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Stronger Systems. Deeper Learning. Powerful Results.

Did You Know? Independent research confirms The Center for Results’ school improvement services lead to significant achievement gains in low-performing schools. A University of Arkansas study found that schools in Indiana that worked with the Center outperformed other schools in the state, posting nearly twice the gains in English language arts and mathematics achievement.

Meeting The Challenge to Improve LearninG


The Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning serve as the foundation for The Center’s work.

tates, districts, and schools are under more pressure than ever to dramatically strengthen educator effectiveness and student achievement, and quickly. The deeper learning required by the Common Core State Standards and significant changes in achievement demanded by federal school improvement initiatives mean that states and districts need effective strategies and tools to help their teams of educators meet the challenge. While most educators recognize that effective professional learning can help strengthen teacher capacity and improve instruction, much of what is offered fails to promote real learning for either adults or students. Too much professional learning takes place outside the school and is unrelated to the specific instructional challenges teachers encounter. Educators lack opportunities to regularly work together to analyze data, implement new instructional approaches, and engage in professional inquiry in a culture of continuous improvement. Nationwide, only a few states have developed coordinated, coherent professional learning systems, and a small minority of districts have fully implemented the ongoing, collaborative, data-driven professional learning strategies that research shows results in improved student learning.

High-Impact Systems and Expert Assistance our educators and students deserve better. The Learning Forward Center for Results supports leaders in building powerful systems to improve teacher effectiveness and implement quality practice in educator professional learning. We provide practical expertise in developing and implementing effective professional learning systems for states, districts, and schools through our results-driven professionals, customized programs, and high-impact tools. States and districts regularly use our expert technical assistance and strategic consulting services to help them bolster instruction, deepen learning, and strengthen school performance. The Center for Results is committed to ensuring its clients not only gain new knowledge and tactics, but also that those new skills translate into effective, research-driven practices that increase student achievement. We believe true change comes not just from changing the practices of individual schools, but from building the capacity of an entire system to produce lasting results from professional learning. Our work impacts more than just individual teachers or classrooms. We help leaders develop state, district, and school-wide approaches that result “I encourage districts to work with Learning Forward’s Center in increased educator for Results for consultant services because they understand the effectiveness and student difference between professional learning and training. Most achievement. We provide vendors and organizations want to sell me services for a single the tools and deep or multi- day event. The Center For Results’ professionals, on technical support to the other hand, are investing in ensuring the learning “sticks” by transform professional guiding the district with long-term planning, building capacity learning and increase in district individuals, and providing a network of services for educator capacity to follow-up support. “ improve student — Patricia K. Wiedel, Ph.D. Director of Professional Learning achievement.


Stafford County (Va.) Public Schools








The Center’s parent organization Learning Forward (formerly National Staff Development Council) is the only educational organization in the United States devoted solely to making transformative, systems-based professional learning the norm for K-12 public school educators. Each day, Learning Forward provides its more than 12,000 members and 40 affiliates with the vision, leadership, and resources necessary to enhance student learning by increasing the knowledge and skills of educators. The Center for Results’ approach is grounded in Learning Forward’s four decades of leadership in defining the field of educator professional learning and change leadership. Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning, which have been used for more than a decade to improve the quality and efficacy of professional development services in states and districts, are at the very core of Center for Results services and support. The Center for Results can join in your transformational efforts at any point in the system whether at the state, district, or school level; however, experience has shown that the most effective approach to strengthening professional learning is carried out across multiple levels. Our Theory of Action illustrates the impact of state policy as well as district and school leadership on professional learning, instructional programming, and ultimately

student learning. The Center for Results provides expertise across all of these areas, bringing the foremost experts in the field to work side-by-side with state and district leaders. Research in Action he Center for Results helps states and districts identify the extent to which their professional development programs both meet the Standards for Professional Learning and develop new policies to strengthen teacher development. We also provide technical assistance to strengthen each aspect of the professional learning system. The Center for Results has completed numerous extensive analyses of state professional development policies and programs. These audits analyzed legislative, regulative, and administrative policies related to key areas of professional learning including teacher recertification/re-licensure, tiered licenses, time and resources for professional development, designs for professional learning, individual professional learning plans, compensation, recognition, and support for professional learning.


