the 2021 budget and factors influencing the assessment rate. How do we arrive at the final number for our annual operating budget? NC: We are a not-for-profit organization. This restricts our ability to accumulate funds from prior period operations. It means that we must look closely at our real-world expenses from one year to the next and budget revenues equal to expenses. We start with our needs and work from there to determine what amount to collect each year. Very few of our expenses are fixed—like everyone, we face rising costs. We look at our accounts from every angle and try to find costeffective solutions.

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| December 2020


This year’s assessment fee is 5% higher than last year’s. What factors influenced the need for the increase? GH: There are a number of factors. As the community ages, many items need repair or replacement. Care of our lakes, replacement of fences, pool repairs, and landscaping changes are among the expenses that drove the need for the increase. NC: Here’s just one specific example: in 2021, we’ll begin paying for air card service and warranty on our 250 smart irrigation controllers. (Air card service allows us to program and control the system remotely.) Such payments are a new line item in our budget. We installed the smart system in 2018, and these costs were formally covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Like any system, it requires input and maintenance. But it’s a good example of a cost-effective solution that helps meet a real need in our community. Landscaping is one of our biggest expenditures. It’s also one service that sets us apart as a community and gives us a premier look and feel. After the drought in 2016, we realized water costs were only going to go up. The smart controllers help us save money in the long run and waste less water—two very important long-term goals. Tell us more about the positive impact from the smart irrigation system. NC: We’ve worked hard over the last three years to learn how to get the most out of the system. If it rains, we can shut every controller off with one click of a button. We also receive fault notifications for flow control. The system

automatically shuts off a zone if it senses a problem. We get an alert and can dispatch a landscaper quickly to determine the cause of the fault and rectify it. Now we’ve got the system automated six different ways from Sunday to try and mitigate water loss. Each controller is set for the needs of the zone—whether its turf, shrubs, or annual flower beds. We are tweaking run-stop-run cycles for maximum water absorption into the soil. I’d ballpark we’ve accumulated at least 80% of the water savings that are made possible by the smart system. In 2021, we’ll attempt to model our monthly levels of rain to see if we can crank the system a bit tighter. This shows the level of care we put into budget items—we carefully consider a lot of inputs to make impactful decisions. Did the SRCA save money because of the COVID-19 shutdowns? For example, the pool season was shorter this year. GH: No—there were no savings. The pool season was not shortened by much. When we were able to open according to government regulations, we employed lifeguards for a longer time each day to incorporate three swim sessions and time periods for disinfecting. NH: Even when the pool is closed, we still have to maintain it—associated costs don’t stop. We also receive revenue each year from pool guest fees, pavilion and Community Room rentals, lessons at our tennis courts, etc. Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, we did not collect the amount of revenues we

Approx. # of Households

2021 Annual Assessment








Pool, playground, ponds & fountains




Pool, playground, basketball court, tennis courts, lakes

Amenities No amenities—only walking/bike paths

Beach Club sand lagoon, Aquatic Center, Community Room, 500+ acres of common area with mature tree canopy, Stonebridge Plaza, landscaped entrances and medians, 200+ monuments, 20+ ponds/ lakes (6 with catch-and-release fishing), three staging areas for live concerts, sports courts (tennis, pickleball, basketball, sand volleyball), 24 parks & playgrounds, miles of walking/bike paths, horseshoe pits



Stonebridge Ranch (McKinney)




Pool, clubhouse, tennis & basketball courts




Pool, playground, clubhouse, fitness equipment




Pool, playground, tennis & basketball courts, lakes




Pool, playground




Gate & guardhouse, pool, playground, clubhouse, lakes, basketball




Gate & guardhouse, pool, playground, clubhouse, lakes, basketball

Says Board Treasurer Norm Counts, “We’re proud that our annual dues are lower than those of many other associations, even though we provide more amenities and services and oversee a much larger area and more bodies of water.”



