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Abriendo Puertas al Futuro Opening Doors to the Future Responsible Fatherhood Initiative 2011-2012

The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.

Since 1982, CHCF has been dedicated to combining education and advocacy to expand opportunities for children and families, and strengthen the voice of the Latino community. Believing that the most effective way to support Latino families is by building upon their existing strengths and fostering selfsufficiency, CHCF provides a number of programs and services to the community through Youth Development programs and an Early Care & Education Institute. Our policy work, grounded in our direct services, amplifies the voice of our communities on the local, state, and national policy levels around issues of child welfare, early care, education, juvenile justice, and the well-being of Latino children. Through our programs and policy work, CHCF is creating a shared prosperity for all Americans.

Abriendo Puertas al Futuro Opening Doors to the Future Opening Doors to the Future/Abriendo Puertas al Futuro is a program enhancement offered to selected participants in our Responsible Fatherhood Program to provide college and career exposure to young men ages 16 -20 who identify as fathers, fathers-to-be or fatherfigures in their homes. It provides them with an introduction to the world of work through an internship and offers them an opportunity to plan ahead and to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. The main component of this program enhancement is an internship with stipend for each participant. Other activities include workshops on writing a resumÊ, career planning, interview skills, dressing for the workplace, college visits and applying for college and financial aid, as well as career days. These workshops provide the students with information that is not available to them in their regular school setting. All of these experiences are geared towards educating participants on the various options for life after high school and the steps necessary to get there. This program enhancement was funded by NBC Universal, State Farm, GenNX 360 Capital Partners and a partnership between NYC Human Resources Administration and the Center for Economic Opportunity as part of the Mayor’s Young Men’s Initiative.

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responsible fatherhood initiative

grace dodge career & technical high school luis ortĂ­z

edwin sĂĄnchez

program coordinator

internship coordinator

danielle guindo

director of youth development programs


career days CHCF acknowledges with gratitude the following corporations and individuals who contributed time and resources for three Career Day events this year.

chcf board members

Jessica Asencio

CAO, Investment Bank, SPG & Public Finance

Hernan Celis

Vice President, Financial Advisor Associate

President & General Manager NBC 4 New York

José Rivera

President & General Manager Telemundo 47

Lance de la Rosa

SVP Media Products and Advanced Technology NBC Universal

Ashok David Marín

Cesar Espinoza

Vice President, Brokerage Operations USI Affinity Senior Vice President Sam’s Club, North Division

Barry Cohen CUNY

Senior Counsel, Global Compliance GE, Healthcare-Medical Diagnostics

Clarissa Ramos-Cafarelli

Michael Donahue

Managing Director, Human Resources

Jack Hallack

Michael Jack

Mark Wagar

President & CEO Empire BlueCross BlueShield

jpmorgan chase & co

nbc universal

Executive Vice President, AAAA

Carlos Sanchez Marc Siry

Director, Research Telemundo Station Group

Felix Baez

IT Specialist NBC 4 New York

Chase Bank District Manager

Mitchell Harris

Managing Director Global Fixed Income Cash Middle Office Offfice

Scott Pfalzgraf

Chase Bank Branch Manager

Carlos Monteagudo

Vice President, Executive Recruiter er

Andres Nuñez Administrator

Athena Williams

HR Consumer Banking


lemuel benítez

CHCF has helped me to expand my thoughts in what I would like to be in life. They showed me that I should dream bigger, to fight for what I want and the sky’s the limit as long as I do my part. They made me want to become a better person, and also made me realize how important the way you present yourself, walk, or speak can be. Whether it’s how to act, dress, or speak during an interview, or it’s how to become a good father, and how education gives you the tools needed to succeed in life, CHCF prepared me for the real world and the challenges I may face in life.


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Before I join the program I wasn’t going to school and I was having trouble at home. They helped me become the man I am today. They helped me with school and my problems at home. I have a new born baby and I didn’t know what to do; the Committee gave me a job and a chance. I have learned what to wear and how to act in a interview and at work. Thanks Luis and Edwin because I don’t know where I would be today without them or the Committee.


thairon carri贸n

My experience in this program was outstanding. The internship gave me an awareness of what I want to do in life, prepared me to be more professional and, most importantly, responsible. I developed office skills and other important skills, opening a lot of opportunities for me. In the coming future I also would want to help students hcan experience a change in their lives. I have never been so determined, motivated to proceed toward my goals, and aware of what I want to do. I give thanks to this internship for supporting me, and to my mother, a hard worker who influenced me.


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aldrick castro

I appreciate everything this program has offered me, and I take every chance I get to try and attend their very informational yet very interesting activities. For example, when we went to the NBC Studios to meet with a few successful Hispanic fathers we were able to ask questions and get tips on life situations about how to be a better father or how to be a great father when your time to become one arrives. It was great experience as were the others I attended, and I look forward to the ones to come. I think the opportunity that this program has offered to many gentlemen is a blessing because most people would say “I told you so� to teens with children but this program reaches out to them to give them paid internships to help them become a responsible parent. That is a blessing, a man-made blessing.




