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Pioneering Converged Communication Solutions Globally Commtel Networks is a pioneer in the dedicated telecommunication network space. An engineering and technology company, we commenced our business operation in 1998 and have been growing at an average rate of 40% for the past 19 years. We are the leading provider of converged telecommunication solutions with expertise in providing unified dedicated mission critical networks for voice, video, Ethernet IP traffic and other forms of data over optical fiber, radio or copper links.

Our turnkey solutions include specialized professional services in the areas of Systems Design Engineering, Integration, Implementation, Involved Project Management, Multi-location Supply Chain Management, 24x7 Technical Support and a range of robust products portfolio. Our strength lies in complex multi-system integration of highly engineered systems for mission-critical applications, requiring safe and reliable operation in demanding environments globally.

We specialize in providing customized solutions to our customers in the Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation, Mining and related sectors, enabling them to operate their mission critical assets in an efficient, secure and safe manner.

With a vision of being the leading company in its domain with proven track record of high levels of customer satisfaction, we have established offices in various parts of India as well as the Middle East and North America region.

Unique 3C Model




Systems Design & Engineering w Functionality Assessment w Technology Evaluation & Recommendation w Network Planning & System Architecture w Software Modelling Radio Coverage & Interference Analysis Sound Coverage & Quality Analysis CCTV Coverage w Network & Systems Availability Study w Network Evolution & Migration Plan

Proven Capability in‌. w Project Management w Detailed Design Engineering & Documentation w Equipment Supplies w Systems Integration & End To End Testing w Supply Chain Management w On-Site Engineering & Installation Services w On-Site Testing & Commissioning

SLA Based Support Model w Helpdesk Support 24x7 w Remote Maintenance 24x7 w Warranty Support w Preventive & Corrective Maintenance w Repairs & Spares Management w System Upgrades w Technical Education

Unique 3C Model

3C - A Strategic Approach to Seamless Customization

Commtel's 3C Engagement Model not only entails three pronged execution phases but also has a mechanism in place to monitor and quantify its effectiveness. An online feedback management system which obtains feedback on customer experience across the three project phases is critically analyzed and a Customer Satisfaction Index is derived. We are pleased to inform you that our average score on 'Customer Satisfaction Index' is greater than 0% for the projects delivered in the past 72 months. We continue to raise 8 this bar and strive relentlessly to offer the most distinctive customer experience to all our customers. End-to-end solutions to assurance far beyond Commtel brings you Customized Dedicated Converged Communication and Technology solutions using its unique 3C Engagement Model. 3C's that assure end-to-end solutions. Conceptualize. Construct. Care. The Commtel 3C Engagement Model is the core business philosophy that drives everything Commtel does. Developed over the past decade this very unique Customer engagement model governs end-to-end Customer

engagement and delivery to ensure that Customers are not left with fragmented solutions and have a committed partner in Commtel. 3C has been the focal point of all delivery capabilities. With 'Conceptualize, Construct and Care', Commtel is able to engage, satisfy and reassure every Customer with total integrated solutions and looks forward to developing and adding value to their businesses across sectors.

Our Markets

Over 50,000 Kms of Dedicated Mission Critical Networks Deployed facilities. More than 50% of Oil & Gas pipeline infrastructure in India use telecommunication solutions deployed by Commtel. Through years of experience in delivering turnkey projects, Commtel is today much sought for designing, building, testing, and rolling-out systems across the entire gamut of requirements extending over upstream, midstream and downstream facilities. Upstream Solutions- Our in-depth understanding of the unique and demanding requirements for communications and surveillance systems in offshore platforms as well as onshore production sites, has enabled us to design engineer and execute turnkey solutions that ensure transmission of critical data from distributed instrumentation to control rooms, provide voice connectivity across facilities in indoor, harsh outdoor, noisy and hazardous environments, public address and paging, remote surveillance of the facility using all-weather explosion-proof camera networks.

Oil & Gas 30,000 Kms of pipeline communication systems‌ Underline our leadership in the Oil and Gas market Commtel is the reputed leader in the Oil & Gas industry in providing integrated telecommunications, surveillance and related technology solutions. Using the latest communications technologies, we provide reliable connectivity for critical applications across distributed

Midstream Solutions- Whether it is an intrastate gas grid network or a cross-country crude pipeline, Commtel has designed, built and managed networks over fiber, radio and copper mediums from concept stage to seamlessly integrate and deploy triple play services across the length of a pipeline. Commtel has deployed unified communications systems for voice, video and data, along with the applications infrastructure for more than 25,000 Kms of pipeline.

