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Expert advice on safeguarding your assets from Nursing Home Costs through MA Medicaid People work their whole life, and they’ve scrimped and they’ve saved and they’ve provided for the kids and then an emergency happens and it’s not something that they’ve planned for. People over the age of 65 have a 60 percent chance of requiring Medicaid long term care in future. It therefore becomes essential to make sure you’re protected and your family members are protected from financial stress in later years in life. If there’s a husband and wife, and one of them goes into a nursing home, then all of a sudden the spouse at home is under a lot of financial and personal stress, without professional guidance and support. Nursing home expenses run about $10,000 per month. And that’s probably at the lower end right now. So the $100,000 that people have saved is gone very quickly. By 10 months, $100,000 can be gone. MA Senior Asset Protection Specialists such as Common Wealth Advisory Group are able to protect the money and make sure that the spouse at home is provided for as well as the spouse that’s in the nursing home as well, ensuring they get the care that they need. They also assist in Disabled Nursing Home Planning and Parent Nursing Home Planning.

As experts in MA Medicaid regulations, CommonWealth Advisory Group is able to put the spouse in a nursing home on Medicaid. Many people think that you must spend all of your money before you get on the Medicaid program. But with a husband and wife, the regulations allow us to save their house, and they’re able to keep roughly $100,000 in cash. Commonwealth Advisory Group provides Massachusetts Asset Protection and the law allows us to do that, and that’s what we do. So if one of the spouses goes into the nursing home, we’ll save all the money, all the assets for that at-home spouse. So that, if it’s the wife that’s at home, that she’s financially independent, and OK for the rest of her life.

Massachusetts Elder Law Attorney Philip C. Amaru and Executive Director Laureen Vaughn at Commonwealth Advisory Group assist elders and their families looking for MA Medicaid Asset Protection Here are some very useful tips from the experts in MA Medicaid Regulations, CommonWealth Advisory Group for safeguarding your assets: No need to liquidate: Many assume to become eligible for Medicaid in Massachusetts. This is not necessarily the case. There are ways to avoid liquidation. Don’t give them away: Some seniors looking to protect their assets simply give them to their children. Those who do lose control over those assets, and if those gifted assets are lost or spent and the giver goes into a nursing home, there can be consequences under federal regulations. Trusts may not help: Some try to protect their assets by putting everything in a revocable trust. Such funds are still available for liquidation to fund nursing home care. If you are looking for a consultation or assistance on MA Asset Protection Services, PrePlanning, Crisis Planning, CommonWealth Advisory Group can help. Commonwealth Advisory Group has helped thousands of clients preserve their assets both prior to admission to a nursing home, and also when a loved one has already been admitted to a nursing home. We are experts in helping people save their hard-earned assets when faced with a potential nursing home emergency. Unlike those who want to take control of and manage your money, we will show you how to protect it. Call 800-705-1415 to schedule a personal consultation. Visit and protect your assets from Massachusetts Medicaid Spend Down and nursing home Medicaid spend down Commonwealth Advisory Group Contact Person: Laureen Vaughn Email: Address: 3 Allied Drive, Suite. 125 (immediately off Route 128) Dedham, MA 02026 Phone Number: 800-705-1415 Tags: Massachusetts Medicaid Spend Down, MA Medicaid Spend Down, MA Asset Protection, Massachusetts Asset Protection, Nursing Home Medicaid Spend down, Save on MA Nursing Home Costs, MA Long term care planning, Medicaid long term care, Massachusetts Elder Law, MA Medicaid Asset Protection, Parent Nursing Home Planning, Disabled Nursing Home Planning

Expert advice on safeguarding your assets from Nursing Home Costs through MA Medicaid