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you can’t tell a book from its cover

JUL / AUG 2010

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UNCOMMON LIBRARY mber 11, 2010

clothes don’t make your identity... at least, yourself speaks about your clothes. people are a black coat, the same black bag... and...

words from the editor

“I smile at the idea you think you know me through what I’m wearing... My dress tells about me that I have good taste, or that my stylist has chosen well for me. It tells that I had a good purchase because in fact it is enchanting on me. Beyond appearances...Here I am. But that’s all folks”.

Holiday comes. Give a look around. Might be so surprised by the STYLE TRICKLE DOWN. WE ARE NOT ADVISOR. We are only REVEALER of the culture of costume, beyond fashion, look through garments. YOU CAN FIND WORLDS made of Aestherics that may sound odd or just distant from your way of “dressing up”, but... FIND the truth. And always ask yourself: WHAT IS FASHION ABOUT?

Cheers, Evan Editor In Chief.

model or student?

Ula wears Top Motivi, Shoes Zara

beyond my self

They ask us to be opinionless, they want us not so talkative, rarely witty and clever and barely cultured. I am fake because these guys from the mag imagined me wicked and bold, dramatic too. No garments can tell you what you are. No precious time expended thinking that when you wear something is for your mood or for what you feel: you wear clothes because you do appear and you have an image of yourself, projected onto something bigger, the others.

if you smile you’re not in fashion

short circuits • • • • . . .

i feel consumed by media but i am what i am, no conjectures

trickle down

i wear what i want. nobody can tell me how it’s... What happens when people see an outfit on the runaways, on the adv panels, in the magazines and then try and customise these messages onto their bodies? What can we expect from this phenomenon called “Fashion Trickle Down”? Of course, you don’t tell a book from its cover, but sometimes, above all, something deeper than coverage is found, something louder and definitely up close and personal: the choice.

take it seriously FASHION is culture and NOT ONLY people compla complaining complaining complaining

y! you choose. aining

model or volleyplayer?

in the balance

who do you need to be

acceptance and boredo



i am not afraid of speaking, i am only a common guy


fashion does belong to anybody fashion is also phylosophy

Stefano wears trousers, tee & hat by H&M

what’s wrong if i admit that i am an outlet guy? clothes are worth...

Peter wears shirt by Comme Des Garรงons trousers Cheap Monday, shoes Volta

into the fallen scopes

fashion journalism must be free

Stefano wears jumper Stone Island, shorts & shirt Zara

do you believe in people that love the way other people communicate?

i believe in the choice. fashion advices and people combines what they want. thumbs up for this mixstyle.

form spo casu sma tack bare

mal orty ual art ky e.

in the balance

model or ballet dancer?





The Egotism of lonely fashion nepotists.

Peter wears tee Sonoh trousers Makin Jan Ma

No way, I won’t do cocaine.

Stefano wears shirt A. McQueen, jeans Levi’s, shoes Vans

No way, I won’t care about you bitch.

I am the master of my own opinions.



don’t look fo rockstar or starlette?

or unreal here

trick or sweet?

don’t look fo

or unreal here

don’t look fo anthropologist or design

or unreal here ner?

model or mother?

i decide you follow

you decide i follow

noble or nurse?

The Importance of being honest. With yourself.

threesome natures

biker or doctor?

people are PEOPLE

monk or pilot?

Simplicity as the New Elegance. Lightness of Being vs thinking head. Putting on the first thing that you have got in your hands just awake, it’s the real new trend: the choice of how to look today!

streetpe com

peeper. From Milan to Tokyo, from Buenos Aires to New York from Paris to Amsterdam Streetpeeper catapults us into a highly original world: the Fashion, which is always in the street, perhaps to remind us that WE DO IT every day. It makes then possible to trace the brand of a leader who we loved in a photograph taken in London, or Boston, then can look in our country. It’s a real window on new trends, or, better yet, on how new trends are realized and take shape on the streets of world capitals.

writer or painter?

in uniform I trust!

biologist or drummer?


gipsy town

ballerina or journalist?

elegance is an opportunity.

diva or taxi driver?

every day...campaign!

dishwasher or choir singer?

(the) double pairs of jeans are better than one!

brothers or musicians?

stylist or PhD.?

ton sur ton... est un bonbon!

Farmer or Count?

the dandy warhol(e)

fashion com

ntoast. What we call the modern icons...Rumi Neely is a fashion

blogger popular for her style and photography. She founded in 2007 and combined it with an ebay vintage store called “Treasure Chest Vintage.” By 2009, it was receiving 35,000 hits per day. Rumi Neely’s style has been described as bohemian socal mixed with boyish pieces. Since the inception of her blog, Rumi Neely has become a fashion icon in the United States and Asia. Rumi’s boyfriend and photographer, Colin Sokol photographs her for Fashiontoast.

Telling you what I did it doesn’t mean to say to you what I am.

Icon or Fashion Victim?

Irony is always smart because it’s immediate and simplifies everything.

Freedom of thought. Expression. And movement.

Beauty irrilevan That ma the Diff

is (in) an nt Particular. arks ference.

weardr .com


Weardrobe as the easiest way to share your style. Posting your style photos and being creative with what you wear. Seeing someone whose style you like? Add them as a friend and follow their style. The community as a source of inspiration.

Model or Housewife?

the style is a matter of taste(s)...

Singer or Designer? Snow White and the Big Apple.

Satanist or Baby sitter? Too young to die. AMEN.

Bartender or vocalist?

Jo Squillo... She teaches us.


Cooker or Psychiatrist?

Groupie or actress?

COLD or COLD or X.

meninth .com

histown Men In This Town is a men’s fashion & lifestyle blog profiling men with a distinct style in their natural habitat. From Sydney to New York to Paris, they are looking for brazen men who are confident with their look and want the world to see. Above all people in Sidney (their area).

Musician or dolphins’ feeder?

90’s french taste during a journey

The Berliner

Sailor or economist?

The Picture of a Dorian

Dj or swimmer?


Bread maker or student?

Viking biker or hairstylist? Squared.

driver or artist?

Not Casual Chic. I am not a fashionista.

lawyer or taylor?

Shirt & Bag make you FLAG.

graphic designer or engineer? Under those clothes. A successful character.



People tend to cover their nakedness with amulets.

Bernard Whillelm

in the dark of the night ... the spotlight!

I am fake.

The quality of your friends always matters more than the quantity.

Yes, she is common. Scarlett Johansson by Sheryl

we are look people from the world to the free jour of creativity so called fas

write to: design@commonuncomm

king for m all over o contribute rnalism y & the shion

we are looking for your memories, the signs, not your news.

Don't Tell A Book From Its Cover  

“I smile at the idea you think you know me through what I’m wearing... My dress tells about me that I have good taste, or that my stylist ha...

Don't Tell A Book From Its Cover  

“I smile at the idea you think you know me through what I’m wearing... My dress tells about me that I have good taste, or that my stylist ha...