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Introduction Hey there! Here it is – the 4th edition of our newsletter and once again we have some great stories and articles from inside the company for you! One student shares his story about what it is like to be a part of the Campus Live team, the struggles they went through for the last session and the importance of having friends to rely on. Two of our fellow third year managers from the print sector introduce the project they are currently working on and provide us with some insight and mock-ups of their magazine. Another interesting thing we did was to ask a few first year students which one of the four sectors was their favourite so far and the results are surprising! Additionally, a few of the students explained why a specific sector was their favourite and others why they did not like a sector.

We are soon approaching the end of this module and many of us still have a ton of work to do during the next two and a half weeks. That’s why we hope that all the first as well as third years manage to finish everything in time and still enjoy this module! As for you, dear reader, we hope that you will enjoy this edition of “Inside The Company” and be back next week for more insights! Cheers, Kim, Achim & Evelien Floor Managers & Communication Team +31 (0) 58 24 41 228

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Campus Live

It’s not wrong to make mistakes. If you do everything right, you’re not able to improve yourself. It’s a lesson we learned from last week’s session. Suddenly Hyperactief cancelled the gig, because we were “rude” enough to ask if they had a turntable. Luckily, a few stressed minutes later they were back in the game. We did not panic and we kept our focus on how to solve this problem. At some moments you’re happy that you’ve build up a network in which people are willing to do favours for you. I was lucky enough to borrow a turntable from one of my buddies. I wonder why he let met borrow it so easily. It’s because I did something for him in the past (although I can’t remember exactly what it is). And when the time was right (that time was now) he would return the favour. He did, and actually I feel like I owe him one right now. Maybe I will buy him a beer at some point. This is an example of challenges we have to face during this module. Let’s see how the third one works out: Acoustic Afternoon with Dunja Procee feat. Rienier van Ommen and Twan Veldkamp.

Bart-Jan Schinkel, 23 3rd Year Student


• MEM Newsletter

MEMATWORK While you were working on your lovely assignments, we the managers of your most beloved sector created a new digital magazine. Even if it might seem that we’re staring into nothingness we’re actually “productive”. After weeks and weeks of hard work, we proudly present the first draft of the MEMATWORK.

each module, and it will feature rubrics like ‘Round the globe’, ‘Work/thesis balance’, ‘Q&A’, ‘Money issues’ and a ‘shout out’ page where you can say hello to MEM interns from all over the world. You now have the one and only exclusive opportunity to have a first glance at the design of the magazine.

It is a magazine that connects interns back to the home base Stenden. You’ll have the joy of reading it

Janneke van Cuijk & Julia Katzgrau 3rd year Print Managers

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Voting We have asked 16 students from the afternoon shift what their favourite sector was so far and here are the results and some quotes explaining why.

Print - 2 New Media - 3 AV - 5 Music - 6

“I like AV, because I want to be a director and love motion pictures, so I am really enjoy working in this sector. We are free to do whatever we like in our items.”

- Milan

“Music was my favourite sector, because I am really interested in music and working in the studio was fun!

- Olav

“Print is too black and white.”

- Jorgo

I liked the Print sector, because I was able to be very creative and come up with my own concept for the magazine. The journalism part was very challenging and interesting.”

- Jill

“Music was my favourite sector, because I had the opportunity to operate as a manager in a real recording studio.”

“Print is boring.”

- Gilbert

- Warren

“AV was my favourite so far, there is a lot of practice involved and not just sitting in front a computer all day.”

- Konstantin


• MEM Newsletter

Inside the Glass Case

AV and Ice Cream Have you ever wondered where you can get the best ice cream in town? Don’t worry, because we have been around the city and looked for the best ice cream saloon in Leeuwarden for you! In the Learning Company at Stenden we got the assignment to film a video item related to Leeuwarden. So that’s what we did and it includes lots and lots of ice cream. Grading the ice cream shops, we took the location, price, choice and of course the taste into account. Our contestants were MIN12, Puur and La Venezia. After a lot of arguing we have come to the conclusion that MIN12 is the absolute winner of the contents. So if you ever feel like eating a delicious ice cream, you know where to go!

Maren van Dooren, 18 1st Year Student

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Inside The Company #4  

Get an insight into the MEM Learning Company at Stenden Hogeschool.

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