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philanropy YEARS OF

connecting ople o ca with causes that aer


ostering permanent charitable funds and philanthropic programs to support outstanding community projects

Success Story

10 Years of Giving Throughout our ten year history, The Community Foundation has been dedicated to a single goal: to foster permanent

Ukrop’s/First Market Bank Fund: An Example of Corporate and Community Generosity

charitable funds and philanthropic programs that support

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

outstanding community projects. The Community Founda-

This is the founding principle of Ukrop’s Super

tion has awarded approximately $2 million in grants to more

Markets, a family-owned and operated grocery

than 125 diverse nonprofit agencies and organizations that

store chain founded in Richmond in 1937. As

serve our growing community needs.

one of The Community Foundation’s earliest and

The Foundation’s assets have continued to expand from our inception in 1997, increasing to $4.7 million as of December 31, 2007. This growth is due both from increased contributions from community members and strong returns in the financial markets.

strongest supporters, the Ukrop family’s personal and professional mission mirrors the mission of The Community Foundation. Each year, Ukrop’s gives a minimum of 10 percent of its pre-tax profits back to the community, and matches a percentage of its shoppers’ receipts as gifts to

The Community Foundation is grateful for your support, and we look forward to exciting years ahead.

their favorite charities. Fortunately for the then-new Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, Ukrop’s opened a Donor-Advised Fund in 2000 for the purpose of supporting charitable causes to benefit this area. Ukrop’s benevolence and funding has directly benefited The Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy program, and has specifically benefitted the citizens of




this area with grants to the Fredericksburg Area Museum, the Moss Free Clinic, Bragg Hill Family Life Center, the Rappahannock United Way and a host of other local charitable organizations. The Ukrop’s/First Market Bank Fund is a perfect example of how businesses can work with The Community Foundation to fulfill their philanthropic missions in this area.




The 2007-2008 Board of Governors of The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region: Keith L. Wampler President (Founder)

Marilyn R. Farrington

Catherine M. Wack, President-Elect

Allen H. Fisher, Jr. (Founder)


Robert P. Fuscaldo

establishes the Foundation’s

Christopher M. Hallberg (Founder)

policies and priorities and

Homer L. Hite

grant authorizations.

Harry D. Dickinson, Treasurer (Founder) James C. Dannals, Secretary Stephanie A. Armstrong Stephen V. Batsche Jeffrey H. Boutwell Thomas L. Bricken Raul Chavez-Negrete Anita W. Churchill John H. Coker, Jr. Heather Bowers Foley R. Leigh Frackleton, Jr. (Founder) Daniel I. Hansen Bernard W. Mahon, Jr. W. Richmond McDaniel M. Saundra Pearson Paul A. Simpson Jon D. Wallace Susan S. Williams Alma F. Withers Dale L. Wright

William J. Howell (Founder) William R. Johnson Beverley G. King William J. Kinnamon Charles T. Lewis Ravi N. Mathur Wayne McHargue John D. Mitchell Alice Moore J. David Mullins John C. Neal Beverley C. Newlin Sear R. O’Connell Betty J. Poole Richard L. Potter* Xavier R. Richardson Anne W. Rowe (Founder) George P. Snead Douglas G. Stewart (Founder)

Former Board Members

David W. Storke

Mona D. Albertine

Barbara C. Terry

G. William Beale Joanne Beck Gerald A. Belloti Ana Garcia Chichester George W. Coghill, Jr. Gilbert Coleman Richard E. Conway Lawrence A. Davies Rosier D. Dedwylder, II Norris E. Dickard Janet C. Erkert

Katherine Q. Wafle Barbara P. Willis Georgia M. Willis Fauber Linda D. Worrell (Founder) William B. Young (Founder) William B. Young *Deceased

makes final decisions on Governing Board members are community leaders who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the quality of life in the Rappahannock River region. Governing Board members receive no compensation for their service.

Bev Newlin An Innovative Board Member Whose Challenge Launched New Programs When community activist and volunteer Bev Newlin joined the Board of Gover-

The Ross Family Combining Memories, Education and Charitable Giving Dan, Sherry and Amanda Ross are a very fine example of how family loyalty and love can translate into community activism and lifelong philanthropy. To honor the memory of their son and brother Chris who died in 1977, they created a fund that has given over $60,000 to athletic programs at Spotsylvania High School. In addition, every year they award two $1,000 scholarships to deserving Spotsylvania High School students. Chris was a superior athlete and the recipient of many awards. The funds

nors of The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, she brought great ideas learned from years of volunteer experience. Bev’s philanthropic experience has taught her that to be highly successful, organizations have to be well-known and well-funded. To help The Community Foundation increase its funding and visibility, Bev challenged the Board of Governors: “I’ll give you $25,000 for the Community Enrichment Fund if you match it with $25,000 from new donors!” Bev further stipulated that no gift could be greater than $1,000. The Community Enrichment Fund is an unrestricted grant-making fund for the emerging needs of our community.

and scholarships are awarded to programs

The Community Foundation met Bev’s

in Chris’s areas of athletic interest and to

challenge, and $50,000 was added to the

students who emulate Chris’s character.

