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Where it Began Elly Roselle

Core Belief Engineering for real and lasting change


mind. It created a rapport between the subconscious or 20 years, I futilely sought a cure for my and conscious levels of the mind, making negotiation anorexia and bulimia. I think I tried everyand change possible. Yet when people asked me when thing available at the time – mainstream I was going to teach, I was terrified. and alternative. I enjoyed and absorbed I used my new process on myself to get over my terwhat I learned, but nothing was powerful ror of public speaking and started designing a series of enough to stop this insidiously addictive behaviour I courses. This was one of the first methkept hidden as a shameful secret. ods in the world that offered to actually One May weekend in 1983, I was change beliefs and expand consciousjamming with a colleague and acciness. CBE was a fad for several years, dentally cured myself. It took me six giving me the opportunity to prove that months to figure out that the ‘cure’ ingrained behaviours and mindsets can was real and why it worked so well. be changed; that the mainstream belief I had made a major core belief change that we’re stuck and just need to cope (I love me!) that rocked my world better wasn’t true. so totally I couldn’t go back. I had a As the organization grew and lot more work to do, but I was on a matured, we established our niche roll. Volunteers lined up at my door, in the worlds of complementary and hoping this new, untested therapeutic alternative mind healing. We are curapproach would work better for them Elly Roselle, founder rently registered as the College of Core than what they had previously tried. College of Core Belief Belief Engineering with the PCTIA of Almost all of them achieved results in Engineering BC ( one or two sessions. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Some of From this experimentation, I crafted a workable those giants who I feel have had a meaningful influprocess that could be shaped to the needs of each ence on the emergence and evolution of this model individual. The new process enabled people to access include my beloved, late husband and speaker for The and explore the previously uncharted, often chaotic Evergreens, Michael Blake Read, Milton Erickson, and unpredictable areas of the emotional, subjective

Bryon Lewis, Frank Pucelik, James Tolchard, Richard Thibodeau, Wayne Slusser, Phillip Clement, Rick Kleiman, Dr. David Swartz and Joe LaCamera. Another invaluable contribution comes from my most effective teachers: all of my students. Some have become colleagues and brainstormed with me to make CBE more effective and wider in scope. And I wouldn’t want to forget my family.

Volunteers lined up at my door, hoping this new, untested therapeutic approach would work better for them than what they had previously tried. I am grateful that I was given this gift and have been able to pass it along. I thank everyone who has received it and continues to pass it along. There are now many beliefchange therapies, some cognitive, some biomechanical. People have a lot of options yet CBE is still known for its specialty of gently creating deep, meaningful, lasting changes and transformation when nothing else works. Core Belief Engineering,, 604536-7402. j

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that was “not possible.” His response was to fold his paper placemat and begin planning a magazine on the spot. Passing it around the table, he sold enough advertising for a 16-page publication. Just two weeks later, another need was filled when 30,000 copies of alive were printed and distributed, the first natural health magazine in the country. Canada’s education in natural health had begun. From day one, it was alive’s philosophy to help readers take responsibility for their own health and to show them how to get the most benefit from whole food as well as the herbs and food supplements sold in health food stores. The highly trusted and widely read magazine has a circulation of 235,000 nation-wide. Through the alive book department, Siegfried published and distributed dozens of practical health and nutrition guides offering the latest expert advice, authoring many himself, inducing Alive Health Guides. He worked with Udo Erasmus to publish editions of Fats and Oils. And in 1993 Gursche earned the Benjamin Franklin Award for publishing his gorgeous and comprehensive Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (60,000 copies in print). It was the first time the prestigious award was given to a health publisher. Remarkably, in 1992, he also created the Alive Academy of Nutrition. ‘Retiring’ from decades of intense, meaningful activity and alive publishing in 2005, he started yet another company to fill a perceived need and to act on his latest passion – coconut oil. Founding Alpha


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Health, he began educating people about what he called “the healthiest oil in the world.” Tonn reports, “I never heard Siegfried more excited than when he returned from the South Pacific with Christel and shared the story of visiting the DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil pressing station, one of 19 locations. He happily described a journey by four-wheel drive and canoe to their destination, receiving an enormously enthusiastic welcome. They were the village’s first visitors from North America, the first white people their hosts had ever seen, and they were proudly shown around the production facilities to see first-hand how the best grade of raw virgin coconut oil is produced. “I asked him once what he found most rewarding about his career in natural health and he said, with a sincere smile and that ever-present brightness in his eyes, ‘The many stories I hear back from people about how they’ve healed or improved their lives, knowing that I’ve helped people; that is my reward.’” At the ceremony, his son concluded: “He died after complications arising from heart surgery, required to offset a heart condition he was born with. This was a biological issue. No one would say there was anything wrong with Siegfried’s heart. It was consistently focused on the worship of God and the care of his creatures and for that, he can rightly claim – along with the apostle Paul, ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’” j

Common Ground November 2013  

Robert Alstead, Alan Cassels, Carolyn Herriot, Bruce Mason, Ralph Maud, Mac McLaughlin, Vesanto Melina, Geoff Olson, Gwen Randall-Young, El...

Common Ground November 2013  

Robert Alstead, Alan Cassels, Carolyn Herriot, Bruce Mason, Ralph Maud, Mac McLaughlin, Vesanto Melina, Geoff Olson, Gwen Randall-Young, El...