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no. 2

D o m e s t i c Wi s h e s

for your safety

wish –verb (used with object) 1. to want; desire; long for (usual infinitive or a clause): I wish to travelly fol. by an . I wish that it were morning. 2. to desire (a person or thing) to be (as specified): to wish the problem settled. 3. to entertain wishes, favorably or otherwise, for: to wish someone well; to wish som 4. to bid, as in greeting or leave- eone ill. taking: to wish someone a good morning. 5. to request or charge: I wish him to come. –verb (used without object) 6. to desire; long; yearn (often fol. Mother says I may go if I wish. I wis by for): hed for a book. 7. to make a wish: She wished mo re than she worked. –noun 8. an act or instance of wishing. 9. a request or command: I was given for disregarding my father’s wisnever for10. an expression of a wish, often hes. kindly or courteous nature: to send onone of a e’s best wishes. 11. something wished or desired: He got his wish—a new car. —Verb phrase 12. wish on, a. to force or impose (usually use negative): I wouldn’t wish that awful d in the job on my worst enemy. b. Also, wish upon. to make a wis some object as a magical talisman: to h using wish on a star. Origin: bef. 900; (v.) ME wisshen, OE w scan; schen, ON æskja; akin to OE wynn c. G wünsome ), L venus charm (see Venus ); joy (see win(n.) ME, deriv. of the v. Related for ms: wisher, noun wishless, adjective Synonyms: 1. crave. Wish, desire, want indicate a longing for something. To wish is to feel an im ward attainment or possession of som pulse tostrength of the feeling may be of gre ething; the intensity: I wish I could go home. Deater or lesser for mal word, suggests a strong wish: sire, a more They desire a new regime. Want, usually colloquia suggests a feeling of lack or need tha l in use, ly demands fulfillment: People all ovet imperativewant peace. 5. direct, order. 12. will, r the world want.

Dearest readers, Here we are back straight to no. 2. What happens when you are asked to answer about what your wishes are? Fashion helps out to find unexpressed needs especially when you’re in front of that mirror judging and possessing your image, as you speak on behalf of a “Class” of well-dressed people. We’ve been pressed to answer the big question of the moment: is there any proper way to approach style and innovation? We can build DESIGN values, creating a “New” Collection, only by longing for something extremely close to the possible renewal of body and mind, up to deliver high contribution to the contemporary world of costume. The answer is verified when wishes are possible and as close as dreams can be near to our own satisfaction. People are real because their WILL is real. And WILL and WISH have the same root: Our clothes speak on behalf of us, the true “WE”. Enjoy a “Domestic Couture” bringing you to a conscious dream, to comfort and to fit your shape above all the imagination. COMMONUNCOMMON Team.


do you


from you

ur outfits?



ishes to f ly

fly (fl)

·ing, flies (flz) v. flew (fl), flown (fln), fly v.intr. pecially: 1. To engage in flight, esair by means of wings or a. To move through the winglike parts. w to Dallas. b. To travel by air: We fleor spacecraft. c. To operate an aircraft 2. rough the air by the th d ie rr ca be or in e ris a. To the playground. wind: a kite flying above air: pennants flying from b. To float or flap in the the masthead. ugh the air with great ro th nt se be or e ov m 3. To ery direction; a plate speed: bullets flying in ev when I stumbled. that flew from my hands 4. d; rush or dart: The ee sp t ea gr th wi e ov m a. To ll. Rumors were flying children flew down the ha during their absence. b. To flee; escape. her students’ defense. to w fle g: rin sp n; ste ha c. To cation flying by; youth 5. To pass by swiftly: a va that is soon flown. sh: Their small inheri6. To be dissipated; vani tance was quickly flown. rticiple flied (fld) Baseball 7. past tense and past pa To hit a fly ball. ive reaction; burst: The 8. To undergo an explos eces. The motorist flew dropped plate flew into pi into a rage. ptance or approval; go ce ac in ga To al rm fo In 9. ted the reasoning, this over: “However sophisticat fly” New York Times. notion may no

