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Volume 16 , Issue 1 Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Unroe to return for the Owls Bryce Rector Editor-in-Chief In the past week the Burris Owls volleyball team suffered arguably one of its biggest blows in the program’s illustrious history. On Saturday, October 3 Burris’ star player Taylor Unroe came down on the foot of a teammate and then fell to the ground with a grimace on her face that showed everyone something was not right. The Florida recruit, whose face is normally expressing the fire and drive she has was far from it but instead had signs of anguish and pain, was sidelined for the rest of the game and for the games against Blue River

and Southside. As Unroe was helped to the side of the court

CG Photo / Joel Kellogg Unroe sits in a Burris hallway during the school day as she reads. The boot which she wore on her foot had many people in shock when they first saw her.

and to the bench the feeling in the crowd and on the bench went from animated as it is most of the time to shocked and almost in a haze to what had just CG Photo / Betsy Ahlersmeyer happened. As The Burris Volleyball team listens on during this was the first their match against New Castle. This was the injury to Unroe match that Unroe injured her ankle. in her miraculous career as an Owl, people because I didn’t even see from the Burris family it happen then I saw her were flabbergasted. The on the ground and figured Owls have a ranking of she would just get up and third in the United States, walk off. Then it hit me which many felt rested that she was actually hurt heavly on the shoulders and I just thought to myof Unroe, who had started self ‘Oh no.,’” said Burris every game in her career Sophomore Taylor Morey at Burris since entering as she let out a somewhat nervous chuckle. high school. ...Continued on Pg. 3 “At first I was in shock

Technology becoming prevalent among not only Burris and Academy students Kara Stewart Staff Writer

Computer and Internet usage has become a major part of our education at Burris, in the nation, and around the world. Public schools have continually made progress in providing Internet access to faculty and students. In 2005, almost 100 percent of schools and 94 percent of public school classrooms had Internet access, compared with only 3 percent in 1994. Not only are there more classrooms with computer access, but there are more computers available over-

all. In 1998 there was 1 computer ava i l a b l e per 12.1 American Bullock students. In 2005 there was 1 computer per 3.8 students. In American schools we have nearly ended the “digital divide” the gap between those students who have access to Internet at school and those who do not. This has been very beneficial to our educational opportunities. Ron Bullock, a long time teacher at Burris said

that the use of the Internet “is probably one of the most significant changes that happened over the last 20 years. Although there are some problems associated with Internet access, it is an extremely valuable resource.” Mike Dodrill, Burris physics teacher said, “Information is more immediate so it does aid in what instructors call teachable moments.” Cierra Beal, a Burris sophomore, explains how she and her classmates use the Internet. “We use the Internet in class when we are looking up information on what we are studying,

or to share the projects we made with our other classmates.” Around the world there remains a digital divide, in many nations there are still schools without computers and the Internet. Yet, there are many programs that are trying to increase computer access to even the developing nations. Around the world, Internet access is growing at a phenomenal rate. In June of 2008, 21.9 percent of the world’s population had Internet, one year later in 2009 that has increased to 24.7 percent.


The Common Ground

Attention all seniors! The season for applying to college has arrived. As seniors at Burris are applying to colleges, in comes the stress. Julie Maugherman, Ashley Flannery and the rest of the Burris counseling center are easing the stress on seniors by providing help. Maugherman gave a presentation to all seniors who attended the Senior Information Night on Tuesday, September 22. In case you missed it, here is some information regarding the college application process. Choosing a College: An important thing to remember when choosing a college is knowing yourself and your reasons for attending college. Consider college characteristics. List, com-

pare, and visit schools to make a decision. Look for opportunities to meet with people from a college in which you are interested. Applying to College: Aim to apply to 3-5 schools. Make sure you know the requirements for different applications. Check whether or not you can apply online, this will make the whole process easier because there is no need for mail. The Common Application is a useful tool in which you can apply to more than one school with one application form. Be aware of deadlines! Review the Counseling Center Application procedure as to give them enough time to send your information. Paying for College: Develop

Burris students nominated for Wells Scholarship Will Spengler Staff Writer The Wells Scholarship nominees have been selected. Seniors Bryce Rector and Willie Calvin have been nominated for the Wells Scholarship from Indiana University in Bloomington. The Wells Scholarship is a full-ride merit-based scholarship to attend IU. Each high school in Indiana has the option to nominate two students for the scholarship. From these nominees about 50 students are selected for further interviewing on the Bloomington campus. Of these 50 students, between 18 and 22 students receive the award. In addition to a full-ride scholarship, the recipients are also members of the Hutton Honors College. From this, the recipients have the opportunity to apply for grants to do personal research. “I’ve always got a chance to be one of the 50 students interviewed. If I got to that point I’d be very honored,” said Rector.

Rector and Calvin are both seriously considering IU as their college choice. “IU is definitely in my top three. It all depends on how much money I can get,” said Rector. Calvin agrees with Rector on the money situation. “I’d like to go there the most but it all depends on the money.” Both basing their decision on the money, Rector and Calvin agreed they would attend IU if they received the Wells Scholarship. The Wells Scholarship is in honor of Herman B. Wells (1902-2000). The scholarship is in his honor due to his life-long dedication to IU. Dr. Wells came to IU as an undergraduate, returned as a professor, served as dean and then became the president of the university. Rector is also looking at Purdue, Ball State and Notre Dame as options. Calvin is looking at Northwestern, The University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis.

a plan to finance your education and familiarize yourself with types of financial aid. Look for scholarships and apply for financial aide using different forms like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Scholarship Services Financial Aid Profile (CSS Profile). Apply with FAFSA is important as nearly 70% of student financial aid is from the Department of Education. Review and Finalize Plans: Talk things over as a family and meet individually with your guidance counselor. Remember, be responsible, there is a lot to do.

