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Volume 15 , Issue 2 Monday, May 11, 2009

J-day attendants learn about journalism Maya Halley Staff Writer

Charlie Cardinal throws shirts to the crowd. Sarah Powell, freshman, caught one. “I’m really happy I caught that bag with a shirt in it because then I didn’t have to carry around all of the stuff that I got from the classes that I attended.” said Powell.

Public staying safe Rachel Baker Staff Writer


Table of

On Monday April 27, Ball State distributed a public safety notice regarding (H1N1), but widely referred to as Swine Flu. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed and reported cases of (H1N1), in various places across the country. April 28 Indianapolis confirmed the first case in Indiana. Ball State is staying one step ahead by recommending tips for hygiene and safety. As the numbers of cases increase, President Obama has asked Congress for $1.5 billion to fight the disease. Obama’s atten-

tion was also directed at the first death due to H1N1 on April 28. The death of 23 month-old toddlers had occurred in Texas. A health official claimed the baby was a descendant of Mexico. According to BBC News H1N1 does not normally infect humans, although sporadic cases do occur, usually in people who have had close contact with pigs. In the latest “outbreak”, it is clear that the disease is being passed from person to person. Symptoms of the flu seem to be similar to that of the typical, seasonal flu. Reported symptoms include coughing, fever, sore throat, and lack of

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- 10 Questions with Kameron Mcbride

appetite, headaches, and pneumonia. One stunning symptom is respiratory failure. Many people are wondering how they can protect themselves. These ways include washing your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. It was also recommended that you avoid close contact with people who are ill. There is no evidence that the Swine flu can be transmitted from eating pig meat, but it is important to properly cook meat.

Page Three - 10 Questions with Kameron Mcbride continued

Betsy Ahlersmeyer was put in the Department of Journalism Secondary Education Services hall of fame. She received a plaque for her help and ideas. The plaque said, ‘In honor of her continued support and dedication of Ball State University’s secondary education journalism outreach programs,’ J-day or Journalism day at Ball State was held on March 24. Students in Ahlersmeyer’s photography and newspaper classes were able to go to this event. When you first get to J-day you sit in Emens Auditorium while they give out awards to people who are exceptional journalistic students from all over. Charlie Cardinal throws t-shirts and bags with t-shirts in them to the crowd. You listen to a journalist speak about their experiences with journalism and why they love to be a journalist. After the journalist finishes talking to everyone you are dismissed and you pick three classes to go to. Each of these classes has something to do with journalism, newspaper, yearbook or photography, and you could pick your classes according to what you are interested in. You had to go to three of the four classes, the other hour you had for your lunch. “The first class we went to was so good and the teacher made it really interesting. I really liked J-day, and I really want to go again,” said Sarah Powell. Betsy Ahlersmeyer receives an award for her outstanding achievements. I’m so proud of Mrs. Ahlersmeyer. She really deserves it.” said David Morgan, Senior at Burris.

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The Common Ground

Issue 13

10 Questions with

Kameron McBride

Get to know Kameron’s Favorites: • • • • • • • • • •

Book: House of Leaves and Hell House Childrens Book: Where the Wild Things Are Color: Green, Red, or Black Band: Nirvana Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth Actor: Sean Penn Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal Songwriter: Tom Waits Director: Ang Lee Playwright: Samuel Beckett

which I fell into after one of the other actors dropped out. That was directed by Nichole Canada who really stimulated my acting and is the reason why I do it still.


McBride showing his skills as the goalie of the Burris soccer team. Here is he throwing the ball after one of his numerous saves. “I always have a lot of fun playing goalie, I feel I control my own destiny there.” Bryce Rector that. Whether this is the case or Staff Writer not you can learn some interest-

The drama department at Burris has a star that most of you probably know but had no clue he even took part in acting, let alone that he wants to make a career out of it. Burris Junior Kameron McBride, or Macky, seeing as almost everyone in the school knows him by this nickname he was given in middle school, is a part of the Burris drama team. You may know that he plays soccer and that he attends Burris, at least I hope you know he attends Burris, but not much more than

ing and funny things about Kameron “Macky” McBride. Question: How long have you been a part of the drama department at Burris?


Macky: I’ve been a part of the drama department in Burris since my sophomore year when I did Attack of the Moral Fuzzies,

Question: What is your favorite play that you’ve done/part that you’ve played?

Macky: My favorite play would have to be the most recent one because it ran more smoothly and felt so much more comfortable than any other in the past. My favorite role would have to be the character I played in Tall Tales or the one in Ten Little Indians because of the complexity behind them both, they were dubbed “onion characters” by the director of Tall Tales (Katie Nuss), because they are so layered.


Question: What

do you do besides drama? Macky: Other than drama I watch a lot of film and read a lot. My mom’s had a lot of influence there because she is a teacher of

film and literature. I also have a job as a sandwich artist at Subway, and I baby sit some. Question: Do you play any sports and what are your favorite professional sports teams?


Macky: I play soccer currently, and have played basketball and baseball in the past. My favorite sports teams are the Indianapolis Colts and Atlanta Braves, there aren’t any other sports teams I follow closely, other than maybe the New York Red Bull of MLS. My favorite player is Peyton Manning because he is the best player at the hardest position in sports, and also is an upstanding person who is the perfect role model.


Question: How is it being a sibling of four?

