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Check out our huge range of Allied Telesis products! We stock switches, converters and modules – all ready for immediate dispatch if in stock. Free delivery on orders over £20 and you can choose special delivery options that will guarantee your order is with you as early as 9am the next day! For our full range visit:

Allied Telesis Fast Ethernet Media Converters

Allied Telesis Network Interface Cards Allied Telesis server adapters provide high throughput with optional redundancy, ensuring high availability of network servers.

The FS200 series switches are the ideal solution when the time comes to upgrade your traditional 10Mbps thernet network or extend your 100Mbps fast ethernet network. Description



FEAT-FS201-60 100FX (ST) multimode fiber standalone media/rate converter FEAT-FS232/2-60 100FX (SC) single-mode fibre standalone media and rate converter FEAT-FS238A/1-60 100FX (SC) single-mode fiber standalone media and rate converter FEAT-FS238B/1-60 100FX (SC) single-mode fiber standalone media and rate converter FEAT-MC102XL-30 100TX to 100FX (SC) standalone media converter FEAT-MC103XL-30 100TX to 100FX (SC) standalone media converter FEAT-MC104XL-60 100FX(SC) MM to 100FX (SC) SM 15km Media Converter FEAT-MC115XL-60 10/100TX to 10FL/100SX (ST) standalone media converter FEAT-MC605-60 Extended Ethernet over VDSL FEAT-MCR12-30 Power Distribution Chassis FEAT-PC232/POE-30 10/100TX POE to 100FX (SC) standalone Media Converter FEAT-PWR4-30 Hot Swappable, AC Redundant power supply module for AT-MCR12 FEAT-TRAY4 Rack Mount Kit for up to 4 Media Converters

£66.64 £105.22 £129.22 £129.22 £42.74 £71.16 £102.88 £85.73 £132.03 £244.34 £184.10 £106.31 £34.29


FEAT-2701FTXA/ST-001 Allied Telesis AT-2701FTXA/ST-001 FEAT-2701FXA/ST-001 Allied Telesis AT-2701FXA/ST-001 FEAT-2711FX/SC-001 Allied Telesis AT-2711FX/SC-001 FEAT-2911SX/LC-001 Allied Telesis AT-2911SX/LC-001 FEAT-2916SX/SC-001 Allied Telesis AT-2916SX/SC-001

Allied Telesis 8000 Series Managed Edge Switches Allied Telesis 8000 Edge fast ethernet & gigabit switches are low-cost, managed and stackable. They are 1RU high and rack mountable. Some switches in this series have optional PoE.

Allied Telesis Gigabit Media Converters Description

These media converters have the functionality to connect any managed/unmanaged 1000Mbps switch or hub using standard 1000T RJ-45 connections and convert the signal to 1000Base optical via the SFP. Description


FEAT-8000GS/24-30 24 ports stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4 combo SFP ports FEAT-8000GS/24POE-30 24 ports PoE stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4 combo FEAT-8000GS/48-30 48 ports managed stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch with SFP FEAT-8000S/16-30 16 port Managed Fast Ethernet switch with SFP with 1 combo port FEAT-8000S/24-30 24 ports stackable Fast Ethernet switch with 2 combo SFP ports FEAT-8000S/48POE-30 48 ports PoE stackable Fast Ethernet switch with 2 combo ports

£137.18 £131.52 £135.37 £128.60

Allied Telesis 9000 Series Managed Gigabit Switches The Allied Telesis 9000 Series brings advanced enterprise features to small and medium size business, supporting the current needs of the market. All switches in this family are rack mountable.

Allied Telesis Unmanaged Desktop Switches Allied Telesis FS700 Series unmanaged fast ethernet desktop switches are ideal for small to medium networks. Easy set-up gives you quick and simple connectivity to your existing network infrastructure.



FEAT-9000/28-30 28 Port Gigabit Managed eco-friendly Switch FEAT-9000/52-30 52 Port Gigabit Managed eco-friendly Switch


FEAT-FS705EFC/SC-60 4 Ports 100FX(SC) Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Sw External PSU FEAT-FS705LE-30 5 port Unmanaged Fast Ethernet switch w/external power supply unit

£48.78 £10.40

Allied Telesis Modules The AT-SP series offers the latest industry standard in flexible, full-duplex Ethernet connectivity. These hotswappable, fibre interfaces simply plug into an SFP slot on Allied Telesis products that are SFP compatible. Description

£394.57 £640.08 £656.74 £166.59 £201.67 £789.14


FEAT-GS2002/SP-60 Gigabit Ethernet to fiber SFP standalone media and rate converter FEAT-MC1004-30 Gigabit Ethernet to 1000SX (SC) standalone media converter FEAT-MC1008/GB-60 Gigabit Ethernet to fiber GBIC standalone media converter FEAT-MC1008/SP-60 Gigabit Ethernet to fiber SFP standalone media converter


£85.73 £81.44 £81.44 £150.03 £89.17


FEAT-SPFX/2 100FX (LC) SFP, 2 km FEAT-SPLX10 1000LX (LC) SFP, 10km FEAT-SPSX 1000SX (LC) SFP, 550m FEAT-SPTX 1000T SFP, 100m

£34.29 £68.59 £63.74 £68.59

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