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==== ==== Tired of the Mother F@#$%^&ing Red Lights! Fix it now! ==== ====

The appearance of the 3 red lights on the Xbox 360 console can be attributed to various causes and fixing the problem yourself with the help of a few tricks is not that difficult. You have to first make sure that only 3 red lights are flashing on your Xbox 360. If the fourth red light flashes, it indicates a problem of video and audio cable connection. If the cable is plugged back tightly and both the cables are congruent with the gizmo, the problem of the flashing 4th red light won't resurface. When the 3 red lights flash on the Xbox 360, Microsoft popularly refers to it as the RED RING OF DEATH and this new term that has been coined has caught on. Microsoft ascribes it to general failure of hardware. To fix the problem of the red lights, you may consider taking the following steps: Often the red lights appear when the Xbox is kept running for long stretches of time and it cannot effectively cool down. The component parts get overheated. In case of such a possibility, you should immediately switch off the Xbox, pull out all the cables from the plugs and let it cool for a minimum of 2 hours in some shady and cool corner. The red lights may also be an indicator of inadequate power supply to the Xbox. To fix this problem, you have to remove your arm candy gadget from the shared power bar and plug it in a dedicated outlet. Or you may check out the internet to get hold of guides known as 3 Red Lights Fix to fix the problem yourself. It is a faster and cheaper alternative to dispatching the Xbox to Microsoft for repair, which will set you back by a whopping $140 and may take more than 4/5 weeks. With the help of the 3 Red Light Fix guides, that has gained much popularity and garnered a whole lot of attention lately, you can easily fix your Xbox 360 red lights yourself and do it fast. You don't need to be an expert to follow the unique instructions.

Do you know you can fix your broken Xbox 360 red lights yourself? provides you a step by step repair guide to fix 3 red lights problem on your Xbox 360.

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==== ==== Tired of the Mother F@#$%^&ing Red Lights! Fix it now! ==== ====

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