Community Enrichment Fund. Thanks to

The extended Ross family and scores of friends and associates in the community raise money with The Chris Ross Golf Tournament every July. This family oriented event sells out every year, and has become an annual tradition that helps The Community Foundation, the community as a whole and hardworking Spotsylvania High School college-bound students. The Ross family’s dedication and generosity is a great example of why The Community Foundation is so successful today.

Bev’s great idea, The Community Foundation will begin its second decade with a much greater ability to identify community needs and to give grants to help solve local problems. And now, thanks to Bev, The Community Foundation is known to more people in this community.

Community Foundation FUNDamentals How to Donate and Why There are five distinct ways that people can give to the Rappahannock River region through The Community Foundation. The five types of funds, Donor Advised, Designated, Field of Interest, Scholarship, and Unrestricted, allow donors to match their personal approach to giving and their charitable intent. Donors can consolidate their annual philanthropic giving by opening a fund at The Community Foundation. Each fund operates like a small private philanthropic foundation. By establishing a fund at The Community Foundation, donors can involve family members and children, and most importantly, be part of a larger organization formed to improve the quality of life in this region. Donor Advised Funds Donor advised funds are established by donors who wish to actively participate in the grant-making process. Individuals who establish a donor advised fund recommend charitable projects or organizations they want to support. It is easy to give to multiple nonprofits through a donor advised fund. Designated Funds Donors who wish to support a specific agency or cause can establish a designated fund. If the original charity ceases to exist, becomes obsolete or is unable to perform their charitable purposes, The Community Foundation is able to redirect the funds to an organization providing similar services without the cost of expensive legal action. Many nonprofit organizations establish an endowment fund with us in order to grow assets

to meet both current and future needs. They look to The Community Foundation for strong investment oversight services and ask our staff to manage all of the administrative details of the endowment. This can provide a relatively constant source of annual income and help maintain their mission in perpetuity. It also frees the nonprofit to focus on what they do best in the community. Field of Interest Funds Field of interest funds are often established to support particular interest areas, specific program initiatives, causes or geographic areas. At the donor’s request, use of the funds is restricted to a specified area of interest, but flexibility remains to meet changing situations. Scholarship Funds The creation of a scholarship fund is attractive to many donors and can be structured to benefit students at any education level, or for a specific institution. A scholarship fund can also be established to honor a loved one. Some donors choose to stay involved through advisory relationships, while others rely solely on The Community Foundation scholarship committee to assist in the selection of recipients. Either way, our staff will handle the necessary paperwork and will ensure that scholarships are distributed in an equitable manner. Unrestricted Funds Unrestricted funds are not specifically designated for use by a particular agency, cause or area of interest. The Community Foundation oversees the use of these funds, setting priorities for their use and determining how grants will be distributed to support the charitable needs of our community. Unrestricted funds give us the ability to respond to pressing and often changing needs in the community.

Funds at the Community Foundation FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS Anne Felder Fund provides funds to improve and enrich the lives of the intellectually disabled and disadvantaged population of Fredericksburg.

Rennie and Richmond McDaniel Fund supports general charitable purposes within our community. Rowe Family Legacy Fund supports general charitable purposes within our community.

Kelly Givens Memorial Fund supports programs and services for people with long-term, severe, and persistent mental illness.

Sullivan Family Legacy Fund allows the Sullivans to share charitable decisions as family and engage their children in lifelong giving.


Forbush Family Legacy Fund allows the Forbush extended family to share charitable decisions and engage their children in lifelong giving.

Sara P. Boutwell Memorial Fund supports the operating needs of the Youth in Philanthropy program. Alan F. Courtney Fund supports designated organizations within the Fredericksburg area.


Wayne A. Dennison Fund supports the program needs of The Community Foundation.

Fredericksburg Festival of the Arts Fund supports the programs of the Festival of the Arts.

Harry and Marie Dawideit Fund supports the program needs of The Community Foundation.

Dahlgren Rescue Squad Fund provides support for the programs of the Rescue Squad.

