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==== ==== Tired of the Mother F@#$%^&ing Red Lights! Fix it now! ==== ====

If you are an owner of an Xbox 360 then hopefully you have not run into any problems with your console and even if you haven't you have probably heard something of all the problems with the flashing red lights and hardware failures that this console has faced. If you have got the flashing red lights on your console then one of your first questions will be " how can I permanently fix the Xbox 360 red lights?", and that is what this article will tell you as well as what causes the problem in the first place. The problem with the Xbox 360 is really down to the design and the fact that the motherboard takes too much heat. With all the next generation games there are being released their require higher and higher power to run, and this of course puts more strain on the chips that deal with the graphics and processing. This is fine in most cases but the higher power you run the console at the more cooling you will need and therein lies the problem. The Xbox 360 console has only got two fans on the back and they pull the air in to the console rather than push the hot air out. So what happens is the console overheat and then shuts itself down to prevent damage to the motherboard and that is when you see the red lights flashing. So what can you do to fix the Xbox 360 red lights? Well, the easiest but probably the most expensive solution is to just buy a new console and you'll be surprised that a lot of people actually do this. The only problem with doing this is it is very expensive and also if you run into the same problem again you do not want to have to keep on forking out huge amounts of cash for a new console every time it happens. Another way you can fix it is to send your broken console back to Microsoft and they will repair it for you, this is not a bad idea if you do not mind the wait and you will be able to send it back as many times as you want if the problem happens again. However the wait at the moment is about six weeks and that is a long time to be without your system. In my opinion the best way to fix the Xbox 360 red lights error is to do it yourself as the only thing you need to do this is an Xbox 360 repair guide which is normally a collection of step by step videos and text guides with pictures that will show you how to stop the red lights occurring. As long as you make sure that you pick a good guide that has a complete guarantee you cannot really go wrong because at the end of the day if there repair work does not fix your Xbox you can send it back and get it fixed by Microsoft with nothing lost!

I hope this article has told you a bit more about why the red lights happen on the Xbox 360 and also given you some steps that you can take to fix this problem. Happy gaming!

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==== ==== Tired of the Mother F@#$%^&ing Red Lights! Fix it now! ==== ====

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