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34750 JM


| December 2020


NH: Also, because interest rates dropped early this year, we did not earn as much as we had expected in 2020 from our investment portfolio. At the beginning of the year, we were earning around 2%, but that quickly dropped to 1/10th of 1% due to COVID-19. We anticipate rates will remain low in 2021, which further impacted our 2021 budget.

anticipated to offset costs associated with these amenities. Despite this, we worked to offer as many services to residents as possible by following government regulations and health and safety protocols. GH: Due to government restrictions, we were unable to host a number of social events early this year. However, we rescheduled as many as possible later in the year with mayoral approval, so there were no significant savings there.



A driving factor in last year’s assessment increase was the fact that we brought on three new landscaping vendors. Have they met the grade? GH: Our new landscaping vendors have performed well with very few issues. They are an important partner in getting the most out of our smart irrigation system. They’ve also completed many important tree trimming projects to improve the health of our tree canopy and the surrounding landscape. For example, a group of ailing hackberry trees was removed at Millerd Pond, allowing enough sunlight to plant turf and prevent erosion of the hillside into the pond. NC: Feedback from owners has been very positive. Many have observed that the landscape responded favorably after we replaced the previous landscapers. We conduct monthly inspections with a third party to ensure the landscapers are meeting our expectations. Overall, we are very pleased with the performance of our new team. ▶ Continued on page 12

Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) REVENUE

2021 Budget Summary



| December 2020


What can we look forward to in 2021? Any big projects on the horizon? NC: We have two big water dredging projects coming up. Quail Creek is slated for 2021 and Fountainview for 2022. Lake and pond dredging are another important factor in this year’s assessment increase. This year we completed our first large-scale dredging project at Winterhaven. It was a success because we learned so much that we can apply to similar projects. It also illustrates the real-world complexities that impact our annual budget. Several years ago, a reserve engineer predicted it would cost about $200,000 to dredge Winterhaven. Due to rising costs and difficulty finding any vendors who could complete the project, it ended up costing almost twice that. We must anticipate that dredging costs are only going to go up, not down. Further, we can’t put off dredging forever. It becomes necessary for the health of our sport fish population and the beauty of so many vistas in our neighborhoods. Silt inevitably builds up due to rain and irrigation runoff. It can eventually block fountain pumps, which help circulate the water and prevent mosquitoes. Silt also creates more shallows, which encourages the growth of unsightly algae on the pond. This in turn impacts the aquatic life and can harm the health of fish, tadpoles, turtles and so on.



What is the Board’s message to homeowners regarding the 2021 budget? NC: We turn every assessment dollar we receive into an investment in our association, whether it’s paying for a service or maintaining our infrastructure. We could always sacrifice quality for cost, but our value proposition is “to be the premier, large-scale, master-planned community of choice in North Texas.” We’re proud that our annual dues are lower than those of many other associations, even though we provide more amenities and services and oversee a much larger area and more bodies of water. We couldn’t do what we do without the commitment and input of all our homeowners year after year. ◀ *Note! Some Stonebridge Ranch villages have subassociations. Sub-associations assess homeowners separately from the SRCA to support services specific to that neighborhood. The SRCA does not oversee the fees or budgets for sub-associations. You will be billed separately by your sub-association, which may require monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment. To see the list of villages with subassociations, visit https://www.stonebridgeranch.com/subassociations/.


| December 2020





| December 2020





| December 2020


Your Annual Assessment Payment Options We typically send annual statements to homeowners the final week of November, so you should receive yours soon (either by mail or email, depending on the preference you set in your private online account at https://cma.cincwebaxis.com/). We provide multiple online payment options for your convenience. If you have not registered for an account yet and would like to pay online, see www.stonebridgeranch.com/your-private-online-account/ for registration instructions. Assessment payments are due January 1 and are considered past-due as of February 1, 2021. Most homeowners will pay a flat-rate 2021 assessment of $840. (A small number of homeowners in our original villages will pay a rate based on the tax-assessed value of their lot, not to exceed $840.) You may choose from the following payment options. Note: we do not accept cash or payments over the phone. Online by e-check

By mail with check or money order

Pay quickly and securely for a $1.99 fee collected by the third-party processor. (Neither the SRCA nor the management company, CMA, receives any portion of your processing fee.)