Our Markets

Downstream Solutions- Over the years, thorough understanding of plants and processes has equipped Commtel to formulate a customized plan and deploy entire communications systems that enable process automation over distributed operations, thus improving productivity and efficiency. Some of the solutions applicable to downstream facilities include in-plant communications for control and monitoring, wireless digital communication such as Tetra and Trunked Radios, Public Address and Paging, access-control systems and CCTV systems with advanced video analytics and intelligent response.

Power Empowering the Power sector with next-gen telecom systems deployed across 18,000 Kms. Power Generation Solutions With our strong capability in providing integrated solutions, we provide complete plant-communication systems for power plants and distribution stations. The integrated solution comprises voice communication through EPABX, VoIP and captive radio, video for surveillance and process monitoring, public address systems and the entire gamut of data communications. We meet various Power Generation companies' need of robust communication systems for SCADA, voice communications, tele-protection and metering. Transmission and Distribution Solutions Commtel has extensive experience in deploying highly reliable dual redundant systems for uninterrupted operations. We have deployed overhead Optical GroundWire (OPGW) and buried optical fiber based high-speed

communication systems which are suited for operation under high voltage conditions since they are immune to electromagnetic interference. For sections where cables cannot be laid due to land-use restrictions or unfavorable topology, we have deployed microwave communication links. Our expertise does not end with designing, building and installation of these systems. We have undertaken network maintenance contracts for vital power supply companies with 99.99% uptime assurance.

Transportation 5,000 Kms of dependable connectivity through communication systems by reliably transmitting signaling data across mediums. In this era of fast paced life, safe commuting through rail, road and air has become a big challenge. Real time data transmission and gathering across various mediums need a communication system that is failsafe and ultra-reliable. Commtel addresses these critical requirements for both rail and road networks which lend themselves to optical fiber deployment due to availability of right of way. We have deployed turnkey solutions for inter-city, commuter and metro rail projects.

Commtel also offers advanced CCTV networks, passenger information display and passenger announcement systems, wireless communications and selected on-board applications for all segments of the transportation industry. We also develop specialized IT solutions, such as interfacing technical information from communication systems with commercial data, for e-business and extended enterprise applications.

New Sectors Mining Commtel Networks provides integrated communication solutions tailored to individual mining operations, ranging from converged fiber optic transmission systems, leaky waveguide systems, private radio networks, VoIP, public address systems, RFID and surveillance systems. Starting from the initial assessment of requirements and designing all the way up to commissioning and beyond, Commtel offers complete solutions both for greenfield projects as well as upgrades such as addition of new functionalities to existing systems or expansion of operations. Defense Commtel, in addition to directly serving the armed forces, also provides advanced telecommunication and surveillance solutions to related organizations of strategic national importance, such as DRDO and DAE.

Our Speciality

Testing of entire network by seamlessly integrating multiple complex telecom systems comprising of Converged Communications backbone, Surveillance and Security Systems, Fixed-Voice and Data Systems, Mobile-Voice and Data Systems and Safety Systems, as one performing unit has been our hallmark. This enables our customers to experience the interworking of all their systems much before it is implemented at site and allows them to modify the functionality if required. Systems Integration activity is one of the key process elements of our 3C Model wherein the system is built to meet the most stringent international standards and is vigorously tested for its functionality as per our customers' requirement. All system programming and configuration activities are undertaken during integration. Multi-layered traffic testing of systems at various stages like PRE-FAT, FAT and IFAT are conducted, which truly ensure flawless system performance at site.

Ensuring Reliable On-site Performance by Exhaustive Pre-deployment Testing

Commtel's talented and highly experienced pool of integration systems specialists pay attention to every detail when it comes to quality of workmanship and usability. The procedures followed for assembly interconnection of diverse equipment on to racks, cabling and facilitating uninterrupted connectivity have been developed through years of experience in the field. All systems are built for easy recognition and identification down to the wire and port level by operations and maintenance personnel. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating multiple systems to form a cohesive, robust and efficient solution. Extensive, micro-level pre-deployment testing capability under stringent conditions helps us deliver systems and solutions to our customers that are reliable, withstanding the test of time and place.