Katia wears

White dragon (cotton jersey), Towel Hoodie, Stuffed bangles


wishes to

o visit the


moon (mn)

n. 1. often Moon T ible by reflection he natural satellite of Earth, vis elliptical orbit, a of sunlight and having a slightl (221,600 miles) dpproximately 356,000 kilometery kilometers (252,9istant at perigee and 406,997 s ameter is 3,475 50 miles) at apogee. Its mean d approximately okilometers (2,160 miles), its massiits average perio ne eightieth that of Earth, and days 12 hours 44d of revolution around Earth 29 minutes calculate to the sun. d with respect 2. A natural sate 3. The moon as llite revolving around a planet. its cycle of phaseit appears at a particular time in 4. A month, esp s: a gibbous moon. 5. A disk, globe, ecially a lunar month. ral satellite of Eaor crescent resembling the natu 6. Moonlight. rth. 7. Something un They acted as if reasonable or unattainable: 8. Slang The ba we were asking for the moon. v. mooned, moo red buttocks. n·ing, moons v.intr. 1. To wander ab out or pass time aimlessly. languidly and 2. To yearn or p 3. Slang To expoine as if infatuated. prank or disresp se one’s buttocks in public as a ectful gesture. Slang To expose prank or disresp one’s buttocks to (others) as a ectful ge

Cristina wears

Neoprene bubble dress, Anemone (neoprene bangle)


wishes to

forget bad things

Vanessa wears

Amphora dress (cotton jersey), neoprene Shoulderpiece

bad (adj)

on [bad] ti ia c n u n o r P d t; (Slang) ba how Spelled   /bæd/ S adjective, worse, wors Show IPA t for 36; noun; adverb der, baddes –adjective or degree. orally r e n n a m y racter; m ood in an 1. not g g a wicked or evil cha ing as a bad 2. havin le: There is no such th reprehensib ctive; defife e d ; ty li a u rq boy. or or inferio bad spark plug. o p f o c . 3 mond; a ; not satisfa ia d d r a d d a n b ta a s t: low cien quate or be g; Living conditions in e d a in . 4 : bad heatin tory for use are very bad. lty: a bad u s fa a e r r o a t, e c e m r o r s urate, inco 5. inacc insurance d a b a : e ls r fa guess. unsound, o , d li a v in 6. kness or ill judgment. claim; bad g or liable to cause sicmuch sugar is 7. causinrious or har mful: Too r health; inju r teeth. alth, pain, oen e h u l o il y , r s s fo e n d k e ba ing from sic ating the gr 8. suffer ill: He felt bad from e injury; sick; condition; l a ic s y h p s. d oo ad apple althy or in gysically weakened: A b e h t o n 9. cayed, or ph diseased, de im out of the ar my. esp. to the point heart kept h d, spoiled, or rotten, d because you 10. tainteedible: The meat is ba ng. lo of being in fect, gerator too


valentina ran

nts rup a wish

Valentina wears

Red dragon (cotton tubular), lolly suicide

rup says

as often as you


katy ishes


to be a devil

Katy wears

Strap Leggings (spread lycra), cuttlefish necklace (neoprene)

devil (n)

  1. The ology. a. (som preme spir etimes initial capit b. a su it of evil; Satan. al letter) the su God, and bordinate evil spirit with bodil having power to affl at enmity with 2. an ay disease and with ict humans bot pered per trociously wicked, spiritual corrupti cruel, or il 3. a peson. l-temr less, or mis son who is very cle ver, energ 4. a pe chievous. etic, re r pitiable cir son, usually one in jobs throu cumstances: The p unfortunate or 5. Alsogh no fault of his o oor devil kept losin young wo called printer’s de wn. printing o rker below the level vil. Printing. a of appren 6. any ffice. tice in a o f machine fo various mechan turing wo r tearing rags, a m ical devices, as a 7. Nauoden screws, etc. achine for manufa cvarious se tical. (in deck or h or positionams difficult to cau ull planking) any of lk because 8. any . of for m ziers used of various portable 9. the in construction and furnaces or bramild oath devil, (used as an e foundry work. negation, to express disgust, mphatic expletive o a etc.): Wha r that? t the devil nger, astonishment, do you me –verb (use an by d w it h object) 10. to a Dad for a nnoy; harass; peste r: to devil 11. to t new car. Mom and ear (r