Payment Processing Center ATTN: Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc. P.O. Box 293330/Lewisville, TX 75029-3330

Online by credit or debit card We accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover. Card payments are handled by a trusted third-party card processor, which charges 3.25% per payment. (Neither the SRCA nor the management company, CMA, receives any portion of your processing fee.)

Online by recurring ACH When you pay by recurring ACH, there is no fee or end date. Using this method, you’ll set your account to automatically pay the current year’s assessment, ensuring the proper amount always gets paid on time.

Mail to the above address at least 10-15 days before payment is due on January 1 to avoid delivery issues and/or late fees. (After allowing time for mailing, you can visit your online account or call Customer Care to confirm we have received and applied your payment.)

In person with check or money order Visit the onsite SRCA office at 6201 Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX. Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Face masks are required to enter the office. After hours, correspondence may be left in the mail slot by the front door. For questions regarding in-person payment, call the onsite office at 214.733.5800.

Pay online at https://cma.cincwebaxis.com/ Not registered? See instructions at www.stonebridgeranch.com/your-private-online-account/ Questions? Call Customer Care at 972.943.2828 18



| December 2020


From Day One, We’ve Prioritized Financial Security As you move through Stonebridge Ranch in your daily life, enjoying the beauty of the landscaping or utilizing our common areas and sidewalks, you may not be thinking about the annual budget of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). But the funds we collect each year on January 1 are vital to our success as a community. Not only do assessments help us maintain everything we have built here over the past thirtytwo years, but they impact the property value of every home in Stonebridge Ranch. A well-funded association is more desirable to potential homebuyers than one where financial security is not a priority. With sound financial



oversight year after year, we are less likely to be hit with unforeseen costs. Our goal? That we’ll never need to assess special fees to our homeowners apart from the expected annual dues. (Per our governing documents, these cannot be raised more than 5% each year.) Says Board Treasurer Norm Counts, “Our financial security in the years to come is one of our most important assets. It’s a true selling point to prospective homeowners who consider buying property here. It’s part of the disclosure made in every resale certificate, so we are very aware of the impact it has on property values.” Because it is so vital, the elected homeowners of

the Board of Directors prioritize the financial health of the SRCA in their annual strategic planning. Their stated Priority #1 is to “ensure the ongoing financial health of the association by testing association funding against current and future needs and evaluating current and future revenue streams.” Our most significant revenue stream is, of course, the annual assessment. Most Stonebridge Ranch homeowners will pay a flat-rate fee of $840 in 2021. You may wonder why a few original homeowners in a handful of villages will pay a rate not to exceed $840 based on the tax-assessed value of their lot. The reason has everything to do with the financial stability of our association and the care we take each year to set our annual budget. In the late 80’s, the Stonebridge Ranch land developers brought a professional management company on board to help manage the property. Community Management Associates (CMA) helped the developers weather an early, but crucial, storm. Our association’s original governing documents prescribed the use of tax values to determine annual assessments. That is, each homeowner was required to pay X cents

per $100 of their property value. According to Judi Phares, CMA President & CEO, “All of the financial projections showed that this model just wasn’t feasible. You could do the numbers any which way, and you could see it just wouldn’t work.” The CMA staff created and shared a video explaining the difference between the tax value assessment system and the flat rate system. Using the flat rate system, community leaders look at actual operating costs to create the annual budget and set the annual assessment. This system helps ensure we never operate at a deficit. The original SRCA homeowners voted to change the governing documents and set us on the positive course we are on today. Each new home built after the vote is assessed a flat rate fee. Today, less than 600 of the 9,400+ homes in Stonebridge Ranch are still assessed using the original tax value system. These properties transfer to the flat rate system when the homes are sold by the original owners or their tax value assessment is equal to or greater than the flat rate. Eventually, there will be no tax value properties in the community. ◀

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Dr. Prasanthy Chinnareddy, M.D. STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| December 2020


Cartoon Ranch



Curb Appeal Corner Let’s Decorate!

