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10am Our History

A series of unseen clips & footage from the archives on: the Spanish Civil War; Lenin; CP Congress in Birmingham; Willie Gallagher; Tom Mann; Harry Pollitt; Hyde Park Anti-Fascist rally and more

10.30am Fifty Fighting Years

A tribute to the journal ‘Labour Monthly’, documenting the struggles of the British Labour Movement from 1921-1971. Featuring Rajani Palme Dutt and R PageArnott

The People’s Assembly

A new short promotional film from Platform Films

11.15am Justice for the Shrewsbury Pickets 

The first episode in the seminal documentary series charting the history of the British labour movement

1pm Strike

The legendary 1925 Sergei Eisenstein

A new short film from Platform Films

2.30pm The Miners’ Campaign Tapes  

Films, documentaries, never before seen archive footage and more

A new film re-examining the political events surrounding the arrest of 24 Shrewsbury building workers and the shocking imprisonment of three of them, six months after the successful 1972 building workers’ strike. The film includes film material from the original campaign to free imprisoned Des Warren and Ricky Tomlinson (star of TVs Royle Family).

12pm The People’s Flag

The Real Story of the Thatcher Funeral

In 1984 a group of independent film makes decided to show their support for the miners strike. On the picket lines, at the marches and in the soup kitchens, they recorded the testimonies of striking miners, their wives and supporters.These are the videos they produced, a testimony to solidarity and activism, tackling issues which continue to occupy us today: the right to demonstrate, police tactics, political double-speak and the role of the media.

3pm The Miners film

A documentary on the industrial action by miners in the winter of 1973-4 which helped to bring down Edward Heath’s Tory government. The film charts this crisis from inside the labour movement, but also reflects the miners’ historical and political understanding of it, informed by memories of the 1926 General Strike and analysis of the failures of nationalisation, energy and employment policies.

Join Us, Join Labour

A short film from the GMB union arguing for members to become politically involved

NUT Rally For Education

Film Platform @C21 Marxism  

Flyer for the series of documentaries, films and archive footage being shown as part of the Film Platform at the 21st Century Marxism progra...