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Photo/Will Spengler

Burris Seniores Kameron McBride and Colin Pine listen for Senior Trip ideas at the Senior class meeting.

List of financial aid resources courtesy of Julie Maugherman: www.ed.gove/finaid.html

College Visits! Tue. 10/6 Tue. 10/6 * Thur. 10/8 * Thur. 10/15 Mon. 10/19 Tue. 10/20 * Wed. 10/21 Tue. 10/27 Wed. 10/28 Wed. 10/28 Wed. 10/28 Tue. 11/17

Marian University, 9:00 a.m. Elliott Commons Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, 10:00 a.m. Burris Auditorium Rose Hulman, 1:00 p.m. Elliott Commons Wabash College, 10:00 a.m. Elliott Commons Hanover College, 9:00 a.m. Elliott Commons University of Cincinnati, 9:00 a.m. Elliott Commons Denison University, 2:00 p.m. Elliott Commons National Guard, 11:00 a.m. Elliott Commons University of Indianapolis, 8:00 a.m. Elliott Commons DePauw University, 9:00 a.m. Burris Room 112 St. Mary’s College, 2:00 p.m. Elliott Commons Missouri University of Science & Technology, 10:00 a.m. Elliott Commons


The Common Ground

...Continued from Pg 1 The Owls seemed not to be bothered by the injury to Unroe as they took care of the Trojans of New Castle handily in the rest of the match and then went on the take care of both Blue River and Southside in an undemanding fashion on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. As many saw Unroe for the first time with a boot on her foot walking through the hallways, moments of shock went through their heads as well. “I was stunned when I saw her. The first thought that went through my head was ‘Oh gosh we are going to lose to Central.’ Then came the thoughts of the Yorktown match and the State Championship and the National Championship,” said Burris Senior Will Spengler. Like Spengler, many had the same worries as to if Unroe would be back for the Central game, a game which over the past 10 years has become arguably one of the fiercest rivals in Indiana sports, let alone volleyball. Unroe put all of those thoughts to rest when she said that she would be back by Monday, October 12 for the Central match and then also on Thursday of the same week for the York-

town match, which will feature the only two undefeated volleyball teams in Indiana, baring a Burris or Yorktown loss before Thursday. Unroe will be back by the Central match, but the only question that remains to be answered is at what caliber will she return? Will it be the typically electrifying Unroe we have all been accustomed to seeing or will her return be hindered by her injury? To search for the answer, you don’t have to look much further than sports themselves. Some of the greatest performances in sports history have come when athletes would not consider themselves at their physical best. Just recently the great Tiger Woods took home a U.S. Open Championship on a torn ACL, expressing a face that anguished in pain on nearly every shot. Or we could take for example Isiah Thomas who in Game 6 of the 1988 NBA Finals fractured his ankle and not only stayed in the game, but put up a 25-point fourth quarter, giving him 43 points in the must win game 6 against the Lakers. Another incredible and unforgettable performance is what many call “The

Issue 4

Flu Game.” In Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to step foot on the court woke up with the stomach flu and was told by doctors there was no way he would play. Against all odds Jordan left his bed at 3 p.m. just in time to make the 6 p.m. tip-off and managed a game high 38 points leading the Bulls to yet another NBA championship. So the question remains, although Unroe will be back for the Central, Yorktown, State and National Championship run, how effective will she CG Photo / Will Spengler be? With what will Unroe (Right) stands with Junior Rachel Rector during be a Championship the warm-ups of the Southside match. The Owls took Atmosphere, Unroe’s the match in three sets despite not having Unroe. “you can’t beat me” attitude, and history attitude whether she’s playing on her side, Unroe’s return for outside attacker or libero, which Burris will not only be a physical can lead the Owls to heights not lift for the Owls but an emotional reached in several years. one. Unroe gives the Owls a certain swagger about them, what I called her “you can’t beat me”

Burris FCA holds annual “See You at the Pole” Kelli Anderson Staff Writer Flyers sporadically taped in the hallways labeled “See you at the pole” caught some attention, which withheld information about meetings for FCA. Fellowship of Christian Athlete meetings are held in Ron Bullock’s room every Thursday at 7:30 sharp.

Photo Courtesy Brian Carr Burris Juniors (from left to right) Jasmine Childress, Kelsey Carr and Kendra Carr listen as Kelsey reads scripture at FCA’ s “See You at the Pole.”

“The meetings are really fun. Sometimes we read scriptures and listen to music and we always pray and eat donuts or muffins or something.” Says Senior Mackenzi Dudley. The FCA is becoming a large organization even for Burris Photo Courtesy Brian Carr “ At the last Burris students (from left to right) Derek Packard, Abe Underhill and Jasmine Childress meeting there were hold hands in prayer around the flag pole on the Burris Backyard. Each student was given more than twenty the opportunity to pray on whatever was on their mind during the gathering. people there,” says levels to use the medium of athletics for an senior Allyson Morey. impact. FCA is the largest Christian sports orFCA has been touching millions of lives ganization in America and FCA focuses on since 1954. FCA has been challenging serving local communities by equipping and coaches and athletes on the professional, encouraging people to make a difference. college, high school, junior high and youth

Volume 16, Issue 4  

Volume 16, Issue 4