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Volleyball takes 13th Straight in the State; Still in the Hunt for a Gold Banner Bryce Rector Editor-in-Chief When the Burris volleyball team ended its 2008 season last year with a 12th straight Class 2A Indiana State Championship, their eyes turned towards an even higher goal, one that hasn’t been accomplished by any player on the current roster. “After last season was over we set our goals at a National Championship. We wanted to be a contender for that gold banner that would hang in Ball Gym,” said Head Coach Steve Shondell. In order to do this all of the Owls knew they would have to complete the season with an undefeated 40-

0 record, an incredible feat in itself, something that has not been accomplished by a Burris team since 2004 when the Owls were National Champs. Now that the Owls made easy work of everyone in the Indiana State Tournament winning their 13th consecutive Class 2A title, they can say they’ve put themselves in a position to complete their ultimate goal of the season in hanging that gold banner in Ball Gym by winning or getting runner-up in the National Title voting. For those that don’t know Burris hangs blue banners for any type of state recognition like state championships and gold banners for any time of national recognition like national cham-

pionships. Currently the Owls are No. 2 in the ESPN National High School Volleyball standings, a position they have been at since winning the Class 2A title. Unfortunately for the Owls they are behind California powerhouse Archbishop Mitty who is undefeated and has been ranked in the top spot all season long. The Mitty squad has a tougher strength of schedule and an incredible seven Division1 athletes so the chances for the Owls to move up to the No.1 spot seems slim as the Mitty season winds down and they remain undefeated… but the possibility does exist. ... Continued on Pg. 3

CG Photo / Jesse Etsler Burris Senior Setter Allyson Morey sets a ball during the third set of the State Championship Match. The Owls won in straight sets.

Burris starts first speech team in six years Kara Stewart Staff Writer Burris has started a speech team for the first time since 2002. Fred Shears is now sponsoring the Speech Team where Burris and Academy students can join to compete in many different categories. Shears participated in

the Speech Team when he was in high school. He said, “It’s a skill you need for the rest of your life no matter what job or what walk of life. If you participate you will develop skills that will be beneficial to college and many different careers.” Manal Ansari, Sophomore, is on the speech

team. She said, “Speech team really gives you an opportunity to improve on your articulation skills. It also gives a great opportunity to socialize with people that are also intellectually inclined. It gives us great experience for things we may need in college. It also looks great on résumés. Not to mention, it’s a

blast.” Molly Boylan, Sophomore and member of the speech team, is competing in the next match on November 21. She said, “Speech team is fun and we get a chance to hang out with friends and improve our speaking skills.


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Issue 6

May Term Trip anyone?

Will Spengler Staff Writer

trip was passed by the Indiana Academy. The complications

The May Term trips have been decided. Originally there were two May Term trips that had enough students to go. The trips were Bradley Canada’s trip to Egypt and Michael Dodrill’s and Brain Carr’s Burris vs. Wild II. Due to some complications with the Indiana Academy administration, Canada’s trip will not be going. Canada was told that his trip would pass if he had at least 12 students signed up. After the trip sign up day, Canada had exactly 12 students signed up, included were two Indiana Academy students and ten Burris students. Canada and the May Term Committee thought the

Willie Calvin Staff writer The 2009 Burris Harvest Festival proved to be industrious this year. The annual event ran from 6-8 p.m. on November 14 and had six less booths this year than it had last year, but still yielded similar profits. PTSO President Connie McIntosh said, “We do not have actual numbers as we do not take attendance. We sold about 10,000 tickets this year. Yet, we have mixed reviews as to attendance.” The gym, which is normally crowded with people and booths seemed empty to many. “I thought the turnout was not to bad, but the number of booths in the gym was a little disap-

the Academy had decided that their might be safety concerns with a trip in [Egypt], and denied their students from participating,” said May Term Committee member Karen Avery. Canada was not happy with this outcome. “The Indiana Academy administration just wouldn’t allow their students to go, this ultimately is the reason my trip did not pass. We allow This is the logo for the company that was our students to go on their going to host Burris and Indiana Academy group May Term trips, why won’t that was going to go to Egypt. Unfortunately the they let their students go on trip did not go. ours?” said Canada. began after the Indiana Academy This left only one trip that students had signed up and were passed. A few years ago Burris ready to go. science teacher Michael Dodrill “Our May Term committee and health and physical educawas notified by Dr. McGee that tion teacher Brian Carr took

A weekend of fun!

pointing,” said Brian a certain point because reason,” Burris SophoCarr, a sponsor for two we were running low more Chloe Mounayar different booths in the on meat. It seemed a said. gym. little slower this year, “Next year--there Although there was but we still did pretty is talk for a cake walk, a deficit of booths, well!” Burris Senior classrooms sponsoring some classes had to class president Daniel a gift basket to sale, shut down their booths Cheesman said. and the booth bringing early because of too The 2009 Harvest in the most tickets will much business. “Mrs. Festival still demonstrat- get additional money Sutherland’s Fish Booth ed to be entertaining from the PTSO,” said closed at 7:10 p.m. due despite its differences. McIntosh. too much activity and “I had fun this year, I therefore, running out do every year, but it did of prizes,” McIntosh seem different for some said. “The Harvest Festival Dinner High School Related Booth Ticket Results: reported running out FCA-Carr Corn Hole Toss Gym - 264 of walkSpanish Club Piñata Walk - 405 ing tacos Journalism Tetris Tournament - 150 and apple Basketball-Carr Free Throw Shooting - 134 dumpHigh School Student Council Ping Pong Buckets Gym - 252 lings.” Class of 2011 Burris INK - 406 “We Class of 2012 Mario Kart Tourney - 298 offered Class of 2013 Arcade - 342 walking tacos for Class of 2010 Harvest Dinner Cafeteria - $450 half price at

