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CE Express Server Lifters

Cletop Original

The Comms Express range of manual server lifters and work positioners are available in powder coated mild steel or stainless steel. The “Easy Winch” system is used to raise and lower the load safely with the minimum of manual effort.

CLETOP fibre optic connector cleaners are the fibre industry standard connector cleaner, an essential part of every engineer’s tool kit.



DCSL-105 CE Battery Server Lifter - 105kg DCSL-155 CE Battery Server Lifter - 155kg DCSL-205 CE Battery Server Lifter - 205kg DCSL-65 CE Battery Server Lifter - 65kg DCSL-85 CE Battery Server Lifter - 85kg DCSL-105EM CE Battery Server Lifter c/w Extended Mast - 105kg DCSL-155EM CE Battery Server Lifter c/w Extended Mast - 155kg DCSL-85EM CE Battery Server Lifter c/w Extended Mast - 85kg DCWPM-140 CE Manual Server Lifter - 140kg DCWPM-200 CE Manual Server Lifter - 200kg DCWPM-85 CE Manual Server Lifter - 85kg

£4,834.35 £5,107.80 £6,393.75 £3,517.20 £3,842.20 £5,265.60 £5,967.20 £4,268.75 £2,031.25 £3,364.05 £1,719.47


200CLETOPA Cletop Type A Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 x Blue Tape Reel 200CLETOPAW Cletop Type A Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 x White Tape Reel 200CLETOPB Cletop Type B Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 x Blue Tape Reel 200CLETOPBW Cletop Type B Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 x White Tape Reel 200CLETOPMPO Cletop Type MPO Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 x White Tape Reel 200CLETOPRRBL Cletop Replacement Tape Reel Blue 200CLETOPRRW Cletop Replacement Tape Reel White

Cletop Type S Cletop fibre optic connector cleaners have an easy to replace ‘drop in’ tape cartridge rather than the reel on the original Cletop.

CE Express Crash Carts The Comms Express computer crash cart provides a mobile computing platform that can be used in a host of locations from datacentres, computer rooms and offices to factories, hospitals and stores. Description


DC17031174 Mobile Datacenter Computer Crash Cart





200CLETOPRCSB Cletop S Replacement Cartridge Blue Tape 200CLETOPRCSW Cletop S Replacement Cartridge White Tape 200CLETOPSA Cletop-S Type A Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 Blue Tape 200CLETOPSB Cletop-S Type B Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 Blue Tape 200CLETOPSBW Cletop-S Type B Reel Fibre Cleaner c/w 1 White Tape

£19.95 £19.95 £74.50 £74.50 £74.50


Fibre Cleaning Pens

Moving servers is now a one man job with ServerLift. A single operator is able to navigate the heavy load easily through doorways, narrow Data Centre aisles and can rotate on it on its axis to any degree.

The Fujikura One-Click™ cleaners are mechanical cleaning tools designed to clean connectors residing in an adaptor or faceplate and unmated connectors.



DCSL-350-XI Server Lifter - Manual Crank (160 kg Capacity) DCSL-500-XI Server Lifter - Heavy Duty Electric (230 kg Capacity) DCSL-LE500-X Lift Extension (230 kg Capacity) DCSL-RL500-X Platform Riser (230 kg Capacity) DCSL-XWE1-500 1 Year Extended Warranty / Service Agreement DCSL-XWE3-500 3 Year Extended Warranty / Service Agreement DCSL-XWE5-500 5 Year Extended Warranty / Service Agreement



DCCP1.25 Fujikura One-Click Cleaning Pen - LC and MU connectors DCCP2.5 Fujikura One-Click Cleaning Pen SC - SC, ST, FC, and UPC DCCPMPO2 IBC One-Click Cleaner MPO

Fibrlok single fibre optical splices utilize a metallic splicing element held inside a molded plastic body and cap to provide a fast, permanent splice. Index matching gel at the fibre splice interface helps enable a low loss splice. Price(£)

DC3M2501 3M™ Fibrlok™ Assembly Tool 2501 DC3M2504G 3M™ Fibrlok™ 250 µm Fiber Splice Assembly Tool 2504G DC3M2529 3M™ Fibrlok™ II Universal Optical Fiber Splice 2529 DC3M2529-AS 3M™ Fibrlok™ II Angle Fibre Splice, Bulk 2529-AS DC3M2559-C 3M™ Fibrlok™ Splice Kit with Cleave Tool DC3M2565 3M™ Fibre Optic Angle Cleave Kit with Angle Cleaver 2565

£56.39 £52.58 £33.53 £487.00 £1,433.75 £4,046.25

£34.50 £34.50 £69.99

Fibre Cleaning Consumables To assist you when decontaminating fibre connectors we are able to supply a range of accessories to make the job as easy as possible. Including, cleaning wipes, tissues, contact cleaners, aerosols and fluids.



£79.55 £79.55 £79.55 £79.55 £157.85 £19.95 £19.95



DCCLEANAIR Aerosol Duster DCCLEANBUDS 2.5mm Foam Cleaning Buds 100 pack For FC/ST/SC DCCLEANSTICK 1.25mm Micro Fibre Cleaning Sticks 100 pack For LC/MU DCCLEANTIS100 Optical Fibre Cleaning Tissue - Pack of 100 DCCLEANTIS400 Optical Fibre Cleaning Tissue - Pack of 400 DCCLEANWIPES Optical Fibre Cleaning Wipes Pack Of 50 DCFCC2 Fibre Optic Contact Cleaner DCFPF Fibre Optic Preparation Fluid

£10.00 £21.99 £68.55 £10.55 £28.00 £18.00 £13.00 £11.50

Fibre Inspection Tools Fibre Panels

The OPT-FHS series hand-held fibre inspection microscopes, available in 200X and 400X magnification, are an ideal choice for checking field terminations for fibre end face quality.

Supplied unloaded and finished in light grey. Fibre panels can be loaded with SC Simplex Max. 24 Fibres or LC Duplex Max. 48 Fibres. Description



DCOPT-FHS-200X Handheld Inspection Microscope - 200X DCOPT-FHS-400X Handheld Inspection Microscope - 400X


DCFP1UR 1U 19” Recessed fibre panel

£128.50 £140.00


Fluke Network Testers Fibre Cleaning Kits

Also available from Comms Express

The fibre optic cleaning kits combine all the best and most widely used products in one simple to use package. They contain all the necessary products to competently and professionally clean fibre optic installations. Description

Pg. 67-68


DCCLEANKIT1 Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit 1 DCCLEANKIT2 Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit 2 DCCLEANKIT3 Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit 3

FAX: 0800 488 0001

£118.99 £242.99 £346.55


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