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From the CEO Welcome to the autumn issue of Connect For some time I have been talking about the need for us as a DHB to be prepared for a future which includes an aging and increasing population, inequalities in health, variation in quality and more limited resources, whereby new hospital facilities may not be available to us. We are all aware of the increasing pressures on hospitals all around the world. This does not mean however that we cannot provide our population with excellence in healthcare that is sustainable in the long term. Between now and December 2013 we need to put in place some important strategic programmes so that we are ready to implement the changes that are needed for us to be able to deliver the best healthcare. It is very clear to me that marginal efficiencies will not deliver the system changes needed for us to meet all the pressures that we face. We have to work differently in the future. Knowing this is to be the case and that it has to be planned, we have, over time been building the capacity in the DHB and wider system to ensure

we have in place the means and relationships to make rapid, radical but very positive change. Ko Awatea, our continuing focus on quality improvement and worker smarter and safer, increasing the number of frontline staff, building Middlemore so it is physically a 21st Century Hospital and developing strong links with Primary Care are just some examples of the preparatory work we have been doing. I want you to keep in mind two dates – December 2013 and December 2015. Between now and December 2013 we will be implementing a range of programmes which will address some of the wicked issues facing us – like reducing demand for hospital care through the 20000 bed days campaign. But it is vital for you to understand how it all fits together and where you are playing your role in shaping the healthcare of the future. So over the past few weeks we have been stocktaking on all of our work, projects and initiatives and organising them into a simple diagram which links the work that you do with the initiatives and outcomes we are focussing on. We can then be clear to prioritise those initiatives that add most value and to reduce that that doesn’t. The successful implementation of these programmes will reshape how the health system works for the better, and will set the foundation for a better performing, fit for purpose sustainable and excellent health system where

you can feel you have the skills, workplace and most important of all time to care There are so many examples of fantastic excellent care at Counties - wouldn’t it be great to see that excellence spread and acknowledged? So we have set the goal of being the leading health system in Australasia by 2015. I do not mean this to be an empty boast or pious hope – I genuinely believe we have the great people at CMDHB and beyond who can make this happen – World class in New Zealand, not just world famous or world champions. So over the next few months I will be leading a project that will identify in a measurable way what that means, how it can be shown and how we can go about delivering it. In doing so I want staff to be part of mapping the journey and able to feed into setting those goals up. As we enter this year with this crucial programme, informing you and getting your help, support and in-put is vital. A detailed communication plan is being finalised and we will keep all staff updated on how each of you can contribute your part. Apart from my blog and staff forums, there will be group and team briefings that will keep you and your managers up-to-date. I look forward to an exciting, positive as well as challenging time ahead. As ever thank you for all that you do. Geraint A. Martin


2012 March Connect+  

Counties Manukau Health staff publication

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