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A-8100 Carrier Ethernet Core Switch

High Capacity Carrier Ethernet Core Switch for Metro Ethernet Backbone Networks

As service providers and carriers worldwide look to scale their Metro Area Network, they must also select solutions that deliver not only greater performance at lower cost, but also the ability to rapidly and profitably roll out new services. The A-Series, Nokia Siemens Networks family of Carrier Ethernet Switches, is purpose-built to handle the requirements of service providers who are building the next generation of metro networks. Features

A High Capacity Switch for Today’s Metro Networks

• 150 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Switch

The A-8100 is a 13 unit high rack, highdensity Carrier Ethernet core switch that supports up to fifteen 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports or up to 120 Gigabit Ethernet ports. It features a 150 Gbps non-blocking switching fabric and supports non-blocking full wirespeed processing for all interfaces.

• MEF compliant E-Line and E-LAN services • Standard MPLS and Pseudo Wire based Layer 2 Services

The A-8100 employs a standard MPLS-based architecture to deliver mass deployed scalable services without the scalability limitations of typical Enterprise class Ethernet Switches. It also features sub-50 millisecond failure recovery, redundant DC power, full redundancy and hot swapability of all modules.

• MPLS-based 50ms Protection for network and equipment failures • Scalable and Flexible L2VPN / E-LAN with ingress and egress bandwidth profiles per site utilizing VPLS-TE • MPLS Point-to-Multipoint LSPs and IGMP support for Multicast video distribution • Extensive L2 OA&M and troubleshooting tools • Full redundancy and carrier class architecture METRO ETHERNET FORUM

A-8100 Carrier Ethernet Core Switch

A-Series Switches End-to-End Carrier Ethernet Solution

Applications High Capacity Aggregation

Dual homed GbE Rings




10 GbE


10 GbE

N x 10 GbE Core

A4100 Business

Business A2140

Video Telephony


A8100 A2100


Service PoP

GbE Access Rings A2140 A100

Residence DEMARC





Carrier Ethernet Services • SLA backed E-Line Services for delivery of point to point Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) and Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (EVPL) connecting two Enterprise locations for mission critical applications including storage backup application. • High speed Internet access services using Ethernet infrastructure • E-LAN or Transparent LAN Services (TLS) for LAN to LAN connectivity services with ingress and egress bandwidth profiles using VPLS-TE • Point-to-multipoint (P2MP) Video Broadcast Services (E-Tree) • Point-to-point TDM services over a common infrastructure enabled by Circuit Emulation over Ethernet (using A-2100 CES)

Product Overview The A-8100 is a high capacity metro core switch for metro Ethernet backbone networks. The A-8100 houses the following components: • 15 Interface cards, each 1 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet, or 8 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet • 2 Switch and Controller Cards providing 1:1 protection • 2 DC power supply modules • 3 fan units This powerful combination provides service providers with unique flexibility in delivering scalable Ethernet services for Enterprise as well as Residential and Backhaul applications in a variety of small and large locations. The A-8100 complements Nokia Siemens Networks family of A-Series Switches while using the same Interface cards as the A-4100. The common architecture of the product portfolio, combined with the industry leading ASPEN network management platform delivers carrier class architecture to support the scalability, protection, resiliency, seamless service provisioning and service management requirements of a service provider.

The A-8100 provides high-capacity Ethernet aggregation for POPs and COs serving a large number of subscribers. The A-8100 provides a lowcost entry price while allowing the Service Provider to scale up to 150G of Ethernet aggregation in a single location. The A-8100 offers a direct Ethernet UNI to subscribers either with or without GE demarcation devices, as well as termination of A-Series Switches 1G access rings based on the A-2000 family of products. The A-4100 also allows for off-Net subscriber connectivity through QinQ VLAN handoff to 3rd party access providers and other access technologies (e.g. DSL, PON, Wireless etc.) • 1G and 10G MPLS core transport • MEF E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Tree services with hard QoS and 50ms protection • Extensive Ethernet OA&M and troubleshooting tools