Integrating a Full Spectrum of Solutions Turnkey Solutions We design, engineer, integrate, supply, install, test & commission and manage all the activities for turnkey execution of dedicated converged telecommunication and surveillance systems projects. Our design and implementation capability ranges from simple point to point network to complex converged telecommunication network comprising multiple systems designed to meet specific Customer needs. We execute mission critical turnkey projects on a large scale through superior project management skills, with an acute awareness of timelines, resources, defined deliverables and milestones. The extensive processes involved to execute a comprehensive solution are as follows: w Detailed Design Engineering w Procurement w Multi-location Supply Chain Management w Systems Integration, Local Testing, FAT and IFAT w Installation, Commissioning and SAT Advanced Engineering Services Working with the design team of our Customers we identify their functional requirement and tailor a solution which meets their requirement to its fullest. Having engineered systems for various applications in the Energy and Hi-Tech sector, we possess substantial skills to evaluate and recommend technology which most suits the functional requirements for telecommunications and surveillance. TechCare- 24x7 Technical Support 'TechCare', comes across as an innovative customer engagement process that defines the way we engage with our customers, providing post-sales services to our valued customers which goes beyond general maintenance and

fault finding. 'TechCare' through its exclusive 24x7 TECHCARE SUPPORT CENTRE aims at providing effective management and expeditious resolution of a customer's technical complaints on a one to one level. Product Solutions Commtel provides a vast range of products as part of its turnkey deliverables. Having designed, deployed and supported systems built on various technologies, we have a track record of delivering world-class products seamlessly integrated as part of our converged telecommunication solution.


Commtel's Offerings

Wireless Communication Systems

Special Applications

w Tetra and DMR Trunked Radio System

w Meteorological System

Backbone Network Systems

w RFID Asset and Personnel Management System

w Integrated Command and Control Systems

w High Capacity WDM and Optical Transport Network Equipments

w HF SSB Radio System

w Centralized NMS

w VHF Marine and Air to Ground

w Ultra Long Range CCTV Cameras

w Fully Managed Packet Optical Transport, IP/MPLS Network Equipment w Next Generation SDH-STM1/4/16/64 with EoSDH capability

w NDB System w Marine Radar

w Ethernet and SDH Microwave Radios

w Radio Interoperability and Dispatcher System

LAN Systems


Wide range of switches designed to be deployed in Core, Distribution and Access applications with Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality having cross connect capability of 8Gbps - 2.5Tbps, suitable for harsh environments.

w Vehicle Tracking System

w Software Defined Networks

Surveillance and Safety Systems w CCTV system with NVMS and Video Analytics w Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS-fiber and IR based) w Pipeline Intrusion and Integrity Management System w Pipeline Leak Detection System w PAGA, Page Party and Intercom Systems

w Wireless LAN w GMDSS Radios (EPIRB/SART) Vital Communication Systems w Digital/IP EPABX Systems- switching system for Voice and Data (IP, EPABX, VoIP etc.) w Video Conferencing and Telepresence w System Synchronization Clocks

w Access Control System

w Industrial Grade Ex-Proof Equipment (CCTV Cameras, Phones, Speakers, Beacons, Call Stations)

w Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

w Structured Cabling Systems

w Explosives and Chemical Detection Systems

w Power Supply Systems

w Berthing Aid Systems Customized Products We specialize in adapting standard OEM products to suit peculiar site conditions for our customers by suitable customization. Be it hardware, software or mechanical customization, our design engineering team is capable of understanding the exact requirements and offers ingenious solutions which meets the critical operating necessities of our customers which otherwise cannot be met by standard products.


Owning Critical Responsibility Through Uncompromising Efforts

Having deployed over 50,000 Kms of networks we have developed deep understanding of the domains where we operate, adding substantial value to our customers that goes well beyond the norm. We keep challenging ourselves and take pride in providing extensive, next-gen and competitive range of solutions to our customers through actions that set us apart. We undertake critical responsibility towards our customers through committedPeople, Process, Premise, Portfolio and Partners, the competencies which differentiate us from our competitors.

People Our 'Human Capital' is our biggest asset. The growth engines of Commtel have been for years, it's highly experienced talent pool who come from diverse backgrounds, work in different departments, yet function as a cohesive team. Over the last 19 years, we have learnt and gained valuable experience by serving over 200 customers and effectively utilized our knowledge and skills to serve them in the best possible way. Our customers are able to tap into 400 years of combined technical experience and expertise in dedicated converged telecommunication networks. Global footprints of our operations have also helped us understand, learn and

adopt new and latest technologies, which are then subsequently passed on to our customers. Backed immensely by a committed and proactive customer care unit makes the people combination a perfect service enhancer for customers and partners alike. More than 200 Commtelians work in a dedicated manner to serve its customers in the infrastructure space. The technical proď€ ciency, commercial acumen and unmatched personal relationships which we share with our customers is unparalleled and has stood the test of time, making us the most sought after company in its domain.