Benjamin J. Hall Memorial Fund awards charitable causes that support the men, women and families of the U.S. Armed Forces. William Lakeman Fund supports the Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity. Trust for Public Education IV provides support for the Spotsylvania County School system to engage programs in character development and teacher appreciation. Barney Reiley-YMCA Fund provides citizens in need with the opportunity to attend YMCA summer camps. Chris Ross Memorial Fund provides grants to support the athletic department needs of Spotsylvania High School. DONOR ADVISED FUNDS Ukrop’s/First Market Bank Fund supports general charitable purposes within the Rappahannock River region. PNC Bank Community Endowment Fund supports general charitable purposes within our community. Dulcie H. Potter Memorial Fund supports general charitable purposes within our community. Graves-King Family Legacy Fund supports general charitable purposes within our community.

Bragg Hill Family Life Fund provides support for the programs of the Bragg Hill Family Life Center. Hospice Support Care Fund supports Hospice Support Care services. Olde Forge Junction Fund supports education needs about employment, financial self–sufficiency and training in community ministry in the Olde Forge community. Beth and Jay Jarrell Fund supports the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail and promotes the use of alternative modes of transportation. L.E. Smoot Memorial Library Fund supports the program needs of the Smoot Library in King George County. PASS THROUGH FUNDS Maury-Lafayette Fund provides grants for the Library, Museum and Regional Heritage, and the Arts. PNC Bank Community Giving Fund provides grants for general charitable purposes within our community. David Morgan Fund supports general charitable purposes in our area. Charles and Mary Wynn McDaniel Fund supports general charitable purposes within our community.

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS All scholarship winners are recommended by the CFRRR scholarship committee. Baron “Deuce” Braswell Memorial Scholarship Fund provides four scholarships to male and female athletes from schools in Spotsylvania County and the City of Fredericksburg. Mary E. Berger Scholarship Fund gives scholarships to area high school students who plan to study in the liberal arts field. Brian Conner Memorial Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students involved in long distance track/cross country. Christine and Will Dickinson Memorial Scholarship Fund awards a scholarship to a graduating student of Chancellor High School. Molly Gill Memorial Fund gives scholarships to students who have faced daily challenges with courage and a determination to further their education. Jeremy Daniel Hawley Fund awards scholarships to students at both King George High School and Fredericksburg Christian High School. James Monroe 1992 Girls Athletic Scholarship Fund awards one scholarship to a female athlete attending James Monroe High School.

Peter D. Johnson Memorial Fund gives a scholarship to attend a college or university in Virginia. Brandon Thomas Lawn Fund awards a merit scholarship to wrestling students in Stafford and Prince William Counties High Schools. Bill Lontz Science Scholarship awards an annual scholarship to the student who best exemplifies a love of science and a desire to further their education in that field. Betty Merrill Scholarship for Excellence in Latin awards students who have excelled in Latin studies. Paul Neri Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to a James Monroe High School student. Kay Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for students from Stafford High School who will pursue a degree in Business. Lee Wingate Pappandreou Memorial Scholarship provides an annual scholarship to an outstanding graduating drama student. Horace Revercomb Fund continues a tradition of scholarships for graduates of King George High School who have an interest in pursuing an education in the field of music. Chris Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund awards two scholarships annually to Spotsylvania High School students who have shown how involvement in sports has influenced their lives for the better. George A. and Lucy Mae Scott Fund gives scholarships for graduates of James Monroe High School who exhibit leadership, academic achievement, and financial need. Sofia Silva Memorial Scholarship provides scholarships to deserving students in Spotsylvania, Stafford and Fredericksburg. Steven Snyder Memorial Scholarship awards scholarships to an outstanding student from both North Stafford and Colonial Forge High Schools. Crittenden R. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior of James Monroe High School with a strong work ethic and good character. UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Community Enrichment Fund This board directed fund is for unrestricted purposes that will address the critical needs of our community.

How to Establish a Fund It is easy to establish your own named charitable fund and it can be done in less than a day. Working with a member of our staff, and your financial advisor if you choose, you will take these simple steps: 1. First, determine your charitable purpose or intent. 2. Select the type of charitable fund that best supports your purpose. Our staff will outline your options and discuss advantages of each. 3. Complete a simple governing document. Our staff will help you to complete a document that makes your intentions clear. 4. Select a name for your fund. You can use your name, that of a family member, the name of a favorite cause, or choose a name that allows you to remain anonymous.

5. Depending on the type of fund you establish, you may designate current fund advisors such as yourself and spouse, and successor advisors such as your children. This information will be included in your governing document. 6. Receive a tax deduction at the time the fund is established and when additional contributions are made to the fund. Once your fund is established you can: ■

Add to the fund at any time in any dollar amount. Specify how grant disbursements are to be acknowledged – whether in the name of the fund or anonymously. If you’ve established a donor advised fund you may recommend distributions to charities, locally or throughout the United States.