Rapid Provisioning for Maximum Profitability The A-8100 Carrier Ethernet aggregation switch enables service providers to rapidly provision customized services on demand. All services can be provisioned using the ASPEN network and services management suite. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be provisioned in seconds with flexible parameters, following the MEF 10 service attributes standard, including the following: • Committed Information Rate (CIR) • Excess Information Rate (EIR) • Four levels of priority • Delay • Jitter • Protection level (sub-50ms, sub 10 seconds, none)

A-8100 Carrier Ethernet Core Switch

Converged Triple Play and Business Service Transport

IP backbone/Inter-Metro Services

The A-8100 is the ideal Carrier Ethernet switch for Video Serving Hubs and other main POPs, connecting Triple Play routers, BRAS devices and contents servers to the Ethernet aggregation network, while running business Ethernet services over the same infrastructure. Utilzing connection-oriented MPLS technology, the A-8100 allows Service Providers to transport delay/ jitter sensitive voice and video traffic, while guaranteeing committed bandwidth for business services running at lower or same Classes-of-Service. • Hard QoS for Multicast and Unicast Services at any class-of-Service • 50mSec protection for Multicast and Unicast Services against network and video source failures • Point-to-Multipoint LSPs for scalable and easily manageable multicast services • Traffic Engineered VPLS (VPLSTE) for subscriber aggregation and Server to DSLAM connectivity

Given its capacity and feature set the A-8100 is often used by Service Providers looking to extend their Layer 2 and Layer 3 services over multiple metros. • Standard MPLS and Pseudo Wire Interworking of Ethernet services and tunnels to standard-based MPLS devices • MPLS extension over NMS-provisioned VLAN handoff tunnels to longhaul routers using an overlay model. This allows usage of any VLAN-aware longhaul technology (e.g. DWDM, SONET/SDH etc.) for Inter-metro connectivity • VPLS-TE with guaranteed bandwidth per end-point for seamless connectivity of L3 routers over a L2 network while guaranteeing bandwidth per router • Extensive OA&M and troubleshooting tools for managing Inter-Metro connectivity

Carrier Class Redundancy and Resiliency

Nokia Siemens Networks’ A-Series Switches deliver standard compliant E1/T1, DS-3 and STM-1/ OC-3 for both telephony and data applications. The A-8100’s plug & play operation, error free implementation and integrated network management dramatically simplify network operations and reduces both capital and operational expenditures for carriers.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ A-8100 has been designed to deliver the SDH/SONET-like reliability that carriers demand with the price, performance, and scalability of Ethernet. The A-8100 delivers comprehensive end-to-end protection against fiber cuts, device failures and human error. Redundant power supplies as well as Redundant Switch and Management Modules offer additional protection.

Flexible, Multi-Protocol Transport The A-8100 delivers flexible connectivity options over Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-tomultipoint service topologies. Customer traffic can be mapped to connections based on a wide variety of criteria, including ports, VLANs, IP addresses, L2/L3 QoS marking and L2/L3 protocols. In addition to pure Ethernet connectivity, service providers can transport legacy TDM traffic over the Carrier Ethernet network using Circuit Emulation Services (CES) technology.

Industry-leading Service Provisioning and Management Solution Nokia Siemens Networks ASPEN solution delivers the optimal management, control and provisioning capability needed by service providers to ensure fast, reliable and flexible service operations across the network. Based on standard TeleManagement Forum (TMF) architecture, ASPEN supports all network and system management processes.

Wireless & Cellular Backhaul Combined with Nokia Siemens Networks A-Series Switches’ edge, access, Aggregation and ASPEN network management products, the A-8100 provides a cost-effective transport of Ethernet and TDM for current and next generation technology cellular providers. Aggregating NxE1/T1 voice/ data and FE or GE data from base stations, to the MSC, the A-8100 aggregates all data and voice traffic onto Gigabit Ethernet, and STM-1/OC-3 respectively. The ability of Service Providers to combine cellular backhaul with business services and residential Triple Play over the same infrastructure provides a true Universal Transport Carrier Ethernet solution. • Solid QoS and 50ms protection supports the stringent delay jitter and packet loss requirements of TDM transport over Ethernet • Extensive OA&M tools for managing and troubleshooting Ethernet connections over a 3rd party Metro Ethernet Service Provider

The open API brings fast and flexible integration with service providers’ Operating Support Systems (OSS) applications, thus ensuring that all network elements are properly managed and controlled. An open API provides fast and flexible integration with thirdparty and OSS applications. ASPEN features a CORBA- and XML-based, open API that enables simple and flexible integration with OSS applications. The OSServer supports all network management with a comprehensive set of operations, enabling OSS applications to perform all desired functions.