Macky: Being an older brother is like anything else where it has its ups and downs. On one hand you’re learning responsibility and are adept at handling stressful situations, but you also have to change diapers, and the whole crying thing kind of sucks too. But I suppose those are good life skills to learn at some point down the road. The problem is it also makes you slightly tentative


The Common Ground you can make it that planning on it would be delusional. Now it is my greatest aspiration and I will do everything I can to work for it and just hope in the end that is enough.


McBride with Indiana Academy Junior Alyssa Villaire during the production of “Ten Little Indians.” “I had a great time doing the play, it was a complex story, and since it was a mystery it was fun to perform.” about having children, while you may be more experienced at it, you just keep thinking about waking up at 4 in the morning to do whatever is making the little bologna loaf down the hall mad, but I figure I’ll worry about that in like 13 years or so.


Question: Why are you a vegetarian?

Macky: I’m a vegetarian because of my moral beliefs surrounding animals, and if you can do it right it provides great health benefits for you. And, while it sounds silly, being brought up seeing these talking animals, which you realize you’re devouring, can disturb you as a child. Especially seeing Babe, I mean how could you possibly ever want to eat Babe?


Question: What kind of an impact has Burris had on you?

Macky: Burris is a great atmosphere to be around. When I first moved here my parents were instantly attracted because of the academic stature and while it took a little while to break in it’s been great to be here. The fact that you can get along with almost anyone in the school makes for a good environment to be around and excel in. It’ll be a very sad day when I finally have to leave here.

Question: How did being born in Tennessee effect you?

Macky: I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee which is very close to the (University of Tennessee) campus. This had a profound effect on my childhood given that I still feel a lot of loyalty to Tennessee, and especially to the University. My mom also received her Bachelor’s and Masters degree there, and would eventually teach there. My dad also would get his Bachelor’s there and teach. Since the football team is obviously tremendously popular and hard to get tickets for I attended many more women’s basketball games and grew close to that team and still am today. One funny story is that my parents

Issue 13 were both at UT when Peyton (Manning) was there, and then literally the weekend he was drafted 1st by the Indianapolis Colts we moved to Muncie, so really I’ve grown up all my life looking up to him.


Question: Do you want to pursue acting in college?

Macky: I would love to pursue this field in college, acting and literature are easily the two fields I see myself studying in college. The field is very competitive, and both are very hard to make careers out of, but it is what I love to do and that is what I think matters in the end. Also I would hope working with so many people involved in the Ball State program here at Burris would help me in pursuing this field further, regardless of whether I actually make it I will still give it my best effort to get in.


Question: Do you plan on making a career out of acting?

Macky: Making a career out of acting is my career aspiration. It would be one of the greatest things I could imagine happening because of how much I love doing it. Planning on making a career out of it though is an entirely different story given the nature of the job, I would love to do it, the problem is it is so competitive and so unlikely that

McBride being crowned Prom Prince during the Burris Prom. Crowning him is Prom Committee member and fellow Junior Arika Armstrong. “Being crowned was a big surprise, I was really excited to have won though.”


The Common Ground

A Warrior’s defeat! John Phipps Staff Writer

The Owls managed to scrape by with a close win against the Wes-Del Warriors on April 27, narrowly escaping with a 9-8 final score in after the ninth inning. “We played badly,” commented junior Colin Pine. “We made a lot of mistakes on the base path.” Pine, who played center field for the Owls against Wes-Del, finished off the day with two hits from his three at bats. Many of the Owls feel that the score was too close for comfort. Most of the players feel that the close score after nine innings was a result of bad base running. They feel that they managed to get themselves out too easily from simple mistakes like leading-off too far. On a positive note, the Owls did manage to hit well at the

plate. Additionally, many feel players feel they managed to field the ball well, despite the close call of a one-run score. However, like Pine commented, a win is a win. “We played well, but our biggest mistake was getting picked off,” commented junior Bryce Rector. As the days go by, the Owls dawn upon their sectional game on May 28. The Owls will need to perfect their base running, hitting and fielding if they hope to win they coveted sectional championship, which has slipped from their grasp the past few years. Rector commented that the team will train extra hard in order to prepare themselves for the challenging sectional ball game. Rector commented that the team will train extra hard in order to prepare themselves for the challenging sectional ball game.

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Issue 13

Boys golf surprise success David Morgan Staff Writer It takes dedication and perseverance to arrive at school at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but the Burris Men’s golf team has its routine down to a science. On behalf of a team lead by three seniors it is all too little to say they are experienced. Seniors Brock Bell, David Morgan, and Johnny Phipps have waited for this moment in their careers since they were freshman, and when given the opportunity to succeed, they do it with a passion. “We have had success day in and day out this season,” mentions Brock Bell. The team currently holds the best record for

a Burris golf team in all the years Eric Evans has coached. At this time they stand on top of the podium with a 7-1 record, suffering their only loss to arch rival Wapahani. However this amazing group of golfers can do much more. On May 2, 2009 the fighting owls traveled to Winchester to participate in their annual invite and came out third overall, just behind top golf programs Richmond and Park Tutor. This was a magnificent win for the owls, considering in past years second to last has been the best they have performed. The golf team looks improve on their third place finish by contending for the MEC conference championship on May 16, 2009.

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Junior Colin Pine prepares to knock a ball to the center field fence. Pine hit 2-3 against the Wes-Del Warriors on April 27.

Commong Ground Issue 13  

The 13th and final issue of the 15th volume.

Commong Ground Issue 13  

The 13th and final issue of the 15th volume.