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no. 4

The Dawning Season



no. 4 The Dawning Season



no. 4 The Dawning Season

Wake me up, when August starts. This is it. This is it. With the end of summer here they come, here they hangover around the possibility of awakening half common and half uncommon. Widely respected and trusted, guys, you must convince yourselves that some signs and symbols roll over your head each day, getting you a bit confused. What about a morning trip in the "urban" jungle? That's what we did for this issue, we lost in the glass woods, covering up our face, trying to escape the light, because we are rocks, we're shaded, yes. But the morning will come. Yet, it will surprise you all. Enjoy. COMMONUNCOMMON Team.

Waking up is always a nightmare under a blue sky: fierce and dull eyes, glued together and viscid, half-closed and porous of light.

Indeed, the sky is terse, it smells clean and clean is my soul, standing as a candidate to the fast and then slow ticking of a wall clock.

Nothing is more driving than this whisper that, like a lover, lifts me up: it's a pulviscle trail filling up my left cheek, in a premeditated slow-motion, calling me up in the bathroom.

I give a quick glance to the digital minute hand, then catch the first garment encountered in the fixity of a morning that's just begun. Now I run to the bathroom, I must wake up or I'll be too late.

I’d willingly stay and wallow in the pungent untidy sheets, while they cherish me in the lightness of pillows that sustain my heavy head.

At least, they can excellently treasure all my anxiety and its vertiginous and lustful eruptions; they can hold my happiness and contain it all without letting it out.

When it’s about impure souls, maybe even unpunished and pure, the pillows speak with their own voice and sweat untellable truths.

Just because, when it happens to be subjected to the voracity of a winter day, sunny and cold, sweet and bitter, pungent and smelly, the pillows help to consolidate the structures any of all our life thoughts lean on, unshaken.

This morning rose this way: it’s a psycho romantic prettiness and fantasy that spark in the shutter slits yet a little open.

Still feel its echoing in my brains, caressed by the rancour of a slow wind, early riser that cannot find the strength to awake myself from my position. I am glad.

Gladness I could only encounter this morning.

Being common, you know, means always carrying a big burden, but also a big speciality. You can confuse yourself with the rest of the world and accept that the uniqueness derives from an exploitation of mornings.

The mornings let us fuel up our ego, full of useful information up to project schemes, images, instants, lives, balances, ordered and disordered, running or slowing down, dressing and undressing, forcing us to a routine.

And when I stop and think about the criteria that I must use for bulleting my projections of the day, stone by stone, here I lose my balancing and I fall ahead.

today, I'll be something else.

Every morning so many people try to reinvent themselves, for lunch, for the afternoon, for tea, then dinner and night and get hammered.

It happens that trying to reinvent yourself entails the invention of tricks, artifices with which all this poetry can be easily become raining water.

I'm in front of a mirror. I can choose to stay quiet and warm, inside my incisive delirium of thoughts.

Than I cling to my fuzziness and start up.

I need to wear something, to front the audience, but first, to admit that I am somebody, somebody who owns the privilege to get lost amongst anybody. Unique.

by Evan Manson from "Short Breath" 2008

Antidote three opinions about


SUZI CHANG photographer San Francisco I don't follow fashion, but fashion keeps following me and stealing all my ideas... I follow my heart, my creativity, my imagination... I am in the service to the highest power, the power of love... and suddenly a unique style emerges that is often referred to as fashion, but really it's closer to love and art and passion, than merely the business of fashion, that's really more concerned with selling than exploring imagination and creativity. We don't need trends. It doesn't matter what anyone else is wearing or doing or thinking about you. Breakout, be your own fashion hero, your own style guru. Don't be a victim! Don't let anyone else tell you what to wear. Wear your clothes playfully and joyously, don't let your clothes wear you. You don't need a label, you need to be healthy and feel good, smile first, hug a lot and make lots of delicious love every chance you get. What you wear tells the world who you are. Don't mis-communicate.

STEFANIA LOSCHI artist/designer Milano Here they are. I see them getting closer..smiling..sitting down at my table and crossing their precious legs sustaining an incredible body that sometimes holds a brain. Our lunch/interview/discussion begins, the topic is “Fashion Victim, the antidote”. Oscar de la Renta: all, you all are fashion victims and I invented this neologism.... Donatella Versace: As far as I'm concerned, the platinum blond is the secret for being unique and distinguished from the mass. The platinum blondes with real black hair: yes, that's right. D&G: we don't copy Armani, we've never seen one of his shows.

Armani: Picasso said “Copy inevitable, by the way cop vides sterility... Sarah Jessica Parker: I'm while I guess that the rea any creativity or personal up glamour marathons on hi is a pair of precious Mano run... Runner running for the Man broke my bones, but I'd do shoes... Karl Lagerfeld: leave an a personal style of the prof I don't think they change Narrator: as regards this gerfeld dressed without bl white shirt + black leathe Jo Squillo: aswer the ques your favourite designer? Lindsay Lohan: mmmmm I ado my favourite designer.. an he's the second on the lis Jimmy Choo: You're fired! Manolo Blahnik: Give me th the interview, back! Anonymous rock'n roller: I fashion, I like what I do ed by peole obsessed on fa secret to come up on stage

ying from the others is pying from yourself pro-

not a fashion victim, al fashion victim hasn't lity... I have fun setting igh heels where the award olo Blahnik... and people

nolo Blahnik shoes: I o anything for those

attentive glance to the fessionists in fashion... style every season... topic, I wanna see Mr Lalack shades + black tie + er gloves. stion..who's…who's …who's

ore Manolo Bianchi, it's nd Gimmi Acciù.. I think st of top of the tops.

he shoes I gave you for

I don't give a damn with like..but being surroundashion, I'll tell you the e and be successful. vi 1-

1 - Style counts more than the look. 2 - Your clothes must talk about you. 3 - Choose the outfits that fit you and make you feel at ease. 4 - If you wear high heels, be sure you can walk on them.

L'alĂŹ designer Brescia The working honey bees are the antidotes!


Emil Jalovec | Photographer - Simon Žnid

seasoninterpreted by

dar | Art Director - Slovenia, Ljubljana



September 2009 face hunting goes video.

The Dawning season