nora ishes


to be an angel

angel (n)

stial spiritual beings; a cele gels of s as cl a of e on an   1. medieval angelology, attendant of God. Int of the nine celestial orconstituted the lowes im, thrones, dominations ders (seraphim, cherubpowers, principalities or or dominions, virtues, ls, and angels). a beprincedoms, archange presentation of such hite re l na tio en nv co a w 2. with wings, usually in ing, in human form, robes. p. of God. 3. a messenger, esperfor ms a mission of God 4. a person who od: an angel of mercy. or acts as if sent by G qualities generally attrib5. a person having auty, purity, or kindliness. uted to an angel, as be actions and thoughts are 6. a person whose consistently virtuous. guardian spirit. 7. an attendant or on whose soul is regarded 8. a deceased persed into heaven. as having been acceptrson who provides financial 9. Informal. a pe rtaking, as a play or politibacking for some unde to cal campaign. coin issued from 1470 d ld go h lis ng E an . an 10 e from 6s. 8d. to 10s. 1634, varying in value a figure of the archangel bearing on its obvers on. Michael killing a drage on a radar screen caused 11. Slang. an imag , as a bird.12. Cookery. by a low-flying object lly minced) with hot or to prepare (food, usua vil eggs. savory seasoning: to de

Nora wears

White one-shoulder dragon (cotton tubular), neoprene Shoulderpiece, stonepins

maciste (n ) is one

of t ema. He che oldest recurring history of uts a heroic figure characters in cinmovies thathe cinema of Italythroughout the poor artis t featured him are , even if most of th Hercules- tic quality. He is usuconsidered to be o e to achievelike figure, utilizing ally depicted as a f h heroic fea ts that ord is massive strength inary man Name cannot. Gabriele d for the 19 ’Annunzio, who cr Maciste w14 film Cabiria, cla eated the character appears in as an ancient nicknimed that the name universale the second volumeame for Hercules. (1864) defi archeologico-artist of the Dizionario It d’Ercole (“ ned merely as uno ico-technologico [2][1]. Ac one of the nicknamdel soprannomi ary of Gr cording to William es of Hercules”) eek and R (Μάκιστος oman mytSmith’s A Dictionhology, M ) was “A su who had a acistus r n town of M temple in the neigame of Heracles, is Meciste acistus in Triphyli hbourhood of the different cus (Μηκιστεύςa.” A related name surname oharacters in mytho ), used of two logy and a f Heracle s. lso as a According ema: Gen to Maggie Günsbe d

ada ishes

w to be even

stronger than maciste

Ada wears

Ice neoprene leggings, Jambolero (pink foamrubber)


wishes all

ll the men at her feet

man (n)

rson, as distinguished pe e al m t ul ad an 1. an. from a boy or a wom e species Homo sapiens or 2. a member of this species collectively, withall the members of th istoric man. out regard to sex: prehvidual as representing the 3. the human indi nce to sex; the human race; species, without referepes for peace, but prepares humankind: Man ho for war. on: to give a man a it rs pe g; in be an m hu oke, 4. a dience smelled the sm au e th n he W ; ce an ch mself. was every man for hi 5. a husband. sweetheart. 6. a male lover or or subordinate: the king’s 7. a male followernumber one man. men. He’s the boss’s ee or representative, esp. of 8. a male employ : a Secret Service man; a a company or agencycompany. man from the phone qualities considered typical 9. a male having ely masculine: Be a man. of men or appropriata man of you. The ar my will make 10. a male servant. 11. a valet. 12. enlisted man. devotee: I like jazz, but 13. an enthusiast or s man. I’m essentially a classicnd; ally: You’re my main 14. Slang. male frie man. dress to a man; felad ar ili m fa of rm te 15. a please calm down.

