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A New Generation of Tourism is Here

Educational Tourism • Accessible Tourism • Niche Tourism

1000 Miles First Step is a Cypriot tour operator specializing in educational tourism, accessible tourism and niche tourism. Based on the ancient Chinese proverb that

“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 1000 Miles First Step seeks to provide an unforgettable journey that combines learning theory and practice with traveling and fun. 1000 Miles First Step’s leading team consists of international experts from various countries. Our vast mix of schools, camps, and concept tours can all be made accessible to all people, regardless of physical limitations, disabilities and age.

A New Generation of Tourism is Here

We combine meaningful experiences and great services through enriching, empowering and extraordinary tourist activities all around Cyprus.

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Our unique tourist activities provide options and opportunities for all to travel, develop, become empowered and enjoy life.


Why Cyprus?

• A subtropical climate with very mild winters and over 300 days of sunshine a year • Warm sea temperatures all year long. Sea temperature ranges from 17 °C in winter to 27-28 °C in summer

• countries in the world • for the last 10 years

• Hundreds of tourist attractions rich in history and culture

• Incredible hospitality and great food; a rich and generous Mediterranean cuisine that uses fresh and natural ingredients

• 10 UNESCO world heritage sites, monasteries, ancient temples, mosques and churches, as well as archeological sites that are thousands of years old

Educational Tourism Our unique Educational Camps combine both theoretical and practical learning through fun and engaging activities such as tours, workshops and competitions.

Spoken English Camps winter, spring and summer for children and adults. Programs are adjusted for each level or age group and combine new, unique and exclusive methods of teaching English that improve their English communication skills to become more independent. Based on the latest academic research that show that English can be taught in a short amount of time, our Spoken English camps combine frontal lessons in the morning with implementation in the afternoon through activities and excursions. Our innovative methods increase partici-

A journey that will enrich you

Experience completes the picture of understanding

Courses and Workshops We build courses and workshops that combine learning with travel, fun and exploration. Sample courses and workshops:

Photography Vacations Specialized adventure tours for photographers at all levels can also include workshops such as our “Filming and Editing with Smartphones� workshop.

Culinary Vacations Participants who love to cook can delight in the vibrant colors, unique textures and sumptuous smells that the Greek cuisine

Seminars and Team-Building We plan and co-ordinate every type of excellent service for organizations looking to combine training and team-building activities with a fun and unforgettable experience.

A fun and unforgettable experience.

Accessible Tourism 1000 Miles First Step considers accessible tourism as one of its main activities. sible as this provides all participants with more options and opportunities to enjoy and get the most out of life regardless of their physical or mental condition. As such, we plan, co-ordinate and create tours that are accessible to all participants and we provide everything that visitors might need during their stay in Cyprus. As a person who has experienced reduced mobility, our tourist director, Mrs. Stella sible tourism is, and has audited all destinations, hotels, tour itineraries, restaurants and facilities to ensure that they are barrier free.

Stella represents CYS (Cyprus Organization for Standardization) and is participating in an international committee creating ISO standards for accessible tourism. Our goal is to ensure a wonderful and barrier-free experience that will never be forgotten, as well as a heightened feeling of empowerment, equality and engagement.

Guided Tours and Vacations for People with Special Needs We plan, co-ordinate and create tours that are accessible and barrier free for people

Many leisure and cultural venues in Cyprus are now accessible and they are becoming increasingly more common: routes which eliminate architectural barriers, numerous monuments, museums, nature areas, activities that are partially or totally accessible.

adapt to the needs of travelers with physical disabilities by eliminating barriers and providing access to cultural and natural resources.

Services Accessible Transportation We provide private transportation with ramps and skilled driver and arrange transfers from the airports to hotels and excursions in every city.

Rental Equipment We provide all types of equipment for disabled people in all cities including IV stands, oxygen tanks and masks and much more upon request.

Daily Care Allows disabled travelers to travel alone. We guarantee the accompaniment of a professional to support individuals in all day-to-day tasks, allowing them to enjoy being a tourist.

Accompaniment Health professionals serve individuals for 12 hours or 24 hours supporting needs in all activities and tasks.

Our goal is to ensure a wonderful and barrier-free experience that will never be forgotten

Niche Tourism As the popular trend of niche tourism continues to grow, we continue to create unique custom-tailored travel experiences interest that participants may have. Our focus is always on customer experience, service and satisfaction.

Body, Mind and Soul • Yoga

• Dancing • Meditation • Reiki A retreat that provides participants with the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate body, soul and mind. Participants enjoy daily practices with professional teachers and enjoy trips all around beautiful Cyprus.

Agrotourism • Wine Tasting • Traditional Cooking • Fruit Picking • Farm Experiences

natural and man-made beauty and with an abundant historical heritage. We offer a once-in-a-life time agrotourism experience full of tastes and colors in the beautiful, unique natural environment of Cyprus, complemented by traditional villages known for their rich culture of wine and traditional food producing alongside their warm welcoming.

We continue to create unique custom-tailored travel experiences and events

Sport Activities All-year-long sunny and warm Cyprus weather allows visitors to enjoy various sport activities during every season.

Marathons marathons and other running competitions very attractive to thousands of visitors each year.

Fishing Vacations Participants can get away from the city and Cyprus. Whether amateur or professional, all needs are met, including the provision of professional gear.

the season and on the participants’ preferences, such as Tuna Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Dorado-Bonito and more.

Scuba Diving Vacations In addition to beautiful underwater caves and tunnels, the island of Cyprus possesses one of the world’s best diving spots: the wreck of Zenobia. Cyprus delivers many extraordinary underwacourses, dives and fun dives.

Sports Camps • Football • Cycling • Basketball • Swimming • Tennis • Triathlon Sports camps for all ages are offered all-year-long combining daily sports with added educational values.

Weddings and Events Cyprus is becoming an increasingly popular destination for wedding and other events. We are pleased to offer our services for a special and unforgettable day. Whether you are spending just few hours, few days or few weeks in Cyprus, we are experts in planning and preparing all that is needed to make your Mediterranean event more special and unique.

1000 Miles First Step is your partner in Cyprus.

Whether your clients are looking for camps, seminars, accessible tours and activities or have unique interests they want to explore, we can help you help them. Our values, experience and knowledge of Cyprus make us a partner you will want to work with time and time again. and contact us today.

Contact Details: Tel: +357 24657600 Fax: +357 24657603 Email:

Address: 37, Evanthias Pieridou Str. 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus



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