In the past 2 years this program helped me in n every aspect I needed to succeed in school. I n would like to thank all the staff for helping me turn e into the man and father figure I am today. I came along way from “ashy to classy”, which meanss e I changed from a “hood rat” into a man. In the future I will be returning to visit all the new men thatt o will get a chance to participate in the program to inform them about my experience and how theyy can benefit from the program.


chcf gala 2012 13

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gonzรกlez My experiences with this internship have been remarkable. I feel as if words cannot describe what I am feeling right now. I believe in order to learn how to run you have to first crawl. I have learned how to be a real man absorbing everything this program has exposed me too. I experienced activities in business, budgeting, going on many wonderful trips that gave me the chance to meet successful people who were willing to give me a moment out of their busy lives to listen to me. They encouraged me to never give up in school and I am the key to my success. I have my head in the books and my main goal is to show my family I am not a failure and will be the first person in my family to really make it. Thanks to the Opening Doors to the Future Program I now feel like a new man and a great father. Thank you all!



jiménez This program has changed my life and helped me in many things. I’ve learned to create a resume and a cover letter when at first I didn’t know what a cover letter was. I have overcome my fear to look someone in the eyes when I’m talking or when the other person is talking. I learned what to say and act when I’m in an internship. Working in CHCF I learned many skills like working with different kind of printers and filing paper and working on my typing skills. This is an experience I will never forget and use in my life and I hope others can experience this too because it changes life. This helps to be ready for life and be more experienced just like I am. Before coming here I didn’t know what to say in an internship and how to do many things.


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chcf gala 2012 18


mercer During my time in this program I’ve learn a lot of new things and matured in many ways. This experience opened many doors for me that led to new opportunities like internships and meeting important people. I‘ve learned many things about myself and about others. I would also like to thank my family, friends and the Boys 2 Men program who also helped and supported me.




My involvement in the internship program prrogram ain n a job showed me the right way to obtain ntterview. and what not to do during an interview. ha ave an I learned how important it is to have /intterview elevator speech ready for any job/interview um me. This and learned how to complete a resume. an ny job I program built my courage to get any want in the future. I am now able to walk in nfiidence and out of an interview with full confidence nk you all that I am going to get the job. Thank su upport! for your support!


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I’m now more focused on work, determined to succeed in my work, and focused more on success. This program also taught me how to handle meetings, have conferences with other staff members, be professional in a work environment, and improved my vocabulary. One thing that I would take with me from this program is that determination is key and keeping focus is important.


octavius pĂŠrez

This program has helped me be a better person. It’s helped me be more responsible in life. I’ve learned to deal with situations at work a lot better than before. This program has motivated me and made me realize that there is so much to do in life. I actually believe now more than ever that college is an option for me. I learned how to write a resume and I actually do have things to add to my resume after all these workshops.


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Throughout my time working at Alliance Building Services, I gained a lot of skills pertaining to the Informational Tech portion of my internship. Along with my co-workers Matthew Contino and John Scimeca, I have put together computers, learned to connect multiple monitors to one machine, enhanced my knowledge on the latest computer technology and the insides of a computer, and learned how server rooms work and are put together. I have also gained communication skills with the Human Resources department working with Rondell Barry and Jessica Barcenes. I gained the confidence to call people I have never met before and update them on their occupational needs. I have met countless people through the CHCF and networked with many big businesses and have also had the opportunity to participate in their annual gala. I am forever thankful of the CHCF for what they have done for me and the opportunities I have received through the fatherhood program.


timothy smith

The Responsible Fatherhood Program has helped me turn my life around because I learned how to write more, which led me to do well in all my classes, and that led me to graduate from high school. At a point in my life I wanted to give up, but didn’t, so I am glad I stayed and now I will move on to a higher education to better myself and my family. And also they provided me with an internship at CHCF which gave me a lot of experience in the work world. So thank you for letting me be part of the program. I am going to be the man that I want my son to be.


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tomlinson My experience in this internship program was very life changing and fulfilling. It taught me a lot of different things about myself and about others. I have learned how to work better with others, I’ve become much more responsible, and this experience also helped me to become more mature as a person and as a growing young man. I am very thankful for this opportunity and the chance to show myself and everyone else what I am capable of achieving.


edgardo vargas

My experience in the Opening Doors to the Future Program with The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. has been an experience I will never forget. I learned so many things from how to speak with others, how to present myself during a job interview and how to dress appropriately for an interview. Thanks to this program and CHCF I now have an elevator speech and working experience that I didn’t have before. Thank you all for this chance and I hope others will have this same opportunity to learn as I did for my future.


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internship program CHCF is grateful to the following companies who generously provide internship opportunities for the young men in the Abriendo Puertas al Futuro/Opening Doors to the Future Program.

The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.



Joseph Rosa Jamil Mercer Dwight Gihon Alam González Octavius Pérez Evan Tomlinson


Thairone Carrión Timothy Smith Alexander Moreno Robert Jiménez Ventura Cambrelen John Ortíz




Edgardo Vargas

Aldrick Castro

Lemuel Benitez

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