It’s that time of year when many neighbors in our villages decorate their yards. Per our Modification Design Guidelines, holiday lighting: • may be displayed one month prior to the holiday. (Exception: December holiday lighting may be displayed November 1st.) • must be removed no later than one month after the date of the holiday being celebrated. • must be appropriate for the holiday being celebrated. srca@cmamanagement.com

Safety Tips

• Check your light sets for cracked insulation, frayed wires or damaged sockets. Any of these could cause short circuits. • Don’t overload your string sets. Check the instructions on the package to find out how many light sets can be connected to each other. • Avoid overloading circuits. Many home circuits can take 15 amps, or 1,800 watts. • Cover each outdoor plug and connector joint with plastic wrap to protect it from rain; seal it with electrical tape. • If you use staples instead of tape to secure lights, be sure to use insulated staples. • Don’t leave cords dangling or strung haphazardly on the floor or stairs. 214-733-5800

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CURBSIDE PICKUP MCKINNEY: 6091 W. university Dr., Ste. 106 PROSPER: 2111 E. University Dr., Ste. 40 ALLEN: 975 Highway 121, ste. 175 STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| December 2020


December 2020

Social Scene

www.stonebridgeranch.com/events/ DISCLAIMER: Due to print lead times, all the events listed in this issue are subject to change or cancellation. Prior to attending any event hosted by the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA), please check the online calendar at https://www.stonebridgeranch.com/events/ to confirm event times and read complete event details. Event attendees assume all risks related to COVID-19. The SRCA does not insure attendees’ safety or offer any warranty in relation to COVID-19. On the date of each event listed on our calendar, if face mask coverings and social distancing of six feet (6’) are recommended by state and health authorities, we will recommend (but not require) such measures for the safety of all. Please bring a face mask to wear when you cannot socially distance at least 6’ feet or if you want to enter an indoor space (including to use the restroom). We also ask residents to make decisions in the best interest of your household members as well as neighbors. Please do not attend an SRCA event if you feel unwell or have a fever, if you have an underlying health condition which puts you at risk, or if you have been in known contact with someone who has an active case of COVID-19.



21st Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

Thursday, Dec. 3 5 to 8 p.m., Beach & Tennis Club 6201 Virginia Parkway We are hosting our beloved annual Tree Lighting Ceremony this year for Stonebridge Ranch residents only. This three-hour, come-and-go event will feature the outdoor Tree Lighting Ceremony at 6:30 p.m. Attendees will enjoy the festive atmosphere in the circle drive. You will see costumed entertainers including a Toy Soldier, Frosty the Snowman, a living Christmas Tree, Rudolph, Elf on a Shelf, holiday Minions, and more! A DJ will be on hand to play holiday tunes. ®

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Due to COVID-19, we will have extra health protocols in place so you can enjoy the festivities and decorations while socially distancing with your family. These include: > Contactless pictures with Santa in the Community Room. We will maintain a reduced headcount in the room. Children will not sit on Santa’s lap. Instead, Santa will sit behind a plexiglass wall. We ask that you wear face masks while waiting in line and when indoors, but you may remove them to take your pictures.

of Experience

With mention of this ad

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214-592-0855 6710 Virginia Pkwy., Suite 215 • McKinney, TX 75071 STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| December 2020


> Safe food service. Volunteers will hand out hot cocoa and cookies. The volunteers will pass a temperature check and will wear face masks and food service gloves. > No carriages. Instead of horse and carriage rides, three trackless trains will provide rides to promote social distancing. > Face masks. On the day of the event, if face mask coverings and social distancing of six feet (6’) are recommended by state and/or health authorities, we ask (but do not require) all attendees to adhere to such measures. Two steps you can take to prepare for the event: > Write your letters to Santa. The North Pole mailbox will be outside the association office. Please come to the event prepared to drop your letters there. We are partnering with Macy’s this year. For each letter to Santa they receive, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to $1 million. You can write your Macy’s letter online at Macys. com/believe, or you can go to macys.com/believe to download a printable PDF. If you drop a printed



Macy’s letter in our North Pole mailbox at the Tree Lighting event, we’ll deliver it to Macy’s for you. > Consider donating. We will collect unwrapped gifts for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, as well as non-perishable food items. Our goal is to collect at least 200 gifts for children ages 0-12. You can bring your donations to the event, or you can drop them off before December 15 at the association office.