We also have provided technical assistance to state education agencies including Kansas, Florida, Arkansas, Delaware, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, and Ohio, to help them transform their professional development planning systems. In addition, the Center for Results has

provided state agencies with assistance in implementing standards for professional development, helping South Dakota, Arizona, and other states make strategic improvements in policies, support, and delivery. State education departments regularly send teams of educators to our Coaches Academies to ensure consistent and powerful training for instructional coaches. Partnering with principals, teachers, parents, and students, our master consultants provide the framework for real improvements in teaching and learning. In fact, research by Evaluation Systems Designs showed that districts with high ratings for their professional development systems posted stronger student achievement gains than others. A Catalyst for School Improvement he Center for Results offers support services to school systems nationwide, customizing its assistance to meet the needs of various districts. Large urban districts, such as Chicago, Memphis, and Dallas; small cities, such as Green Bay, Wis., Erie, Pa., Corning, N.Y., and Fargo, N.D.; and suburban communities, including Fairfax, Va., and Rockwall, Texas have turned to us for ongoing advice and consultation, design of new professional learning programs, leadership and facilitation, and creating multi-district professional learning partnerships. Our Pathway to Achievement school improvement framework is designed to help low-performing schools committed to improvement build the needed structure and support to produce results for students. The Center for Results helps these schools get on the Pathway to Achievement by leading educators through a series of important steps, which include: observing schools in action and synthesizing data; facilitating candid conversations about practice; guiding educators in building a clear vision for their


schools, assisting with the development and measurement of clear, measurable improvement plans. At every step along the path, we monitor, measure, and report on progress. This holds the Center for Results accountable and gives schools the feedback they need to stay on track. Each school also receives two administrations of our Standards Assessment

Commitment to Results oin the growing number of states and districts that are coming to the Center for Results to help them solve some of their greatest challenges. We will bring our nationally renowned experts to work shoulderto-shoulder with your team to ensure meaningful changes in practice that drive higher student achievement. Our goal is to provide high-impact, cost-effective “When I was tasked with raising the achievement of tools and expertise that help you one of the bottom five schools in the state of Indiana, my district provided me with multiple supports. One think through your strategies of the most strategic was the services of a Learning and evaluate your services with Forward expert.  With their help, in two years, our scores the perspective that comes from on statewide high-stakes testing have doubled.  The working with states and districts percent of students who passed both English/language that have gone through challenges arts and math went from just under 22% to 54.7%.   just like yours. Obviously, we have a long way to go, but with their The Center for Results’ team help, I am confident we will continue our ascent!” of experienced professionals is not — Robin Peterman satisfied until your district or state Principal, Abbett Elementary School Ft. Wayne Community Schools, Ft. Wayne, IN reaches its professional learning goals and will work alongside your district or state’s team to ensure those Inventory (SAI) with expert support in aligning goals are achieved. the district and schools’ implementation of professional development with Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning and proven practices. The SAI is a valid and reliable survey that incorporates feedback from faculty school-wide. The results of the survey instrument provide measures of teacher efficacy, school climate, leadership, equity, and the quality of professional development overall. A recent study of Indiana schools implementing Pathway to Achievement proves the framework works. Schools guided by the Pathway to Achievement experienced significant growth in student achievement. Many of these schools earned national and state recognitions. One school is a finalist in the Panasonic School Change Award Competition and multiple schools earned the “Indiana High Growth Schools” designation in 2010 and 2011.


Stronger Systems. Deeper Learning. Powerful Results.

What is the Center for Results? The purpose of the Center for Results is to support education leaders in developing systems to improve educator effectiveness and student achievement. The Center for Results offers high-impact consulting and programs strictly aligned with Learning Forward’s research and body of knowledge in effective professional learning to support deep implementation in schools.

Stronger Systems. Deeper Learning. Powerful Results.

For more information, contact: Learning Forward Center for Results 1319 Bayliss Drive • Alexandria, VA 22302 • 202-630-1489 • Fax: 972-421-0899 M. René Islas • Director • Sue Francis • Consultant Services Coordinator •

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The purpose of the Center for Results is to support education leaders in developing systems to improve educator effectiveness and student ac...

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