Creating Giving Over the Long Haul A community foundation like ours can administer charitable remainder unitrusts and annuity trusts, both of which pay lifetime income to you or other named beneficiaries. Establishing a trust is simple. Cash or property is transferred to the trust. The income beneficiaries receive annually an amount equal to a fixed percentage of the trust’s fair market value (unitrust) or a fixed dollar amount (annuity trust). Upon termination of the trust, the assets are transferred to your named charitable fund to support your individual or personal charitable giving goals.

The Givens Family Give to Relieve Suffering When Larry and Sherry Givens wanted to do something to help people in this community who have long-term and severe and persistent mental illness, they turned to The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region. Advocates of people who suffer from psychiatric and psychological problems, the Givens established the fund in memory and in honor of their daughter Kelly who died in an automobile accident in 2000. They have given over $14,000 to help organizations like Fredericksburg Counseling Services, Kenmore, Micah Ministries, and Mental Health America. The Givens have generously translated their passion to alleviate suffering into a financial vehicle that helps a wide variety of people and issues in this region.

The Douglas and Helen Gray Remainder Trust Sometimes a family is so rooted in a place that no matter where life takes them, memories pull them back. And so it goes with the Gray family, Virginians with a 100 year farming history in King George County. Following the death of her husband, Helen L. Gray opened a charitable trust at The Community Foundation to mark her family’s long and happy history in King George County. The Grays’ trust is a great example of how families can honor history and memories and give charitably at the same time.


High School Students are Learning the Art of Philanthropy The Youth in Philanthropy project (YIP) is a three year-old volunteer, student-led, extracurricular program of The Community Foundation in which high school students learn the art of grant-making by writing requests for proposals, by reading grant proposals and by interviewing applicants. Jump started by a grant from Doris Buffett’s Sunshine Lady Foundation and funding from The Mary Washington Hospital Foundation and private donations, YIP gives up to $20,000 for grants to youth-led or youth-involved programs in two grant-making cycles each year. In YIP, youth are challenged to hear about ways to solve community problems and learn about volunteer opportunities in our area. To date, our YIP committee has awarded 43

grants over six grant cycles for a total of almost $50,000. Over the past six grant cycles, our YIP participants have shown themselves capable of tackling and funding issues such as teen pregnancy, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault, obesity and other major social concerns. YIP participants learn that a limited amount of funding creates a higher expectation for each applicant. The YIP board has grown from 6 to 29 students and currently enjoys a waiting list. The innovative social structure of YIP meetings, the adult-like decision making required in grant-making, and an added mission to fund projects that improve health in this area have combined to make YIP a very attractive organization for area high school students.

YIP Grants Benefit Community Organizations Rappahannock Legal Services Caroline’s Promise Youth Advisory Council Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence Tower of Deliverance Church Rappahannock Area Kids on the Block Bluemont Concert Series Fredericksburg Counseling Services “YIP has exposed me to community service activities in the Fredericksburg area.” –Nick Zaremba

“YIP has allowed us to reach members of our community that we previously could not help by funding great projects and ideas.” –Thomas Bowen

“Being involved with YIP has made us understand that in order for our community to be successful, charity work is vital because of its positive impact.” –Phoebe and Larkin Willis

Program for Teen Parent Child Care Fund Thurman Brisben Center Fancy’s Friends’ 4-H Dog Club Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault Hospice Support Care Mayfield Youth Activities Committee Post Oak Middle School Hope House Bethany Christian Services of Virginia Greater Fredericksburg SPCA Big Brothers Big Sisters Students for Environmental Action at JMHS

“YIP has changed the way I look at donating and has made me realize how serious it really is.” –David Conner “I have learned in YIP about how so many people and groups do so much to help the needy in our community.” –Taylor Bailey

“I love it–YIP is a great way to influence the services going on in our community.” –Elizabeth Dickinson

“I truly feel that being a member of YIP gives me the opportunity to make a valuable impact for those that need assistance in our community.” –Raleigh Hazel

Caroline County 4-H Club Mary Washington Hospice Youth Ambassadors of Caroline King George Elementary School 4-H Garden Club Lucha Ministries MOREart! Spotsylvania YMCA disAbility Resource Center American Red Cross Best Buddies Virginia Bragg Hill Family Life Center Christian Youth Theater Rappahannock EMS YoungLives


philanropy YEARS OF

P.O. Box 208 ■ Fredericksburg, VA 22404-0208 ■ 540.373.9292 Email: ■ Web: ■ Teri McNally, Executive Director

The Community Foundation is grateful to Breg International and Mr. Rob Alling for the printing of our ten year anniversary report.

The Community Foundation's 10 year Report  
The Community Foundation's 10 year Report  

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region's 10 year report