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Sepideh Karami- UMA 2013- Communication- PHD Course

Activating the Continious Revolution by Means of Infrastructural Architecture

Smoke and Dreams

Towards the Zones of the Impossible

Polluting Art and the Transversal Politics of the Margin

No-Border Camp Stockholm 2012

In the Mood for Love Tehran Shopping Centers

Modernity and Emergence of Zones of Informality

A Special Day


A Device for Troubling Routines


Standing Man

Unchoreaographed Dance The Order in Cities in Time of Revolution

Reviving the MicroNarratives

Teddy Cruz


1978 Building Urban Think Tank Decolonizing Architecture

1978 Video Essay

Photo - Stories

Anarchism Modernity Informality Vs. Formality Spaces of Silence Activism Zones of Resistance Art of the Impossible

Impossible Books Margin Micro-Utopia Polluting Art

Micro Revolution Interruption Event Violence Infrastructure

On the Role of Architecture as Infrastructure

Wall of Investigation-Sepideh Karami  
Wall of Investigation-Sepideh Karami