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Goss Room/Fleur de Lys

Fournier Room 10-11.15am

Why Marxism? Liz Payne Basics, Fleur de lys

How to use Social Media Pierre Marshall, Ben Stevenson Skills, Fournier Room

Taking on the Tax Dodgers Prem Sikka, Chris Guiton Workshop, Goss Room

Why Capitalism = Exploitation Mary Davis Basics, Fournier Room

11.30am-12.30pm 1.30-2.30pm

A Marxist view of Political Islam Rashid Elsheikh, Navid Shomali, Liz Payne Workshop, Goss Room

Organising to Win. How to organise workers. Erkan Ersoy Skills, Fournier Room

Which road for China? Jenny Clegg, Ben Chacko Workshop, Goss Room

How to campaign locally

Mass Consumption - Consumerism What is History? run riot Graham Stevenson Daoud Hamdani, Mike Quille (C) Basics, Fournier Room Workshop, Goss Room Tunisia and the Arab Spring Abdelaziz Messaoudi Briefing, Goss Room

The State & Revolution? Martin Levy Basics, Fournier Room

 A World to Win!

 It’s the

Political Economy stupid!

 Basics Skills Session Types  Rally Sit back and listen to leading speakers from Britain and overseas  Seminar Panel discussion plus Q & A from the floor  Workshop Get involved

 Skills Tutors help you discover the how and why behind skills that every activist needs to have


Graham Stevenson and Bill Greenshields + first time speakers share their experiences of this year’s event



Speaking up. How to debate & facilitate Gawain Little Skills, Fournier Room

 The Battle of

11.15am-12.15pm 12.45-1.45pm

Who are the working class? Liz Payne Basics, Fleur de lys



Louise Raw, Terry McCarthy, Graham Stevenson + 15 minute DVD on CP History

Sessions Guide


Dr Abdelaziz Messaoudi, Salam Ali, Azar Sephr, Rashid El Sheikh,Vera Polycarpou, Carlos Alfaro Chair: Navid Shomali


Skills, Fournier Room


Romayne Phoenix, Len McCluskey, Bob Crow, Rachel Newton,Vera Polycarpou, Robert Griffiths Chair: Liz Payne

 Multimedia Involves video  Basics Ideal for first timers or those wanting to brush up on their Marxist theory

21st Century Marxism  

Programme for this year's 21st Century Marxism festival

21st Century Marxism  

Programme for this year's 21st Century Marxism festival