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Don’t stop being angry at the greed and waste of capitalism. GET INVOLVED, GET ORGANISED, JOIN THE CP TODAY! Capitalism is bleeding Britain dry. Our communities face the movement and class of which we’re a part We fight in job losses, benefit cuts and the privatisation of the most communities, at work, in the labour and progressive movement cherished local and health services. in the interest of our class as a whole not our own individual Never has the need been greater for a strong, interests. vibrant and dynamic Communist Party. Across One thing is sure, things will get worse until people Join the CP, its the political spectrum, Communists in Britain like you decide to organise and take up the one of the most are respected and recognised for the challenge. The more who join us, the more powerful positive and principled and fundamental role we play, but we will be. In the CP your comrades will support rewarding decision we are only as strong and capable as our you in your efforts, join with you in expanding your you ever make members. knowledge and understanding of the world we live in We need people like you who have decided and the world we’re fighting for. If you agree with us to act and in so doing embolden those around you. then just ask yourself: IF NOT ME, THEN WHO? IF NOT Joining the Communist Party is a positive and ultimately NOW, THEN WHEN? rewarding step. Communists don’t set themselves apart from WHO JOINS US?

Nationalise the banks ‘What is the crime of robbing a bank next to the crime of owning one?’ Bertolt Brecht The Threepenny Opera

Communist Party





A future for my kids! “ I was concerned about the future. I remember Thatcher and simply won’t allow a repeat of that nightmare”

Quality of life! “ I am not prepared to see my community smashed up, with cuts in schools and health and transport.”

A skill and a job! “Uni is costing me a fortune. I need a job to ply my skill and pay off my debts. Something has gone badly wrong in Britain.”

No to EU! “I am a union man. There is so little democracy left in our country. The EU is more interested in protecting bankers than workers.

a HISTORY to LEARN FROM 93 YEARS OF STRUGGLE No other Party can boast such a long and consistent commitment to fighting for ordinary people in Britain and abroad. Unlike others, as well as celebrating our successes we also aim to learn from our mistakes Why not check out our DVDs, books and the Our History pamphlet series

A PARTY FOR WOMEN Women are at the sharp end of Con-Dem austerity policies, facing benefit cuts, a widening pay gap and shrinking public services. The Government's assault on the social gains made [2]

since 1945 has to be stopped. The liberation of women is at the heart of the struggle of our class, the struggle for socialism. The role of gender in the political struggle is often neglected and women are

under-represented in the CP. This is YOUR opportunity to make YOUR voice heard in a progressive party which fully recognises the important role you play in fighting for equality and social justice.

TRADES COUNCILS & THE FIGHTBACK Are you an active member of your local trades union council? TUCs play a crucial role in broadening the political struggle and raising awareness of the case for socialism across the trade union movement. There's a vital need to promote the message that there is an alternative to endless austerity and the Government's use of the economic crisis to destroy the welfare state, based on investment in jobs, housing and public services. Play your part by joining the party now!

THE MORNING STAR - OWNED BY ITS READERS Getting involved in the Communist Party The strength of the CP is in its community movements. Branches prioritise Britain-wide network of branches. political discussion and Marxist Education. There will be a branch local to you, but if not, It is at the branch where you will meet you can start one and, if there are three or other communists from a broad range of more who join at a workplace, a branch backgrounds, ages and communities. The can be started there. CP is at its best when its members The CP puts the bulk of its come together to plan party resources into branch building. campaigns and how to further Local activity This is because we believe that the aims of the CP Programme, builds the the key to socialism is changing Britain’s Road to Socialism. the thinking of workers, There are some localities fightback wherever they may be. The best where the CP has been place to argue for socialism is in organised for 90 years and others local campaigns, unions and community where it is relatively new. groups. Wherever there is a CP branch there CP branches meet monthly so that will be a stronger labour movement and members are not bogged down in lots of peace movement and there will be a greater business and administration and have time to force for socialism. get involved in the local labour and


ARE YOU AN ‘EX’? Isn’t it about time you thought about rejoining? Ideological divisions that plagued the international communist movement towards the end of the last century aren’t relevant anymore! The party has ambitious plans to raises its profile across the labour and trades union movement and take the fight to the Government. We have reached a crucial point in the political struggle to get rid of this vicious, parasitic ruling class. Now is the time to make your mark and see what you can do to advance the cause of socialism





Every year! the CP organises multiple schools for activists in different fields and areas of the country

Democratic debate is the cornerstone of our approach. From the 21st Century Marxism Festival to regular branch meetings

We rely on every member to educate each other. We don’t subscribe to diktats, dogmatism or didacticism !

Across the country in every sphere of struggle, Communists unselfishly apply themselves to the task.


CP Aims and Constitution ...


2. The aim of the CP is to achieve a socialist Britain in which the means of production, distribution and exchange will be socially owned and utilised in a planned way for the benefit of all...


This necessitates a revolutionary transformation of society...

A Future Worth Fighting For! You can join a Party which campaigns day in and day out wherever and whenever our members are. Our aims are clear - we will never abandon the cause of socialism. Campaign priorities are set out in Britain’s Road to Socialism. These focus on national issues which can strengthen workers and block the ruling class strategy of cuts, industrial destruction and wholesale attacks on worker’s and their rights.


PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY - set up by a broad range of unions, campaigning bodies and political organisations (including the CP) the Assembly is critical to mobilising opposition to Con-Dem austerity policies and for an alternative. FOR AN ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL STRATEGY - The CP asserts that every effort has to be made to block cuts to jobs and the dismantling of services. But its necessary to go further with an alternative strategy for an alternative society. CHARTER FOR WOMEN - bearing the brunt of capitalism’s crisis, the Charter provides campaign points to unite activists in defense of women. YES TO POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY - NO TO EU! Communists have played a leading role in the struggle against EU austerity and have consistently opposed the loss of sovereignty since the 1960s.


Volunteer to become a CP campainger at the following events:

National Demos May Day marches Tolpuddle Festival, Dorset

You can help build the case for socialism by reading and selling the Morning Star, the workers’ newspaper, owned by its readers and supported by the unions. Better still, ask your newsagent to stock extra copies.

Durham Miners’ Gala Burston, East of England National Eistedffod, Wales Chainmakers, Midlands



Join the Communist Party brochure 1 March 2014  

Recruitment and joining brochure for those enrolling in CP between 1 March and 1 May 2014.

Join the Communist Party brochure 1 March 2014  

Recruitment and joining brochure for those enrolling in CP between 1 March and 1 May 2014.