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An invitation from the Derby branches of the Communist Party and the Association of Indian Communists Discussion with Robert Griffiths, Communist Party General Secretary

Cut through the crisis, the chaos & the corruption…

Bring down the Tory ConDem government… BRITAIN NEEDS SOCIALISM!

An old image of the fatcat banker. In 2012 still as powerful, corrupt & arrogant as ever..

Party flags on Derby’s Silk Mill May Day 2012

YOU ARE INVITED to a discussion of why and how we need to put an end to this ConDem Coalition government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires… and also end the control of the country by that tiny capitalist class. The attacks are coming thick and fast  unemployment & job insecurity  public service and benefit cuts  £trillions for the bankers  pay and pension cuts for us  racism and division of workers  housing repossessions  health & education privatisation  no future for many young people  war - and constant threat of more

It’s often said that “there’s nothing we can do about it.” But Communists say that ordinary working people, organised and acting together, could not only rid ourselves of the corrupt capitalist class who only care about their profits… but also develop an entirely different society, based on people’s need – not millionaires’ greed. Come and hear more! Saturday 8th September 6pm -7.30pm followed by an informal evening for those able to stay Shaheed Baghat Singh Centre, 191 Upper Dale Road, Derby DE23 8BS

Derby meet of Communist Party and Association of Indian Communists  

Derby area meeting to mobilise for 20 October demonstration and action against cuts and privatisation.