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Sisters to appear in Sports Illustrated’s nationally recognized “Faces in the Crowd” Will Spengler Staff Writer

Burris sisters are to appear in “Sports Illustrated” the magazine. Burris senior Allyson Morey and sophomore Taylor Morey are to appear in the “Faces in the Crowd” section of Sports Illustrated. “Faces in the Crowd” is a page dedicated to the up and coming athletes around the country. “Sports Illustrated” uses this section to give credit to these hard-working athletes. The Morey sisters have been chosen to appear in “Sports Illustrated” because of their outstanding volleyball abilities. The sisters were nominated through an online voting system on the “Sports Illustrated” website. Once

“Sports Illustrated” nominated the Morey’s, they Taylor Morey looked up their stats online to publish them in the magazine. “They didn’t interview us, I think they based the information off of what the nominator said and our online stats,” said Taylor. “Sports Illustrated” nominated the sisters because of Burris’ undefeated season as well as being predicted to finish second in the nation. The Morey sisters will appear in the magazine in the next few weeks. “It’s a blessing and an

honor to be recognized in ‘Sports Illus-

trated’, I couldn’t have made it there without my team. It’s exciting that I’m able to share this honor with my sister as well,” said Allyson. As for Allyson Morey’s future, she plans to attend and play volleyball at Northern Kentucky University located in Highland Heights, Kentucky. As for

ruary 15, 2010 and April 2, 2010. The majority of students are upset as well as teachers about this decision. “I spent about six hours total on creating assignments for each class, e-mailing parents about the assignments, and then grading the assignments when they were submitted,” said language arts teacher Abigail Comber.

Comber wasn’t the only teacher who spent extra time working. “I spent a large part of those two days, plus some of the weekend break, organizing email addresses and contacting parents,” said social studies teacher Karen Avery. “We shouldn’t have to make up those days,” said Burris Senior Taylor Unroe. “I did just as much

sister Taylor Morey, she will have two more years of volleyball at Burris before she goes on to do bigger and better things.

Allyson Morey

CG Photo / Will Spengler

Allyon Morey (number 10) sets the ball to her sisiter Taylor Morey during the warm-ups of a regular season match.

H1N1 cancellation days to be made up

Willie Calvin Staff Writer

Burris will have to make-up the days missed for H1N1. Burris faculty members have caught word that Ball State University Administration determined that Burris will make-up October 21 and October 22, days missed due to excessive absences, on Feb-

work as I would have at school. It’s just a waste of energy and time for everyone.” Students are assembling a petition for Ball State Administration to reconsider their decision, but the decree seems final. As always, make sure to wash your hands frequently!


The Common Ground

Issue 7

Johnson fills void for girls basketball team Kelli Anderson Staff Writer

The girls basketball team played against Randolph Southern on Wednesday, the eighLaNey Johnson is a new name teenth and for the small girl’s basketball ros- was deter. feated with A 6”1’ freshman will make a score of up for the loss of graduating 68-47 for senior Dena Woodgett. John- their season son went her eighth grade year opener. The without playing a single game top scorer for her school on the account for Burris of the number of girls who tried was Larisa out. Although last year she went M o r n i n g CG Photo / Jesse Etsler without a school team she still star with LaNey kept in shape with off season t h i r t e e n Freshman Johnson prepares to basketball and volleyball. With p o i n t s . Johnson coming in and the num- K e l s e y shoot a free throw. ber of sophomores returning Carr had back for the season the girls have the most rebounds with 10 and high hopes for the season. LaNey Johnson had the second Junior Hannah Clemmons ex- most rebounds with nine. plained. “We’re better this year,” Despite their loss the girls she giggled as went into depth. came back with a win in their “We are setting our goals second game of the season higher. We’re working on run- against Wes-Del on the twentining and pushing the ball up a eth. The Lady Owls won with a lot more and all that jazz.” score of 53-35. Kelsey Carr was the MVP in that game, scoring 11 points, having 17 rebounds, and stealing the ball 5 times. Jasmine Childress scored the most points with 14, and Larrisa Morningstar had 12 points. Junior Jasmine Childress CG Photo / Jesse Etsler is one of the ladies is also Junior Jasmine Childress dribbles the expecting a lot out of this season but not only on the ball up the floor against Eastbrook.

court but off. “We need more people to come to our games”, Childress said. “We need the support to drive us this year,” as she com-

Kara Stewart Staff Writer

pared the attendance to the State winning girls volleyball team. With an even record they are ready to see what Eastbrook will bring to the court.

One-Day program open to the school

The State Congressional Page Program is a day long opportunity for students 11 years or older during the legislative session at the General Assembly. Senator Sue Errington said, “The page program helps us and is a great hands on learning experience for students.” Legislative assistant Charlotte A. Lemieux explains what the student’s day at the General Assembly consists of: “The one-day page program begins with orientation at 8:30 a.m., followed by a tour of the Capitol and the Senate chamber… pages are guided to the Senate chamber for the 1:30 p.m. floor session. While on the Senate floor, pages assist senators with errands and have their photo taken with the senator for whom they are paging. Pages are dismissed for the day at 3:30.” A student can volunteer with their Senator or Representative.

