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March 25, 2015 Guastavino´s New York, NY

The Honorees

Sonia Dulรก Managing Director Vice Chairman Latin America Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Gabe Hernรกndez Principal Design Republic

Janet MurguĂ­a President & CEO National Council of La Raza

Grace C. Bonilla, CHCF President & CEO

With Katie Graziano, Board of Directors member and JosĂŠ MĂŠndez, Corporate Advisory Board member

With Indhira Arrington, Board of Directors member

Our Senior Staff

From left to right: Danielle Guindo, Vice President for Programs & Policy; Anne Logan, Vice President for Development; Grace C. Bonilla, President & CEO; Yunfeng Deng, Chief Financial Officer; and Sandra Morrice, Chief Operating Officer

From left to right: Guillermo Sucre, Lance de la Rosa, Katie Graziano, Grace Bonilla, Janet Murguía, Gabe Hernández, Sonia Dulá, Denise Durham Williams, Michael Cafarelli and Gustavo Mazza

CHCF Board of Directors and Corporate Advisory Board

Denise Durham Williams, Chair Board of Directors

Yvette Donado Board of Directors

Lance de la Rosa, Board of Directors and Frank G贸mez, Chair, Corporate Advisory Board

Dave Davis, Corporate Advisory Board and Grace Bonilla, CHCF President & CEO

Rita DiMartino, Corporate Advisory Board and Michael Cafarelli, Board of Directors

Anne Logan, Vice President for Development and Clarissa Ramos-Cafarelli, Corporate Advisory Board

The Emcee

Sibila Vargas, Anchor at NBC 4 New York

Special Guests

Elba Montalvo, Founder and Former President & CEO, CHCF

Scott M. Stringer, Comptroller, New York City with Janet MurguĂ­a, President & CEO, National Council of La Raza

Dave Davis, President & General Manager, ABC TV and CHCF CAB member with Joe Torres, Anchor, WABC-TV

Sonia M. PĂŠrez, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, National Council of La Raza

Natalie Abatemarco, Managing Director, Citi

Clarissa Ramos-Cafarelli, Managing Director Investment Bank, JPMorgan Chase with Anne Logan, Vice President for Development, CHCF

Guillermo Chac贸n, Executive Director of The Latino Commission on AIDS and Roberto P茅rez, Deputy Commissioner, Mayor's Community Affairs Unit

Bailaora de Flamenco

Nelida Tirado

Eric Chelman, Corporate Advisory Board member

The Auctioneers

Danielle Guindo, Vice President for Programs & Policy

Silvia Silva, Assistant Director of Development

Auction Winners

Andrea Weinzimer won Cantic del Sol by Joan Mir贸

Nancy Halpern won Matisse’s Illustrations of Pierre de Ronsard’s Love Poems

José Méndez won The Pagoda by Salvador Dalí

Gustavo Mazza won an unforgettable tasting menu for up to eight guests prepared by chefs Mario Hernรกndez and Emanuel Chรกvez of newly-opened Gardenia

Rosemary Susnjara won an untitled painting by Pierre Marie Brisson. Here with Mary Susnjara, CHCF Consultant

The Restaurants

The Black Ant

Pío Pío

Tito´s Handmade Vodka

MĂŠxico Lindo

El Cocotero

Fonda Restaurant

Rosa Mexicano

Barcelona Bites



Cuba Restaurant

Palo Santo


Thank you for your support!

Photography: MarĂ­a Eugenia MondĂŠjar and Joshua Marcelin

Photo Album CHCF´s Annual Gala  

Photo Album CHCF´s Annual Gala