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managed to avoid it if there wasn’t.If you see what I mean.We need to look at the outcomes, the strategies, the impact, the opportunities offered and not taken.We need a SWOT analysis,that’s wot! We are all really excited about this, not because we will all meet again but because there will be another meeting. Just remembered on the way home that I had promised to meet with a community group. This is an informal meeting and the purpose really is to set up a formal meeting so that we can discuss formally what we have just spent an hour and a half discussing informally. The meeting is the message. Unfortunately, someone suggests brainstorming which in itsel fm a kes the most unwarranted assumption. The result is that we spend an hour listening to an individual in search of a brain who recites the litany – the transport system, the lack of chilcare facilities, empowerment, consultation (lack of), suitable accommodation (lack of), perceived needs and felt needs, windows of opportunity, glass ceilings and closed doors,imposed solutions,inherited solutions, top down and bottoms up and ‘may I say, probably the most important of all’, the need to listen – ‘and now if you’ll excuse me, I must be off, as I have another meeting to go to’. After the good listener departs, it transpires that this is a really useful meeting and some very practical decisions are agreed. The problem is that we don’t have a record so now we will have to meet again to put it on record. Home where a meeting has been arranged with the partner. There is a long agenda and this too will give rise to other meetings – the bank, the schools, the painter, the plumber, the residents,the visitors.All in good time. And so to bed. There perchance to dream – in fact, to have an horrendous nightmare, finding oneself trapped in one unending meeting, listening to long unending speeches, all of them through the chair and, most distressing of all, preparing an unending schedule of… meeting… meetings. And that’s only Monday.