On the Senate side there is a limit of two students per day and friends or siblings are encouraged to volunteer together. On the House side Pages must be at least 13 years old. The legislative session in 2010 is a short session which will last until only mid-March and therefore students are encouraged to apply early. Lemieux said, “It is an excused absence from school. I think the students have a good time, as we do have a number of ‘repeats’ and of course, we adults like to think they are learning about how our government works and are hoping they are inspired enough to continue having an active interest in government, as a successful democracy is dependent on that factor.” For more information or to download an application contact your State Senator or Representatives office or look on-line at

Independent Study requsts are in Chelsea Kruger Staff writer

This semester there are a few students doing an independent study and one person did an internship. Two of people that are doing the independent study are Zachary Hayden, Nicoleta Labordas and Chelsea Kruger completed an internship. Students doing an internship or independent study are required to meet with their advisor and work out a time to do the exhibition. The people that should be at

the exhibition are an administrator or member of the Proposal Approval Committee. Members of the Proposal Approval Committee are Abby Comber, Amy Miller and Julie Maugherman. Other teachers, community member, and parents may be present. Senior Chelsea Kruger has been interning over the summer at Summit Lake State Park and part of the school year. She made a web site to show all that she learned at the park and telling about her experience.

Senior Zachary Hayden is doing an independent study over the English Romantic poets such as, Blake, Keats, Shelly, Lord Byron, Wordsworth, and Coleridge. “I read a selection of poems from each poet, and dissected it, attempting to reach greater depth and detail then in a formal Literature class. After dissecting a few poems, I then attempted to write a poem in the style of the poet. For the exhibition, I hope to present a lecture to a student body over the English Romantic poets,” said Hayden

Senior Nicoleta Labordas is doing an independent study learning about helping children with special needs. Labordas said, “My two favorite things are helping animals and helping children with special needs.” Labordas works with Nathanial; he has lissencephaly, muscle problems and seizures. “Working with Nate has made me realize how amazing children with special needs are and how much they can teach you,” added Labordas.


The Common Ground

Issue 7

Boys Basketball off to best start in 5 years Bryce Rector Editor-in-Chief

behind good shooting and subpar offensive execution by Burris. Burris was able to cut the lead to The boys basketball team has as little as eight in the third quarjumped out to an early 4-1 start ter after some sharp shooting and this year, coming through with good defensive execution but the a balanced scoring attack and a hole the Owls had dug for themgood defensive effort. selves just proved to be too deep as they lost with a score of 38-55. Burris then got a chance to bounce CG Photo / Betsy Ahlersmeyer back Indiana Academy Senior Eric Lechner looks to pass the ball after a during the Owls’ game at Ball Gym vs. Yorktown. The boys disaplost 38-55, which marks the only loss of the season. pointing loss The Owls won opening up to Yorktown against Union where the season with their longest the Owls won with a score of bus trip of the season with a trip 74-31. Burris jumped onto the to Berne, Ind. to play the South Rockets fast, gaining a 13-0 Adams Starfires on December advantage to start the game and 1. The boys took the game in they didn’t look back the rest what seemed to be a dominating of the game. Another balanced fashion through out the game, as scoring attack lead the Owls to they went into the intermission a dominating victory with great with a single digit lead but then Senior scoring having three in were able to extend that to as double figures. Will Spengler much as 17 points in the third scored 14, Terrence Johnson quarter, until the fourth quarter recorded a double-double with when the Starfires made a brief 11 points and 11 rebounds and run cutting the lead to single Bryce Rector added 10. digits, but the Owls fought off After getting a off to a nice the comeback and won with a 1-0 start in the Mid-Eastern Conscore of 70-59. Burris was paced ference, the Owls headed into by Senior Charles Wolfe who the December 11 game against was the Owls’ top scorer with Daleville looking for another 16 points. Sophomore Trevor conference win against a team Woodgett netted 14 for the Owls they lost to last year. Burris again and Senior Bryce Rector added jumped out to an early lead but 11. “We really started playing went into halftime with a single well during the third quarter and digit lead and were able to take a were able to sustain their little 46-41 victory behind hot shootrun. It was good opening win,” ing of Spengler, who scored 14 said Wolfe. of his 20 in the second half. Also The Owls then headed into scoring in double figures was a double weekend where they Rector who chipped in 10. “I played host to neighboring rival think we are off to a good start. Yorktown on December 4 and There are definitely some things then traveled to conference foe we need to work on but for the Union on December 5. A slow most part we’re doing pretty start for Burris hurt the Owls well,” said Spengler. against Yorktown as the Tigers The win puts the Owls tied jumped out to an early 20-4 lead

for first in the conference with a 2-0 record. Burris finished up their weekend with a trip to Northeastern where they played in front of a packed Northeastern crowd. Using what has become somewhat of a normal occurrence, the Owls again jumped out to an early lead leading by as much as 18 in the first half. The Owls were lead by some familiar names with Wolfe leading the way with 17 and Spengler with 14. Sophomore Ryan Davis, who had not seen much playing time so far in the year, came off the bench and gave Burris a huge spark scoring 12 points, all of which came from the long ball. The 4-1 start to the season is an impressive one for the Owls as this is the best five-game start for the Owls since 2004, a year in which the Owls lost only two games and spent most of their time ranked as the No. 1 team in

Indiana in Class 2A. Besides 2004 this matches the best start in at least a ten-year period in which the boys also grabbed two secCG Photo / Betsy Ahlersmeyer tional titles Will Spengler shoots and two a free throw during regional the game against runnerYorktown. ups. This was the last weekend of games for Burris before they go on Christmas break, which will be a long one for the Owls, as they do not play for nearly a month, with their next game coming against Eastern Hancock on January 8.

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Volume 16, Issue 7  

Volume 16, Issue 7

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