Caterina wears

T-coulisse (black tubular microfiber), stuffed bangles, Red and Blue Chanel

He wears

Red/Grey T-cow (cotton jersey)


wishes to b

become a magician

Maura wears

One day One night dress (cotton jersey + lining), chempin

magician (n)

g is skilled in producin c.; ho w r ne ai rt te en an et ces, 1. hand, deceptive devi illusion by sleight of conjurer. in magic; sorcerer. ed ill sk is ho w on rs 2. a pe Origin: ME magicien < MF r. n; -ia + ic ag m 0; 1350–140 Synonyms: anter, wizard. 2. necromancer, enchbridged Una m House Dictionary, © RanBased on the Rando . dom House, Inc. 2009 Cite This Source | Link To magician hesaurus » Explore the Visual T agician Related Words for : musionist, prestidigitator, necconjurer, conjuror, ill romancer ords » View more related w n. d. 1. A sorcerer; a wizars magic for entertainment m 2. One who perfor or diversion. skill or art seems to le ab id rm fo se ho w 3. One n with words. be magical: a magicia e Eng-


wishes to pl


lay ide and seek

hide (v)

  1. to c seen or disonceal from sight; pre covered: W els? here did s vent from being he hide he 2. to o r jewb s t r u ct the view was hidde of; cover u p: The sun 3. to c n by the clouds. keep secre onceal from knowle –verb (use t: to hide one’s feeli dge or exposure; 4. to c d without object) ngs. the closet. onceal oneself; lie c oncealed: –noun He hid in 5. Brit or observinish. a place of conc —Verb ph g wildlife; hunting ealment for huntin g blind. 6. hid rase After breae out, to go into or ed far mhoking out of jail, he remain in hiding: hid out in Origin: use. a desertbef. 900; M Gk keúthe E hiden, OE hȳd in to conc an; c. OFr eal is hūda, Related fo hid⋅a⋅bler ms: hid⋅a⋅bil , adjective hider, nou ⋅i⋅ty, noun to tear (ra n 12. Coogs, cloth, etc.) with with hot o kery. to prepare (foa devil. —Idioms r savory seasoning: od, usually minced ) to

Giulia wears

Deco #1 (cotton cloth)

alessandro ishes


a sofa from the


vittorio ishes


good luck

Alessandro wears

Red/grey T-cow (Cotton jersey)

Vittorio wears

Grey/red T-cow (Cotton jersey)




to be a jogging lf

Irene wears

Red dragon (cotton tubular), blue rubber leggings (spread lycra), stuffed bangles

elf (n)

a class of preternatuof e on ) re lo lk fo (in 1. nous regions, with ai nt ou m om fr p. es , n ral beings to capricious and ofte d n ve gi s, er w po al ic mag ce in human affairs, an mischievous interferen a diminutive being in hu usually imagined to bey. man form; sprite; fair rson, esp. a child. 2. a diminutive peperson, esp. a child. 3. a mischievous Origin: ion from elven, OE at rm fo ck ba , E M ; e bef. 1000 e elf), var. of ĂŚlfen; se al m fe , e. (i. ph m ny n elfe elfin Related forms: elflike, adjective

Synonyms: 09 by Houghton M 20 Š ht ig yr op C y. ir 1. See fa flin Company. in Company. Al iffl M n to gh ou H by Published rights reserved. sea, between tw e) lu (b ep de ce ur So s l Cite Thi es; in an unpleasant di iv at rn te al le ab sir de un y ma. emely difficult or annoho tr ex a, of l vi de . 14 vil of a time getting ing; hellish: I had a de through the snow. to give deserved e, du s hi l vi de e th ve 15. gi one dislikes: To give on rs pe a to en ev it ed cr t admit that she is an evil his due, you mus


breeze (n ) 1.