A-8100 Carrier Ethernet Core Switch

A-8100 Specifications



• Physical Dimensions: 620mm(H) x 445mm(W) x 624mm(D) Width includes the mounting brackets: 483mm Depth from the mounting brackets (flush mount): 584mm Front end measurement (flush mount): 40mm • Physical: 19” and 23” Rack Mounted Front Access to all data and management ports • Power In (nominal): 40.5V+/- 0.5V to 72V +/- 0.75V (47VDC Min. turn on voltage)

Interface Modules

Gigabit Ethernet Module • Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-X ports, small formfactor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers, LC connectors, hot-swappable: • 1000Base-SX Multi-mode (500m) • 1000Base-LX Single-mode (10km) • 1000Base-LH Single-mode (50km) • 1000Base-LH Single-mode (70km) • 1000Base-LH Single-mode (120km) • Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) interfaces (70km, 100km)

• IETF Standards • • • • • • • • • •

RFC 768 RFC 783 RFC 791 RFC 792 RFC 793 RFC 826 RFC 854 RFC 2030 RFC 2328 RFC 2865

• • • • • • • • • •

RFC 2961 RFC 3031 RFC 3209 RFC 3036 RFC 3032 RFC 3564 RFC 3630 RFC 3985 RFC 4252 RFC 4253

• IETF Drafts • • • •

draft-ietf-l2vpn-l2-framework-05.txt draft-ietf-l2vpn-requirements-06.txt draft-ietf-l2vpn-vpls-ldp-08.txt draft-ietf-pwe3-control-protocol17.txt • draft-ietf-pwe3-ethernet-encap11.txt

• IETF Standards: MIB Support • • • • • •

IanaifType RFC 1850 RFC 1907 RFC 2011 RFC 2863 RFC 2668

• • • • •

RFC 2737 RFC 2495 RFC 3811 RFC 3812 RFC 3813

10 Gigabit Ethernet Module • 10-GE Module XFP Connector. Supported optics: – Multi-mode 10GE 850nm (200m) – Single-mode 10GE 1310nm (10Km) – Single-mode 10GE 1550nm (40Km) – Single-mode 10GE 1550nm (70Km) • 10-GE Module Fixed MSA Connector. Supported optics: – Single-mode 10GE Module at 1310nm (40km) – Single-mode 10GE Tunable DWDM Module Environmental Requirements

• Operating Temperature: 0º to 45ºC • Operating Humidity: 10 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing • Storage Temperature: -20º to 85ºC


• ASPEN • RS-232 Administration Console: Industrystandard Command Line Interface (CLI ) • Out-of-band management via 10/100 Base-TX port • In-band management of entire network via Gigabit Ethernet port • Dedicated management VLAN • Supports multiple NMS stations • SNMP • Telnet / SSH • Modem • Radius Support • Syslog Server Support • SNTP Support • Secured Device Login Authentication

Regulatory General

• NEBS - GR-63 & GR-1089 (NEBS Level 3 type 2) • Environmental - EN 300 019

Regulatory EMC

• USA • Europe

• Korea

FCC 47 CFR part 15 Subpart B • EN 300 386 • EN 300 132 • EN 201 468 MIC Certificate


• USA • Europe

UL 60950 EN 60950

Laser Safety


FDA Radiation Performance Standard 21 CFR Subchapter J 60825-1/2 (IEC)

• Metro Ethernet Forum Standards • • • • •


• • • •

MEF 10 MEF 11 MEF 12 MEF 14

• IEEE 802 Standards • IEEE 802.3 • IEEE 802.3u • IEEE 802.3z

• IEEE 802.1p • IEEE 802.1D • IEEE 802.1Q

All specifications are subject to change.

• Europe

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