Travel Club

Tuesday, Dec. 8 9 to 10 a.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway Travel Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This is the perfect group for residents who are curious and enjoy experiencing new things. The members explore together, dine together, and even cruise together. They usually take a monthly field trip to a location nearby in the DFW area. Non-resident guests are welcome to attend.

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Twenty years ago JR & I started Ben Franklin Plumbing. We want to celebrate our 20th Anniversary by giving back to the friends that have supported us over the years. We know YOU are the HEROES in our community. You work hard to provide for your families, help with homework, drive the carpool, coach the sports teams & support the many charities in McKinney. When plumbing problems appear you just want someone you can trust to get in quick, fix the problem and restore your family back to normal. A company that will protect your family and your investment.

20th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! All Stonebridge Ranch residents get a

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| December 2020


Evening & Morning Bingo

Tuesday, Dec. 8—6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 16—6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17—10 a.m. to Noon Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway





Adult Stonebridge Ranch residents (age 21+) are welcome to join us for a free session of Bingo! Players compete for $5 gift cards while snacking on prepackaged refreshments. Due to limited room capacity, we do not permit non-resident guests to join. Residents may attend only one bingo session per month. We recommend wearing face masks when entering and moving about the building. However, we do not require you to wear them while you are seated at your table playing Bingo. To maintain social distancing, a max of 15 residents may sign up for each session. We also require a 12-person minimum. If we do not receive at least 12 registrations 48 hours before each session, we will cancel it and notify the registrants.








TUTORING & TEST PREP Reading Writing Science

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Dec. 8: RSVP at https://tues-eve-bingo-dec-2020. eventbrite.com Dec. 16: RSVP at https://wed-eve-bingo-dec-2020. eventbrite.com Dec. 17: RSVP at https://morn-bingo-dec-2020. eventbrite.com

Book Club

Monday, Dec. 14 7 to 8 p.m., Community Room & Zoom 6201 Virginia Parkway Sit-ins are always welcome to Book Club, even if you haven’t read our selection. At this month’s meeting, we’ll discuss The Man Who Invented Christmas: How Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol Rescued His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits by Les Standiford. Through the ups and downs of Dickens’s career, readers are taken back to Victorian England. A desperate move just before Christmas 1843 helped solidify his acclaimed novelist status, as well as redefined the Christmas holiday. This book inspired a film in 2017 with the same name. If you wish to join online via Zoom, email Dave Wiest at dwiest@ cmamanagement.com for link instructions.

Coffee, Cars & Cycles Saturday, Dec. 19 8:30 to 10 a.m., Circle Drive 6201 Virginia Parkway

Residents are welcome to park their classic or fancy cars in the circle drive. We love to see motorcycles and choppers, too. You are welcome regardless of the vehicle you drive! Feel free to stop by while on your morning walk or bike ride. This is a relaxed come-and-go event for residents only. We encourage you to bring a face mask to wear when you cannot socially distance at least 6 feet or if you want to enter the Community Room to pick up a snack or use the restroom. We will provide coffee and individually wrapped burritos and sweet treats until supplies run out. NEW TO STONEBRIDGE? If you are new to Stonebridge Ranch, have questions about the SRCA, or are looking for ways to get involved in our community, this event is for you! Look for our Social Committee volunteers. They will be wearing name tags and would love to answer any questions you have.



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Douglas Maxey, MD

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3725 S. Lake Forest Dr. #114 | McKinney, TX 75070





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Stonebridge Ranch News December 2020  

Stonebridge Ranch News December 2020