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Permaculture Education

About Common Circle Education Common Circle Education is a sustainability institute located in Oregon and California. It is open since 2004. As the leading ecological design and holistic living school, we create communities. We offer permaculture courses in which we explore stunning permaculture ecovillages and organic farms.

About Our Permaculture Courses We offer following permaculture courses: Art of Creating Community: Action For A Healthy Planet Workshop. This powerful experiential workshop explores ideas about people and the world that create deep and meaningful connections needed to make community sprout. We take permaculture lessons from thriving gardens and apply them to grow thriving communities. Sub/Urban Permaculture Design Course: Action For A Healthy Planet Workshop This retreat is an incredible opportunity to have fun and get your hands dirty while learning how to create sustainable communities and thriving local economies through permaculture -- a set of sustainable design principles deeply rooted in nature that are applicable to every human system: businesses, communities as well as personal relationships.

About Our Permaculture Courses Weekend Sub/Urban Permaculture Design Course: Action For A Healthy Planet Workshop. This workshop series is an experiential intensive in creating thriving livable urban and suburban communities. Each day combines site visits to model ecovillages and sustainability sites and hands-on service learning for an in-depth education in holistic living. This is the weekend version of our intensive course. Permaculture & Green Building Tour: Sustainability In Motion Bicycle Tour. If you have always wanted to live in a better, greener world, this sustainable cycling adventure is for you. It's a golden opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the north Pacific coast and learn about traditional methods for living in harmony with nature. We'll visit Oregon's most well-known eco-villages to learn about sustainable farming and natural building.

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Common circle education  
Common circle education  

Common Circle Education opens big doors to those who are interested in permaculture design and sustainable living concepts. Common Circle Ex...