Being engaged in the business of delivering high performance, technical and technologically advanced telecommunication solutions makes it imperative for us to devise customized and efcient processes. Hence, to foster a highly engaging and efcient engagement channel with our customers we have developed customized processes encompassing entire project lifecycle management from conceptualization to care stage. In order to strive for continual improvement of our processes focused towards optimum customer satisfaction in all our business aspects, we engage in the following unique practices-

People and Processes needs to be supported by a wellorganized and scalable infrastructure. We have keenly observed and learnt from our customers requirement over the years and have strategically built customized solutions and delivery centers in India and UAE enabling us to deliver on our promise. Our state of the art facilities which span 42,000 sq. ft. of cumulative operating space across India, UAE and USA help us in delivering our projects in a cost effective and time efcient manner.

w The 3C Engagement Model is the focal point of all our delivery capabilities. With 'Conceptualize, Construct and Care' we are able to engage, satisfy and reassure every customer with total integrated solutions, adding value to businesses across sectors. w Attained ISO 9001:2008 certication from Bureau Veritas in the year 2003 and streamlined the QMS process. w TechCare is our most denitive solution towards 24x7 Technical Support to our customers. It ensures absolute delivery capabilities pertaining to all Technical Care and post-sales services which goes beyond general maintenance and fault nding. TechCare through its dedicated 24x7 TECHCARE SUPPORT CENTRE aims at providing effective management and expeditious resolution of a customer's technical complaints on a one to one level. w Occupational Health and Safety has always been a fundamental aspect of Commtel's day to day operations. Commtel, since inception has been committed to its

human capital's safety and well-being. We are now a certied OHSAS 18001:2007 organization, a strong sign of our commitment and resolve towards our employees' health and safety. We understand the fact that sound occupational health and safety policies are not just essential for employees, but have also become critical factors for customer satisfaction and stakeholder management. w Enterprise Resource Planning: We have implemented a highly advanced and state of the art business management software, a suite of integrated applications that is effectively used to collect, store, manage and interpret data from our many business activities that include product planning, cost management, service delivery modules, sales application, vendor management, inventory and stock handling etc. The above laid processes are 'Designed by Choice, not by Chance' and hence we are ever-committal in achieving World's Best Practices and sustainability in all aspects of our business. We at Commtel rmly believe that we have sufciently succeeded in effective channelization of our knowledge and experience through well-dened processes which enable next level of customer engagement.




In a span of over 18 years, starting from a few thousand kilometers, we have established over 50,000 Kms of dedicated telecom networks across the Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation and allied sectors. Our global delivery, project execution capabilities and the fact that more than 50% of Oil & Gas pipelines in India utilize communication systems deployed by Commtel are a proof of our unmatched commitment towards customer satisfaction. A formidable reference list of projects delivered in India, Middle-East and Africa is an unstated testimony for our customers that we can deliver similar projects when it comes to diversity and scale.

Forging Strategic Alliances and Technology Partnerships There has been a paradigm shift in the way people and entities consume technology today. A lot has changed over the past decade in the telecommunication space with the advent of next-gen technologies and innovative solutions that address critical customer requirements. Commtel's dedication to provide unmatched business solutions to its customers has enabled it to develop and nurture long term associations with its partners. Partnering is a vital aspect of our growth strategy which combines our strengths with

high-performance, future driven and application based products and solutions of our technology partners. Over the many years of our presence in the telecommunication industry we have partnered with leading technology enablers and global OEMs to support and service our customers with cutting-edge and robust technology solutions. Some of our notable partners in our pursuit to provide advanced telecommunication systems are: CISCO, CORIANT, EATON, FIBERHOME, FOTECH SOLUTIONS, INDUSTRONICS, MICROSENS, MOTOROLA, NOKIA NETWORKS and SCHNEIDER.


