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LBD Starts Social Marketing Campaign A Let’s Beat Diabetes social marketing campaign was launched this month, with the hope that the cut-through messages will bring type 2 diabetes into everyday conversation and highlight that this lifestyle disease is preventable. The campaign spans across all stages of the disease, bringing to light how diabetes begins. It focuses on how our young people are at risk of developing the disease and engages the community to change lifestyle habits so people can lead healthier lives. “Knowledge is an important driver,” says Social Marketing Manager Christine McKay. “Our goal is to get people talking and to foster shared community responsibility. Type 2 diabetes is preventable and it is not just a health sector issue.” Obesity was originally chosen as the social marketing focus two years ago as it was felt that the target population would not recognise or resonate with the concept of type 2 diabetes. Recent market research has shown public understanding of type 2 diabetes has increased. It has also indicated that the public is ready and wanting to know more about the condition, what it means and how to avoid it. “We often hear that people would have made changes if they understood how serious diabetes could be,” says Ms McKay. “Some of the pictures and the messages bring to the fore gruesome and uncomfortable complications of type 2 diabetes, such as amputations, high risk of heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. These are an everyday reality for many people in Counties Manukau. We want people to know so they can make positive changes earlier for themselves and their families.” Let’s Beat Diabetes employees and volunteers from the greater community networks will be called upon to support the campaign during community events. Personal stories of the models and local ‘successes’ will be published in the local media. Radio interviews with clinicians and local people are to be scheduled.

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