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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes - Ten Highly Effective Steps

Smoking is a serious addiction, and it takes time and effort to get rid of this bad habit. There is an extensive process of quitting this habit, and it can be best done using a step by step process. The process and time frame for quitting smoking may vary from one individual to another. However these steps will help you to become a successful non-smoker:

Delay lighting up your cigarettes The first step of quitting smoking addiction is imposing a time delay between your thoughts of smoking and lighting up. Whenever there is an urge to smoke, it is always good to impose some delay. Understanding the harm A smoker has to understand the nuances and harmful aspects of smoking, which will help him or her to develop a strong resistance to the smoking habit: Understanding the harm will help you to quit smoking faster. Developing a positive attitude

One of the most crucial steps to quitting smoking is developing a positive attitude that you will be able to complete the mission, and become smoke-free without any hesitation.

Set a goal for your objective It is important that a person who is planning to quit smoking should set a measurable goal. Adhering to the goal is vital for achieving the objective of how to quit smoking. Avail the support of medication Sometimes the support of medication helps in controlling the withdrawal symptoms of the patients who are trying to quit smoking. Ask your doctor about this. Trying smoking alternatives Sometimes smoking alternatives can help with managing the withdrawal symptoms. Chewing gums, peppermint breath mints, etc. can help in keeping your mind and body free from the habit of smoking.

Try meditation In the advanced stage when an individual has achieved a certain level of determination/success for quitting the habit of smoking, he/she can try meditation. These techniques will help them to remain focused on staying smoke free. Avoid watching TV shows or movies where the smoking habit is highlighted Seeing someone else smoking in a TV or movie scene may induce the urge of smoking again and at times that can be frustrating. In order to avoid these triggers stay away from watching movies or TV shows where the characters smoke.

Avoid the company of friends who smoke The smell of cigarettes can be a huge trigger, and may remind you of the relaxing feelings you had when you smoked. Remember the reasons you chose to quit smoking when you see others smoke. Drink water liberally Whenever you will feel the urge of smoking, have some water. The comfort of hydration will minimize your urge of smoking tobacco.

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How to quit smoking cigarettes  
How to quit smoking cigarettes  

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