And the Results are in!

students on a five-day backcountry-hiking trip. This year, 25 students will be doing the same type of trip. They are going to travel to Knobstone in Brownstown, Indiana to hike a 50-mile long trail. Dodrill and Carr hope to spend six days hiking but are going for at least five. “I’d like to take an extra day to finish the whole trail,” said Dodrill. “Ten miles per day is a lot, that’s military speed.” The main goal of the backcountry hike is to get away from mankind by exploring the backcountry and to learn about and get exposed to nature. “Our motto this year is ‘take only photos, leave only footprints,’” said Dodrill.

Chelsea Kruger Staff writer Girls asked the guys to the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance. There were a lot of people at the dance. It cost $5 a person and $8 a couple. The dance was sponsored by the Junior class. They raised $670 for their class funds. “I really enjoyed the dance. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be,” said Freshmen Kelsie Kollars. One of the memorable moments of the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance came from Academy Student Sean Conley. Coney was trying to do a back flip off of fellow Academy Student Albert Man’s back and landed on his head. Freshmen Celeste Kruger said, “The sound that guy made when his head hit the ground was really bad and every one went silent for a minute but the guy was ok.” There was some blood but the mess got cleaned up and every one went back to their dancing.


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asked for. We fought through adversity at times and managed If Mitty happens to lose in to put a zero in the loss column, their state tournament, which something we had set out to could happen as California pos- do from the beginning. To win sesses 12 of the top 50 teams state (the Class 2A IHSAA State ranked in the nation, then the Title) all four years of my high Owls do appear to be the next school career and then be in a best team to take over the No. 1 position to win a National Title spot and bring home yet another is something pretty special that not many people get a chance to National Title. Burris Senior Setter Al- experience.” The Owls made fairly lyson Morey said, “This year was the best senior year I could have easy work of nearly every opponent they played this season losing just a total of five sets, two to Bishop Chatard, two to Yorktown, and one to Muncie Central. The biggest match of the year came against neighCG Photo / Jesse Etsler boring rival YorThe Owls Nest, the cheerleaders, and the volleyball team join in one last team cheer to celebrate the state championship. ktown where the Tigers and Owls ..Volleball continued from Pg. 1

Girls Basketball Starts Kelli Anderson Staff Writer Laney Johnson is a new name for the small roster. A 6”1’ freshman who will make up for the loss of graduating senior Dena Woodgette. Johnson went her eighth grade year without playing a single game for her school on the account of the number of girls who tried out. Although last year she went without a school team she still kept in shape with off season basketball and volleyball. With Johnson coming in and the number of sophomores returning back for the season the girls have high hopes for the season. Junior Hannah Clemmons explained. “We’re better this year.” she giggled as went into depth. “We are setting our goals higher. We’re working on running and pushing the ball up a lot more and all that jazz” The girls basketball team played against Randolph Southern on Wednesday, the eighteenth and was defeated with a score of 68-47 for their season

opener. The top scorer for Burris was senior Larrisa Morningstar with 13 points. Junior Kelsey Carr had the most rebounds with 10 and Johnson had the second most rebounds with 9. Despite their loss the girls came back with a win in their second game of the season against Wes-del on the twentieth. The Lady Owls won with a score of 53-35. Kelsey Carr was the MVP in that game, scoring 11 points, having 17 rebounds, and stealing the ball 5 times. Junior Jasmine Childress scored the most points with 14, and Morningstar had 12 points. Childress is one of the ladies is also expecting a lot out of this season but not only on the court but off. “We need more people to come to our games” Childress said. “We need the support to drive us this year.” as she compared the attendance to the State winning, girls volleyball team. With an even record they are ready to see what East brook will bring to the court.

Issue 6

took the match to five sets with Burris winning 2516, 24-26, 22-25, 25-23, and 22-20. Burris narrowly avoided defeat several times in the match when they trailed 22-20 in the fourth set and then again 12-8 in the fifth set, which is only played to 15. In their matches against Chatard and Central the Owls made the matches close but seemed to have complete domination over both opponents, as they did against most everyone this season, with Yorktown being the one exception. As for next year the Owls will have the challenge of replacing several starters but do return several key players. Of 20 CG Photo / Jesse Etsler players featured on the varBurris Cheerleader Autumn Henderson (left) sity roster Burris loses seven embraces Hannah Clemmons after winning the to graduation next year and state title. expects to return all the Taylor Morey who was an Allother 13 who earned varsity letters. Of the returners the State First Team selection this one player who will probably be year. “We are losing a lot of talthe main contributor for the Lady ent but we also have quite a bit Owls will be current Sophomore of talent returning,” said Morey.

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Volume 16, Issue 6  

Volume 16, Issue 6