Engineering a More Robust Capability for Project Management Multi-location Supply Chain Management- Efcient process on a global scale

The key to success in executing turnkey solutions is superlative project management, an integral aspect of our commitment to provide robust business solutions. A mission critical network needs absolute attention to detail, hence our project managers are trained to be our Customers' representatives inside Commtel. Commitment to meet timelines and high quality on agreed deliverables is paramount to our project managers. As part of turn-key solution, a detailed project execution plan with schedule is prepared and followed towards dened deliverables and milestones. Regular updates of progress are provided to the designated customer

representative through reports and scheduled project meetings, which also serve as the platform to resolve outstanding issues. The process involves interfacing and coordination with the multiple parties including EPCs, civil and electrical contractors, government and regulatory bodies. Commtel has developed in-depth experience in executing large scale telecom projects through years of practice in this domain. Project Management Tools such as Primavera, MS Projects and S-Curves indicating project progress on planned versus actual are our standard way of working. Superior quality engineering and on-eld expertise translate into seamless integration of mission critical applications or existing infrastructure of bre optic network, all forming an integral part of project life-cycle management. Detailed understanding of onsite environment enables our project managers to provide application specic solutions for various terrains and changing soil conditions. Multiple system deliveries also call for having highly efcient skills in managing multi-location supply chain and hence, over the years we have built skills and relationships which help us meet our Customers' expectations at all times.


Staying Equipped Round the Clock to Provide Technical Support 'TechCare', an acronym for 'technical care', is a distinct service which is targeted at addressing customer needs at an unparalleled personal level. TechCare derives its essence and meaning from the 'Care' element of Commtel's 3C engagement model, ensuring absolute delivery capabilities pertaining to Technical Care services. At Commtel we understand and acknowledge the fact that after-sales support is of paramount importance. Hence, in our quest to achieve high standards of service offering to our customers, TechCare comes across as an innovative customer engagement process that enhances manifold, the way we support and serve them. TechCare, an integral part of our Care and Sustenance Group, defines the way we engage with our customers providing post-sales services to our valued customers which goes beyond general maintenance and fault finding. TechCare through its dedicated 24x7 TECHCARE SUPPORT CENTRE aims at providing effective management and expeditious resolution of a customer's technical complaints on a one to one level.

Honor Roll

Certicate of Excellence- 2013 from Inc. India 500

Sales Challenge Award from Nokia Siemens Networks

Appreciation Certicate from GAIL India Limited

Certicate of Excellence- 2011 from Inc. India 500

Ecorecognition Award by Ecoreco

2014 Partner Recognition Award by Coriant

Acknowledging Your Role in Helping Us Gain Recognition Best Technical Paper Award from ISA- Delhi Section

Featured in Leading SMEs of India 2014Dun & Bradstreet

Quality Policy We at Commtel Networks are committed for total customer fulfilment and delight by providing engineered communication, security, safety & special application technology solutions. We shall strive for continual improvement of our processes and comply with all applicable requirements, policies and regulations, in order to achieve world's best practices and sustainability in all aspects of our business. We shall provide training and knowledge to every employee so as to ensure a total quality outcome for our business processes through competence development and performance enhancement. We shall achieve this by understanding customers' needs, delivering quality products and dependable services in the agreed time and at a price which represents superior value.


Strategic Intent To be a Leading, Competent and Dependable global telecommunication solutions and service provider To develop a growing and sustainable business model which provides value and sense of pride to all involved To create a knowledge infrastructure which drives innovation, technology and economic development

Core Values Nurture relationship with Clients and contribute to their success Our Clients' success is our success. It is our passion to help our Clients succeed. Our actions ensure that every engagement with the Client is a fresh new experience. We truly believe we have them for life. Innovate and stay Quality Focused We stretch to do everything better in order to reach the next level, every time. We single-mindedly focus on delivering better quality– be it in our product or service. Build Synergy through Teamwork and Trust We strive to build the 'best place to work in', based on trust, respect, honesty, openness and collaborative effort. Respect people and be Socially Responsible Irrespective of position, cast or creed we treat everyone with due respect and honor. We endeavor to do our utmost to lend a helping hand, more so to the needy and the under privileged. Learn to grow and have fun at work We open our minds to never stop learning and encourage wisdom to help us grow. We spark excitement at work because we deliver our best when we enjoy every moment.

Contact Us

Regus Chambers, The Legacy Level 1, 25/A, Shakespeare Sarani Kolkata- 700 017. India Tel: +91 33 4400 0744 Fax: +91 33 4400 0555

INDIA TOLL FREE: 1800 209 8011 U.A.E. TOLL FREE: 8000 3570 3755


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