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==== ==== Learn How Private Money Can Explode Your Real Estate Business Today! ==== ====

Imagine getting all of your real estate deals financed without dealing with banks, struggling with their forms, or wondering if you qualify. What if you could get as much of that funding as you needed to act on every real estate deal that made sense to you and order it up, almost like ordering a pizza? Imagine if the money to close your next deal came looking for you instead of you endlessly searching for a bank that would finance it only after you jumped through all their hoops. Learning how to get private money investors can do that for you. The private money strategy is talked about at every real estate investing get together. A few may know the secrets of using private money for real estate investing, but for most investors it is an elusive, out of reach dream that never seems to come to life. What could this strategy of private money be about? Private money funding is funding from an individual. That's the Cliff notes version. You get the money to fund your deal from some one you already know. No banks, loan applications or committees, no credit-check, no red tape. It is completely up to you to set the terms of the loan: interest rate, payment schedule, length of loan. Could you get more deals done? Scoop the competition and get your pick of the top properties, get them under contract while everyone else is still wondering how they can pay for it? How about if you could set up the payment schedule to once a quarter, or once a year, or upon refinance or sale of the property? You can be focused on the important things you need to move in the direction of your successful exit strategy when you have the flexibility that private funding allows. That goal might be to get the property fixed up and rented out, fixed up and sold, or fixed up and refinanced with some cash out, depending on your situation. Private money funding is not a secret institution that you can just drive up to. Anyone can learn it if they take the time and effort to build the skills and relationships with the right people. If you decide to learn and apply private money concepts, it makes go to the right source. Make your course or program selection according to what you can pan to spend as well as the content of the course. It is easier to see progress if you have a core of fundamentals combined with a specific set of activities that build on progressive steps. Interaction with the trainer will likely increase the chances of a successful outcome. You can benefit if you course provides some interaction in a face to face or lecture style training with the course creator. Costs for private money courses or programs range from under a hundred dollars for an e-book, to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost of the course you should select should be in accordance with the scope of your need and your finances. Find reviews of the courses that interest you and visit multiple websites to get a broader view of what is out there before making your choice.

Once you make a decision and invest in a private money program, get you money's worth by actually using it. Too few follow though and act on what they learn. Be exceptional! Start getting the money! For more information from Kurt Wells on private money and a video on how to get expert knowledge about real estate markets go to

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==== ==== Learn How Private Money Can Explode Your Real Estate Business Today! ==== ====

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