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An exhibition by ร‰va Krajcsovics, Balรกzs Fischer, Tibor Nรกdor

THE InnER-SPaCE-GUaRDs Central – Eastern European Indian Tale

Once upon a time there was a reservation called Hungary. Three Indians were living there, sometimes happily, sometimes unhappily. Three contemporary artists. Let us call them Guards. They are the gurads of the honour of this profession. And they have been successful as it still exists, although the reservation itself is going through apocalyptic times, so it needs its guards even more. Our inner self needs guarding, the inner self which can be like a cold room, or sometimes a devastated, cluttered studio. This everlasting space-guarding is what connects and differentiates the three Indians, the three generations. Each of them is a love affair with the objects and spaces depicted, which fills the picutres with life and love, which makes them pulsate with energy. Éva Krajcsovics is the guard of piety. She starts from the specific objects (bed, table, book) or from the specific parts of buildings, works of art, and advances towards the general, the abstracted, more and more inside. She reaches the point where only the contours can be seen. However, they are undoubtedly recognisable for those who know the “authentic” and undoubtedly authentic for those who do not know the object of the depiction. They are copies of the souls of the objects if we believe that there exists such a thing. Nevertheless, Éva Krajcsovics reveals these pristine images from herself extremely credibly, gently, in a womanly way. She inspires piety in the audience. Tibor Nádor is the guard of calmness. Radioactive radiation and the after-creation silence are emanating from his pictures. One does not dare to wink, move or talk before his great works of art. His pure, naked painting-spaces illuminate calmness. The light – shadow games only seemingly show the same, familiar studio detail. In fact they invite the viewer to enter, and after opening in – that is, observing the painting longer -, everything changes. Nothing is what it seems to be. Newer and newer spaces open, where the viewer can wander happily. And one can disappear easily. Balázs Fischer is the guard of emptiness. He packs his studio full so that he can show the essential emptiness when he depicts is. How? He removes the bric-a-brac from the space of the painting beautifully, as a result of a long process. He elaborates the composition until he reaches the balance. The balance between form and emptiness. The same space is always the object of the experiment, his own studio. First he moves the previously set things as if it were a new composition, then he slowly re-paints the concrete objects, and finally all of his pictures will be full of impression and beauty.

Silent Pen

Éva Krajcsovics

Born in Budapest in 1947

Awards Scholarships

2001 2005 2007 2010

Exhibitions Abroad

2001 Joinville-i Chateau du Grand Jardin (Travel – Tapestry), as a part of the events called MAGYart 2004 group exhibition at the Hungarian Institute of Paris (Illusions – Textile Walls)

Individual Exhibitions (a selection) 2012 2011 2010 2008 2007

Munkácsy Award Palládium Foundation, Award in Visual Arts Hungarian Academy in Rome one month in Palis( Champagne-Ardenne)

Karinthy Saloon, Budapest Erdei Éva Gallery, Budapest Goldmark Károly Cultural Centre, Keszthely Szolnok Arists Colony Gallery, Szolnok Aulich Art Gallery, Budapest National Theatre, Budapest Archabbey, Pannonhalma Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre Olof Palme House, Budapest Juhász Gyula College, Szeged

Grey Wall 2012 | 90x90cm | oil, canvas

Room 2011 | 100x100cm | oil, canvas

V. Holan’s Books 1 2012 | 70x70cm | oil, canvas

V. Holans Books 2 2012 | 80x80cm | oil, canvas

In the Corner 2012 | 100x100cm | oil, canvas

Balázs Fischer

Born in 1975 in Budapest


1990–97 NEMO School of Visual Arts


2012 Summer Exhibition in Szeged – Award of the Szeged Waterworks 2008 Painting Biennale in Szeged – Award of the National Society of Hungarian Artists

Individual Exhibitions (a selection)

2011 2008 2007 2002 2000 1997

Aulich Art Gallery, Budapest Artus Gallery, Budapest Artus Gallery, Budapest Artus Gallery, Budapest Zwinger / Öregtorony Gallery, Koszeg Bercsényi Gallery, Budapest

Group Exhibitions (a selection)

2012 2009 2008 2007 2006 2006 2005 2004 2000 1999 1995

Summer Exhibition / REÖK Palace, Szeged National Theatre – Zikkurat Gallery, Budapest XII. Painting Biennale, Szeged Day of Hungarian Painting, Artus Studio, Budapest Octogon Art – Korzogyár Gallery, Budapest Aulich Art Gallery, Budapest Mucsarnok (Art Hall) – Menü pont Gallery, Budapest Day of Hungarian Painting, Millenáris, Budapest Genezis – Art Festival, Artus, Budapest Artus Exhibition Space, Budapest Aranytíz Gallery, Budapest

Emergency Exit 2010 | 30x42cm | paper, charcoal, pastel

Grazing Tables 2009 | 64,5x51cm | paper, tint, watercolour, pastel

Misty Studio 2012 | 50x70cm | paper, charcoal, pastel, watercolour

Crowd 2011 | 70x100cm | paper, charcoal, pastel, watercolour

Work Tables 3 2011 | 70x100cm | paper, charcoal, pastel, watercolour

Tibor Nádor

Born in Budapest, in 1967


1989–96 Hungarian Academy of Art, in Pál Gerzson’s class



Sammuel Buffat Foundation, Geneva(6 months)



Palládium Foundation, Award in Visual Arts

Art Teaching experience

2000– teacher of drawing and painting, Moholy – Nagy Academy of Applied Arts

Individual Exhibitions (a selection) 2008 2006

Aulich Art Gallery, Budapest Artus Gallery, Budapest

Group Exhibitions (a selection)

Zikkurat Gallery, Budapest Art Union Gallery, Szentendre Day of Painting – Wax Gallery Aulich Art Gallery Introduction of the Artus Collection int he Artus Studio OCTOGON Art Gallery Kispesti Vigadó Art Gallery with Patrícia Minerva Varga

2009 2007 2006 2006 2006 2006 2005

Wax-misty Room Movie 2010 | 130x180cm | oil, pastel, canvas

Room Movie for Sailors and Swedes 2012 | 140x210cm | mixed technique

Big Room Movie (The Sea) 2012 | 140x270cm | oil, pastel, paper

Room Movie with Cat Shadow 2012 | 130x150cm | oil, pastel, paper

Room Movie (Sour Cherry, Blood)

2012 | 140x140cm | oil, oil pastel, paper

COMMON SPACE An exhibition by Éva Krajcsovics, Balázs Fischer, Tibor Nádor 28 February – 30 March 2013 Hungarian Cultural Institute, Paris 92 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris Tel: +33143252607 Special thanks to Philippe Brame, Attila Jász, György Kaiser, Dóra Máriási, Anikó Rácz, Gáspár Téri, Ágnes Viszoki Contact / Info: Éva Krajcsovics:, Balázs Fischer:, Tibor Nádor:, Supporters

Common Space  

An exhibition by Éva Krajcsovics, Balázs Fischer, Tibor Nádor28 February – 30 March 2013Hungarian Cultural Institute, Paris92 rue Bonaparte7...