wishes a summ

aw moderate ind or current of a ir, esp. a li 2. a w one. ght or 3. Infoind of 4–31 mph (2 carried on r mal. an easy task; –14 m/sec). join in the without difficulty: something done or 4. Chieadventure was a b Finding people to quarrel. fly British Infor m reeze. al. a distu –verb (use rbance or 5. (of d without object) impersonathe wind) to blow a the west a lly with it as subjec breeze (usually use d t): It breez 6. to mll day. e d fr o m ner: She b ove in a self-confid asked for reezed up to the po ent or jaunty man lice officer 7. Infodirections. a n d move rapidr mal. to proceed q along, into ly without intense uickly and easily; task. The , or through): He b effort (often fol. by –verb (use car breezed along t reezed through the he highwa 8. to c d with object) y. a u manner, e se to move in an breezed thsp. at less than full easy or effortless —Verb ph e horse around thespeed: The boy track. 9. bre rases e z e in, Slang. a. t


mer everlasting reeze

Maya wears

This is a handmade dress for a wedding (viscose jersey)



to wish always someth



new (adj)

, production, purchase into , in ig or nt ce re of t 1. come or been brough etc.; having but lately being: a new book. existing or appearing for the 2. of a kind now w concept of the universe. first time; novel: a ne ly or but now come into 3. having but lateemical element. knowledge: a new ch range (often fol. by to): 4. unfamiliar or stsit new lands. ideas new to us; to vi ly come to a place, position, 5. having but late n for our new minister. status, etc.: a receptio (usually fol. by to): people 6. unaccustomed new to such work. afresh; further; addig in rr cu oc or g in m 7. co tional: new gains. art a new sheet of st to : ed us un or h es 8. fr paper. qualities) different al or m or al ic ys ph f of 9. (o tion made a new man ca va he T r: tte be d an w him. former or the old: a ne e th an th r he ot . 10 . era; in the New Worldor latest of two or more 11. being the later nd: the New Testament; a things of the same ki peare. new edition of Shakes (of a language) in its r) tte le l ta pi ca al iti ge at 12. (in esp. as a living langua , od ri pe n ow kn st te la High Ger man. the present time: New â&#x20AC;&#x201C;adverb in combi-

Federica wears

T-men dress (cotton jersey + backpack fabric)


wishes a

strawberry field


y (n)

1. the the genus fruit of any stemles of an enla Fragaria, of the ros s plant belonging t on its exte rged fleshy recepta e family, consisting o cle bearin 2. the rior. g achenes p lant itself. Origin: bef. 1000; ME; OE s berry trēawber ige. See st Dictionar raw, y .c Based on om Unabridged dom Hou the Random House Dictionar Cite This se, Inc. 2009. y, © RanSource | Link To s Explore thtrawberry Related W e Visual Thesauru hemangio ords for : strawber s » View mor ma simplex, strawbry e related w erry mark ords » 1. Any of genus Fra various low-grow gregate fr garia, having white ing plants of the receptacleuit that consists of a flowers and an aga r 2. The ag nd numerous seedli ed fleshy edible gregate fr uit of this ke fruitlets. plant. adj. Cont a in in g or havin ries. g the flavo r of straw ber[Middle E

Lavinia wears

Backpack dress (backpack fabric)

fabrizio ishes


a frozen milk flute

Marta wears

Grey Lace Dragon, strap leggings (spread lycra)

Fabrizio wears

Grey/red t-cow, Red and Blue Chanel hoodie



to be so so light


wishes an iced n


Ada wears

Silver Rubbish bag (spread fabric + white cotton jersey)



wishes to get you happy

Marta wears

Black&Blue Hoodiedress (cotton jersey + lycra), stuffed balgles



the part

may 14, 2009




T hese are the wishes ...

thanks to atomic bar & check out all t


& all the people gathered the pics on

SEND US A LOOK or A PICTURE from your town - city - village and say what you wish from it design@ common

the best outfit of the month will be selected and may win some items of the brands published.

this month MILANO, Italy

wish that my city were ... ______________________________

the place where clothes would be marching in



No.2 - Domestic Wishes  

We can build DESIGN values, creating a “New”Collection, only by longing for something extremely close to the possible renewal of bodyand min...

No.2 - Domestic Wishes  

We can build DESIGN values, creating a “New”Collection, only by longing for something extremely close to the possible renewal of bodyand min...